Merry Christmas wishes for Dad - Merry Christmas Dad

Dads are the backbone of our Christmas celebrations. Not only do we count on them to climb onto the roof and string all those lights, but they are who we turn to when the boxes containing the new toys say, “Some assembly required.”

Factor in all the merriment they add with those dreaded dad jokes, and you’ll understand why our fathers deserve that Christmas Day nap! To let your dad know how much he means to you at Christmas, choose your Christmas wishes for Dad that spreads warm holiday cheer.

35 Christmas Wishes for Dads

  1. Dad, you made me believe. May your Christmas be full of delight.
  2. When I think of all the toys you assembled on the nights before Christmas, I realize what a dedicated father you were and still are. Thanks for making Christmas mornings beautiful.
  3. When I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, I was worried. All these years later, I’m relieved to find out it was you! Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas, Dad!
  4. Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of napping after all that cheer! I’m looking forward to our after-Christmas-dinner nap this year, Dad.
  5. We all know that the man with all the toys is not Santa. It’s you, Dad! Thanks for keeping all the secrets in the bag.
  6. Your dad jokes always take me on a “slay” ride! I’m looking forward to some new ones this Christmas!

Merry Christmas wishes for Dad!

  1. Dad, you remind me of Santa. I think it’s because your round belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly!
  2. I’m thinking about you across the miles,
    Of Christmases past, and of all the smiles.
    Merry Christmas my dear old dad.
  3. Thanks for fighting those tangles of lights,
    For making our house look merry and bright.
    Thanks for bringing home the tree,
    And thanks for always loving me.
    I love you, Dad. Best wishes for a merry Christmas.
  4. Hey, Dad, I bet that old Santa suit still looks good on you. It’s time to try it out on the grand-kids. Thanks for making Christmas special.
  5. Dad, you’re my Christmas hero because you always come through. Thanks for everything you do for your family. I love you!
  6. You gave me love,
    You gave advice,
    You rarely had to tell me twice!
    Thanks for helping me stay off the naughty list, Dad.
  7. Dad,
    Here are a holiday hug and a Christmas kiss,
    And in this season of love, I wish you bliss.
  8. Dad, here are hugs for your neck and kisses by the peck! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Day!
  9. An angel is sitting on top of my tree
    Always staring down at me.
    Sometimes I wonder if it’s you
    Keeping watch like you used to do.
    I love you, Dad, forevermore,
    And I hope this Christmas brings gifts galore.
  10. Dad, I adore you, and I always will.
    Thanks for the wisdom you tried to instill.
    You helped make Christmas the best time of year,
    And you always loved me loud and clear.
  11. When you open your stocking,
    I hope you will find
    Laughter and love,
    And time to unwind.
    You deserve a great Christmas;
    You’ve given so much.
    May God bless you
    With His heavenly touch.
    Merry Christmas, Dad!
  12. As the hush of Holy Christmas
    Falls on us once again,
    I want to say I love you, Dad,
    For the inspiration you have been.
  13. Dad, you are more cool than Frosty the Snowman! Have an amazing Christmas!
  14. Dad, I miss the way your mustache used to tickle my cheek when I was a kid. It made me imagine how it would feel to get kissed by Santa. Thanks for the loving memories.
  15. As Kris Kringle walked upon the shingles,
    We heard his sleigh bells jingle, jingle.
    Thanks for keeping the magic of Christmas alive, Dad.
  16. Dad, on Christmas Eve the buck stops here and his name is Rudolph! Thanks for passing along your dad humor. I look forward to using it on my kids.
  17. Dear Dad,
    May love and peace abound
    With good tidings all around.
  18. Dad, you and Santa have a lot in common: a hearty laugh, the spirit of giving, and a little round belly!
  19. Merry Christmas, Papa!
    You remind me of St. Nick.
    It could be all the giving,
    But I think it’s ’cause you’re thick!
    Just kidding!
  20. Father,
    Sending you my love
    And wonderful wishes
    For a season of joy
    And a happy Christmas!
  21. Christmastime is oh, so sweet,
    But without you, Dad, it’s incomplete!
    Thinking about you across the way,
    And sending you love for Christmas Day!
  22. I remember each December,
    How you filled our home with joy.
    And no matter how naughty or nice I was
    I always got a toy.
    Now I’m the father,
    And times have changed,
    But I’ll always strive to duplicate
    The love that we exchanged.
    Merry Christmas to you, my precious father.
  23. Merry Christmas to my Pops,
    On my nice list, you’re at the top!
  24. No two snowflakes are alike, just like no two fathers are alike. Dad, I love you for your individuality, for always being you. I wish you a wonderful Christmas season.
  25. Father Christmas and Father Time
    Each has their special day.
    But you, my father, are special to me,
    And I love you more than I can say.
    Best wishes for a blessed holiday season.
  26. To the man who taught me that making gingerbread cookies is not for rookies, and lots of other Christmas lessons, have the best holiday ever!
  27. D is for Dad, honest and true.
    E is for everyone who sends love to you.
    A is for all the joy you bestow.
    R is for remembering I love you so.
    Thanks for being my dear old dad! Best wishes at Christmas.
  28. To my father, I wish you health and happiness at Christmas and throughout the coming year.
  29. Dad, I think of all the times your handheld mine,
    How you talked the talk and walked the line.
    The gift of your example is a treasure of great worth,
    And I want you to know you’re the best father on earth.
    Merry Christmas from your loving son/daughter.

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