Love Birthday Wishes For Him

Read through our cute collection of Love birthday wishes for him and send the one you like to your beloved man! A birthday wish to your man should be meaningful and it’s not always easy to find a suitable one.

In this collection below you can get a great and unique ideas of such birthday messages, to help you write your own personal one, that speaks right through your heart! We’d be thankful if you right your own message on the comments area below.

Love Birthday Wishes for Him

  • For Him,
    Today is a celebration of your life.
    I am so glad that you were born and that we get to experience life together.
    I love you with all of my heart.Happy birthday I love you with all of my heart
  • Love of my life,
    You are gentle yet fierce,
    strong yet humble,
    and you are oh so very handsome.
    Happy Birthday to my one and only!
  • My Husband,
    When we got married all those years ago,
    I was so excited to spend every year on this day celebrating your birthday.
    Today, many years later, I am still so thankful that you were born.
    I love you!
  • My one and only,
    Happy Birthday to the man who is the cornerstone of our family!
    You are an incredible father and husband and
    I love you more each and every day.
  • My Man,
    Today we celebrate you!
    I pray you know that without you, I am nothing.
    You complete me!You complete me - Happy birthay love
  • To My Husband,
    You are my better half and my most favorite life companion.
    Happy Birthday to the one I don’t ever want to be without!

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  • My Love,
    Thank you for always taking the time to figure out what I need and meet me where I’m at. You are the best friend, lover, partner, and companion I have ever had.
    Happy Birthday to the greatest guy I know!
  • My Love,
    I believe that you were sent to me from Heaven.
    You look out for me and protect me like no other man ever could, and I celebrate you today.
    I love you!I believe that you were sent to me from Heaven Happy Birthday
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  • My Fiancé,
    Soon we will be married and I will be able to wake up and bring you breakfast in bed at noon and turn on a football game for you to enjoy. I look forward to that day, and every day with you. Happy Birthday to the one I can’t wait to spend forever with!
  • Love of my life,
    Time has come and gone for us,
    and so many adventures have taken place up til now.
    Birthday wishes to the one,
    who I love even more today than I did then, somehow!
  • Love,
    Happy Birthday! You are the best thing that has even happened to me.
    I can’t wait to celebrate with you!
  • Love of my life,
    I have more respect for you than you will ever know.
    Happy Birthday to the one whom my soul loves.Happy Birthday to the one whom my soul loves
  • Love of my life,
    You are always on my mind-
    I hope today you know how special you are to me!
    I love you!
  • Love,
    Happy Birthday, handsome!
    You are the apple of my eye!
  • Baby,
    Throughout the years I can truly say you have become my better half and the one and only love of my life. Happy Birthday, handsome!
  • Baby,
    You are so special to me.
    I wouldn’t want to go through life without you.
    Happy Birthday!I wouldn’t want to go through life without you. Happy Birthday!
  • Love,
    I can’t imagine my life without you in it.
    Today I celebrate all of the love, laughter, and joy we have shared.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Love,
    Birthday wishes to you on the day of your birth.
    There are so many people celebrating you today,
    I hope you can feel it!
  • Love of my life,
    Today I am thrilled to say we have spent more of your birthdays together than we have apart. Every single one has been so special, and I pray you know that today I love you even more than I did on our very first one!
    Happy Birthday, love!today I love you even more than I did on our very first one! Happy Birthday, love!
  • Love,
    Even though our days are busy and are filled with work, kids, and life, I want you to know that I still get butterflies when I think about you and I still look forward to seeing you at the end of every day, and waking up next to you in the morning.
    You are my favorite! Happy Birthday!
  • Love,
    You are the most incredible man I have ever known.
    Gentle, Strong, Humble, Kind, and Brave.
    You truly have it all!
    Happy Birthday!
  • Baby,
    God blessed me when He gave me you.
    You are the best gift I have ever received and I pray He blessed your next year exponentially more! I love you!
  • For Him,
    We’ve been around the block a time or two together.
    And we still love to be around each other.
    Happy Birthday to the best adventure partner a girl could ask for!Happy Birthday to the best adventure partner a girl could ask for!
  • For You,
    I married you because you made me a better person.
    And even all these years later you are still doing that.
    Happy Birthday to the one I don’t know what I would do without.
  • Baby,
    I don’t tell you often enough how much I love you.
    So today, I want to make sure you know just how loved and valued you are.
    It’s more than you can even imagine.
  • Handsome,
    Every time I look at you I see the very best thing that’s ever happened to me.
    Today I hope you know that I celebrate your every breath.
    You truly are the love of my life and I love you.
  • Baby,
    Time and time again you have surprised me on my birthday and done everything you could do to make it special. This year it is my turn to surprise and celebrate you. Hang on to your hat because I have a lot of surprises in store today.
  • My love,
    You are a strong leader and a humble man.
    I love you more each and every day and I hope your birthday is one that you will never forget!
  • My love,
    When we first met I felt like you were the puzzle piece that completed my heart.
    All these years later, that’s still true!
    Happy Birthday to the one that made me whole!Happy Birthday to the one that made me whole!
  • Handsome,
    All these years later and you’re still looking as good as ever!
    The years have got nothing on you!
    Happy Birthday!
  • Baby,
    I love you forever,
    I like you for always,
    As long as I’m living,
    The One I Love you will be.
    Happy Birthday!
  • My Adventure Partner,
    Life has truly brought us so many twists and turns,
    I’m so glad we have experienced it all together.
    Happy Birthday and here is to so many more!