Romantic Merry Christmas Poems Messages

You are in love, and Christmas is almost around the corner, and you are not sure what are the right words to share with your lover or partner. That’s too common, and the solution is just below. Find out our cute collection of short Christmas poems for Lovers. Combine them with your personal taste and compose the best Christmas poem!

Short Christmas poems for people in Love

  • I long to hold you under the twinkling lights,
    lying beside the crackling fire.
    Hurry, I’ll be home for Christmas,
    to fulfill my every desire.
  • The warmth and joy of Christmas
    Comes and goes each year.
    The warmth and joy of our desire
    Remains forever, my dear.
  • The mistletoe beckons,
    I long for your kiss.
    So come over here,
    And lay on the bliss.
    Merry Christmas Baby!
  • Let’s hang ornaments on the tree,
    And mistletoe from the ceiling.
    Let’s hang a wreath on the door,
    Then hang together all evening.
  • All I want for Christmas is:
    The warmth of your gaze,
    The fireplace ablaze,
    And relaxing holidays.
    With you.

Merry Christmas Baby - Christmas Poems

  • Your eyes can’t deny love that is true.
    I see that love clearly when I look at you.
    For Christmas I couldn’t want anything more.
    There is no one else for me to adore.
  • A blizzard could blanket us in lovely white snow,
    A beautiful sight out our Christmas window.
    But a blizzard of love blankets us here inside,
    As we celebrate another special yuletide.
  • I love you more than a gift under the tree.
    I love you because you have set my heart free.
    My love for you will never grow cold.
    You’re my Christmas angel, more precious than gold.
  • We can blame it on the mistletoe,
    Or blame it on the drinks,
    But kissing you is fabulous,
    While Santa smiles and winks.
  • Decorations dress the street,
    And everyone is smiling.
    Christmas love looks good on you,
    And that smile is beguiling.
  • Let’s choose the tallest Christmas tree
    and we’ll make it shine.
    Together we can admire it all night long,
    over a lovely glass of wine.

Christmas Poems - Merry Christmas

  • The glow of Christmas is in your eyes,
    And love glows in our hearts.
    Our bond is growing deeper,
    And we will never part.
  • Christmas is love,
    A gift from above.
    Christmas does glow,
    On earth here below.
    Christmas with you
    Is a dream come true.
    Christmas is sweet,
    And mine is complete.
  • With Christmas bells ringing,
    And carolers singing,
    It’s a beautiful winter’s night.
    A light snow is falling,
    And your heart is calling,
    And all is merry and bright.
  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
    I hate that we’re apart.
    But my present for you isn’t under the tree,
    I’ve gifted you my heart.
  • Let’s deck the halls and trim the tree,
    Then invite our family and friends to see.
    When they’re gone, let’s close the door,
    And enjoy our own Christmas rewards.
  • Let’s jingle and mingle,
    And make our hearts tingle.
    Merry Christmas my Dear!
  • I’ll be your Secret Santa,
    You be my turtle dove.
    This Christmas will be joyful,
    As we celebrate our love.
  • I like it when you’re naughty,
    I like it when you’re nice.
    I like it when your kisses have
    That little touch of spice.
  • Dashing through the snow,
    We jingle all the way.
    ‘Tis the season to be jolly,
    On this Christmas holiday.
  • Don’t be grinchy,
    Don’t be rude,
    Let Christmas love
    Change your mood.

Sweet Christmas Poems - Merry Christmas wishes

  • Remember baking Christmas cookies last year?
    How the flour dusted your cheek?
    You smiled as you reached out and frosted my nose,
    And I remember my knees went weak.
  • Your mistletoe kisses,
    Are sweet and delicious.
  • There’s no way to love you more,
    I could never love you less.
    On Christmas I just want to say,
    Your presence makes me blessed.
  • God bless us at Christmas,
    And throughout the year.
    May the devotion we share
    Fill our home with good cheer.
  • The lump in your stocking
    Started as coal.
    But slowly it changed
    And now sits upon gold.
    I hope you will wear it
    Thinking of me.
    I miss you, and wish
    I was under your tree.
    Merry Christmas!
  • All the ribbons and all the bows,
    All the wreaths and mistletoe,
    All the holly and all the lights,
    Can’t compare to you tonight.
  • Kris Kringle may jingle,
    But you make me tingle.
  • ♥ God sent His Son to save the world,
    A banner of Christmas love unfurled.
    On this sacred Christmas Eve,
    Together His love we will receive.
  • A snowman has a carrot nose,
    An angel has its wings.
    But I have you, and heaven knows,
    I wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Twinkling lights and happy faces,
    Shine with love in the marketplaces.
    A glowing fire and candlelight,
    Make our Christmas happy and bright.
    I love spending Christmas with you.
  • There are cookies for Santa,
    And there’s reindeer food,
    But your kisses put me
    In a happy mood.
    Merry Christmas!
  • Santa gets cookies,
    But I get nookie.
  • This Christmas, I’ll be your Cupid,
    And you’ll be my Vixen,
    Without you my life is fluid,
    I think I am smitten.
  • Hugs and kisses
    And jingle bell wishes!
  • Candy cane kisses
    And sweet Christmas wishes!
  • Gingerbread kisses
    And holiday wishes!
  • You are at the very top of my nice list.
    I think that calls for you to be kissed.
  • You’re sweeter than cocoa,
    Hotter than spice.
    So come over here
    And make everything nice.
  • Meet me under the mistletoe,
    And we will take it nice and slow.
    Merry Christmas My Love!

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