Christmas wishes for Friends

Christmas is the most beautiful season of the year. It’s the weather, the snow, the cold that keeps us around the fireplace. It’s the best opportunity to get in touch with all the people we love and care. These are the holy days of the year when the Christmas spirit enriches our hearts with love. By sharing gifts and messages, we share joy and happiness. Christmas wishes for friends have to be heartfelt and sincere. Find the best examples of sweet Christmas messages in the list that follows and share them with the ones you care and love.

Christmas wishes for friends

Sweet Christmas Wishes For Your Friends – Merry Christmas!

  • ✔ May Christmas bells ring in special moments for you this year as you celebrate another holiday season.
  • ✔ Merry Christmas, friends! May your tinsel have extra sparkle this season!
  • ✔ While the turkey is roasting, it’s our friendship we’re toasting.
  • ✔ Here’s wishing that Santa’s big, ole sparkling sleigh unloads a pile of presents under your tree this year.
  • ✔ When Santa wasn’t looking, I switched you to the nice list! That’s what friends are for, right?

Christmas wishes for friends wishing card

  • ✔ With presents piling, and children smiling, Christmas must be near. I hope you can enjoy it through the eyes of a child, my friend.
  • ✔ There’s gingerbread and holly, and all my friends are jolly. What a wonderful Christmas it is!
  • ✔ Christmas can be too much hustle and bustle, but I’ll get you through it with friendship muscle!
  • ✔ May Christmas magic sparkle in your heart.
  • ✔ Our friendship is like Christmas fudge–smooth, sweet and nutty!
  • ✔ Our Christmas sweaters may be ugly, but our friendship is beautiful.
  • ✔ Let’s go to the mall, then we’ll deck the hall! Let’s have a ball at Christmas.
  • ✔ The garland hangs on the tree, but your friendship hangs over me, and I couldn’t be happier this Christmas.
  • ✔ You are appreciated and loved, and I’m glad to call you my friend. May this Christmas fulfill all your hopes and dreams.

Joy Love Peace Merry Christmas my beloved friend

  • ✔ May your Christmas candles shine as brightly as the love I have for you in my heart this season, my friend.
  • ✔ Here’s hoping that the miracle of Christmas lives in your heart today and always.
  • ✔ It’s time for candy canes, and Santa Claus Lane! Wishing you a joyful Christmas holiday!
  • ✔ We are buddies, through and through. It would not be Christmas without you! Let’s celebrate together!
  • ✔ The traffic may be frightful, but our friendship is delightful!
  • ✔ With gingersnaps and a little punch, let’s get together over Christmas lunch.
  • ✔ I hope that Santa stuffs a lot of love down your chimney this year! Merry Christmas, friend!
  • ✔ Let’s skip the Christmas crowds this year and share a cup of something warm under a twinkling garland of everlasting friendship.

Merry Christmas wishes for friends - Happiness belongs together

  • ✔ The Christmas elves have been busy! Come on over and let’s enjoy some holiday cheer together, friend!
  • ✔ Parades, parties, and pageants resound with the joyfulness that is Christmas. But the love that whispers softly in our hearts is what Christmas with friends is truly about.
  • ✔ A Christmas feast tastes better when shared with friends, so please join us this holiday.
  • ✔ With the spirit of Christmas in our hearts, let’s celebrate our friendship around the tree.

Magic Christmas greetings for the people you love

  • ✔ Good tidings of great joy await you at Christmas, friend.
  • ✔ May the love of Christmas wrap you as tightly as the swaddling clothes wrapped Baby Jesus.
  • ✔ As you remember why the angels made that glorious announcement on that first Christmas Day, may you feel the love of Christ at Christmas and always.
  • ✔ May you celebrate Christmas this year with the wonder of a child, the love of Christ, and the hope of heaven.
  • ✔ Here’s hoping that the simplicity and sanctity of Christmas blesses you this season.
  • ✔ This Christmas, may your hearts be as full as you stockings!

Merry Christmas card

  • ✔ As Santa makes his joyful journey again this year, may you be blessed beyond measure.
  • ✔ May the magic and majesty of Christmas fill every crevice of your heart.
  • ✔ Here’s hoping grace, gratitude, and goodwill and found under your tree this Christmas season.
  • ✔ May candy canes, cards, and carolers fill your heart with Christmas cheer.
  • ✔ May all the hosts of heaven bring hope to your heart this Christmas.
  • ✔ Many wishes of wonder as Christmas fills your heart.
  • ✔ May your Christmas be angelic and blessed as you anticipate all the joys of the season.

Merry Christmas everyone - Christmas greetings for friends

  • ✔ As you count down to Christmas, may each day be a blessing of its own.
  • ✔ Boughs and bows, boxes and bells;
    In our hearts is where Christmas dwells.
  • ✔ A stable and a star,
    Brought men from afar
    And how the angels did sing!
    May Christmas mean more
    Than ever before
    As you worship our Savior and King.
  • ✔ With prayer and presents, programs and pride,
    Christmas comes prancing with joy inside.
  • ✔ As we assemble in awe to light the tree,
    I’m glad you’re sharing this Christmas with me.
  • ✔ A gift for you, a gift for me,
    And friendship for all beneath the tree.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • ✔ Traditions of Christmas, the wrapping and wreaths,
    The beautiful tree with gifts underneath,
    Are a treasure to share with those we hold dear.
    Merry Christmas, my friend. Have a wonderful year.
  • ✔ It’s frosty out and festive within,
    Time to enjoy Christmas fun, dear friend!
  • ✔ Christmas greetings are coming your way,
    On this jolly, meaningful holiday.
    May yours be the best ever.
  • ✔ Santa’s at the North Pole,
    Preparing for his trip.
    I hope he brings you shiny gifts
    That cause your heart to skip.
  • ✔ It’s cold outside, but the fire is glowing.
    The wind is crisp; it may start snowing.
    But love for you, my friend, is warm,
    Let’s stay inside and weather this storm.
    Here’s to another happy Christmas shared with you.
  • ✔ Icicles sparkle, little lights twinkle,
    And all is covered in snow.
    In the distance I hear a Christmas bell tinkle,
    A joyful Christmas, may God make it so.
  • ✔ Let’s mix up some frosting and roll out the dough,
    We’ll make gingerbread people and watch it snow.
  • ✔ The popcorn is strung, the ornaments hung,
    And all is merry and bright.
    I love you, my friend; may your joy never end.
    I wish you a sweet Christmas night.

Very Merry Christmas Messages For Friends

In our Hearts is Where Christmas Dwells

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