Christmas wishes for Mom - Merry Christmas Mom

This Christmas, let your mother know how much you love and appreciate her for all the things she does. These warm holiday greetings and Christmas wishes for Mom, will fill her heart with joy.

Mothers work hard to make Christmas special for everyone else. Whether baking or shopping, decorating or volunteering, they stay incredibly busy so that we can enjoy the blessings of this wonderful time of year. Moms are the ones who help us make memories we will cherish forever.

Warm and Sweet Merry Christmas wishes for Mothers

  1. Mom, the true meaning of Christmas is found in you. Thank you for blessing us with all you do.
  2. Mom, Christmas is about giving, and no one gives more than you. May this Christmas bless you as much as you bless me.
  3. Mother, may the peace of Christmas fill your heart this season.
  4. You make Christmas merry and I am looking forward to getting home and spending time with you this year, Mom. Until then, I’ll carry the memories in my heart.
  5. Mom, when I smell fresh gingerbread baking, I think of you. You always make Christmas special and delicious.
  6. Mom, you gave me the gift of a wonderful childhood. I will forever cherish those memories, especially of Christmas. Thank you for loving me well.
  7. The heart of the Christmas holiday has always been you, Mom.
  8. Mom, you are the best at decking the halls and trimming the tree. May this Christmas season bring you joy and peace.
  9. Mom, like the song says, “Let your heart be light.” You deserve a merry little Christmas.
Merry Christmas wishes for mom
Merry Christmas Mom
  1. I’ll always remember how we rocked around the Christmas tree together, Mom. You make Christmas fun.
  2. Mom, sometimes I got on your naughty list, but you always taught me to be nice. Thank you for all the happy memories of Christmas.
  3. I know that sometimes it must feel like you got run over by a reindeer, Mom, but I sure appreciate how you care for your herd at Christmas and throughout the year.
  4. Rudolph may have a nose that glows, but it’s your big heart that glows to make our Christmas so special, Mom. Thank you for the care you put into everything.
  5. Dashing through the house in a mad dash to the buffet,
    Over the presents we go, laughing all the way!
    Mom, thank you for all the work you do to make Christmas special.
  6. You’re a merry mom,
    The Christmas bomb,
    For all the things you do.
    You deck the halls,
    And empty the malls
    To buy gifts the whole year through.
    I could not love you more,
    You’re the one who I adore,
    Thank you for just being you.
  7. Mom, on this silent night, may the wonders of His love surround our home and bring peace to all.
  8. I want to be ho, ho, home for Christmas where the lights are bright and the oven is full of sweet treats. Mom, thank you for going out of your way to make the holidays special.
  9. Mom, I sneaked a peek at Santa’s nice list, and you were at the top! I’m not surprised because you are the nicest mother I know. Have a wonderful Christmas!
  10. Magical, merry,
    Oh, so very
    Heart of gold,
    Energetic and bold,
    Remembering you at Christmas.
  11. You held my hand; then you held my heart,
    And I have loved you from the start.
    Merry Christmas, my beautiful mother.
  12. My wishlist is short because of you. Thank you for all the things you do. Merry Christmas, sweet Mother.
  13. Snow is falling,
    Home is calling,
    Christmas with you is what I’m recalling.
    I can’t wait to see you, Mom.
  14. Come and spend Christmas with me, and I’ll wait on you hand and foot for a change. You deserve a rest, Mom.
  15. My Christmas won’t be blue,
    Because I get to be with you.
    My Christmas may not be sparkly and white,
    But with you it will be filled with delight.
    This Christmas will be red and green,
    The jolliest you’ve ever seen.
    I love you, Mom. See you soon!
  16. Holly is jolly,
    And spice is nice,
    I love you, Mom,
    No need to think twice!
    I’ll be home for Christmas soon!
  17. I love you, Mum,
    My sweet sugarplum!
    I hope your Christmas celebration is as sweet as you!
  18. The fire of hospitality is always aglow when I come home for Christmas, Mom. Thank you for making our time together precious.
  19. Christmas is a time for counting blessings, and I always count you first, Mom.
  20. Moms make Christmas amusing and merry,
    Delicious and sweet like a cherry.
    Moms like you make moments that last,
    Christmas memories that I will hold fast.
  21. Knock, knock,
    Guess who?
    Happy Christmas
    Mom, to you!
  22. No one is nicer than a mom,
    And mine is special, sweet, and calm.
    I hope that Santa is good to you,
    And that a happy new year will ensue.
    Best wishes at Christmas and throughout the year, dear Mother.
  23. I don’t know why reindeer fly,
    Or why Rudolph’s nose is red.
    One thing I do know: you’re the best,
    And knowing you has made me blessed.
    Merry Christmas, Mom. I love you.
  24. The miracle of Christmas was found in a manger. May the blessings of Christ surround you at Christmas, Mom.
  25. On the first Christmas, love flowed out of a manger. May that same precious love overflow our hearts, blessing all those we meet. Thank you for sharing God’s love with me, Mother.
  26. Let’s celebrate the Savior who soothes our sorrows and surrounds us with love. May this Christmas fill you with joy as you reflect on the blessings of God.
  27. A star guided the wise men as they searched for the Savior on that first Christmas night. May the light of a star remind us that God loves us still. May your Christmas be beautiful and blessed, Mother.
  28. Mother, thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me when I was growing up. I will treasure Christmas memories of my childhood forever. You are unique, and I love you. Wishing you a happy Christmas.

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