Birthday wishes - Happy birthday to you

Birthdays are unique opportunities to show friends and loved ones just how much you care. And with only one chance each year to send birthday wishes to your favorite people, you want to send just the right birthday wish. These suggestions of birthday wishes will make your recipients laugh, swoon, or feel inspired, but most of all, feel loved.

Heartfelt Happy Birthday Wishes

Some people come along at just the right moment to add exceptional joy and wonder to our lives. On their special day, be sure to send heartfelt wishes like these to let them know exactly how you feel about them.

  • ♦ For your birthday, you deserve to bask in the light of a life well-lived.
  • ♦ My heart pours out the warmest love-filled birthday wishes for you to soak in.
  • ♦ Here’s hoping every one of your wishes comes true. You deserve them all.
  • ♦ To someone who makes my life a dream come true; I hope your birthday is more significant than life.
  • ♦ You radiate Love wherever you go. Here’s hoping that Love reflects on you on your birthday.
  • ♦ Friends don’t let friends have dull birthday celebrations. Let’s party ’til we drop!
  • ♦ I’ve never had a friend more loving or reliable. May this be your best birthday yet.
  • ♦ To my favorite person ever, I hope this birthday is one you will long remember.

Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday to you

  • ♦ When it comes to friends, no one compares to you. Have the best birthday ever.
  • ♦ God must love me a whole lot to give me a friend like you. Sending birthday hugs!
  • ♦ It’s your birthday, and you deserve flowers, frills, and fun. Enjoy your special day.
  • ♦ If wishes were birds, I’d send them soaring to heaven then straight to your windowsill to wish you a happy birthday.
  • ♦ You are more dear to me than every dream in my heart. I’m so glad you came into the world.
  • ♦ I hope your life is a quilt of happy moments stitched together with love and joy.
  • ♦ Seeing you grow inside and out, keeps my heart in motion. Have another wonderful year.

Inspirational And Encouraging Birthday Wishes

They say that birthday is the most important day of your life, so why not use this special occasion to inspire those you care? As we watch the years go by, we can all use a little spark of encouragement. Use these birthday wishes to inspire and encourage those you love.

inspirational happy birthday wish

  • ♦ Your life is God-breathed, a precious treasure. Today we commemorate the day you began.
  • ♦ All of your life has lead to today, and today leads to a fresh start.
  • ♦ Wish with your eyes open. You don’t want to miss a moment of this great life.
  • ♦ If life is a well-nurtured garden, birthdays are the flowers, and wishes are the petals.
  • ♦ Desires lead to dreams. Dreams lead to joy. Wish big today.
  • ♦ Dig deep and find a wellspring of strength with which to build another wonderful year.
  • ♦ God has given you another year of His love. Ponder such a gift with joy.
  • ♦ Be deliberate about your dreams and let your imagination flow. Then you will soar.
  • ♦ Birthdays are rewards for growing older, learning our lessons gracefully, and collecting moments by the heartfelt.
  • ♦ Don’t look at individual candles on your cake. See the great light your life has generated.
  • ♦ On your birthday, you may be a colorful butterfly, soaring and gliding, stopping only to sip joy.
  • ♦ May your birthday come softly like rose petals falling to create a fragrant path for your steps.
  • ♦ On your special day, reach up and touch your dreams. They are closer than ever.
  • ♦ May you breathe in the joy seen on the faces of your many friends as we celebrate the lovely person you are today.
  • ♦ May each note of your birthday song remind you of how far you’ve come and of the adventures that lie ahead.


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Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

What could be a better present for someone’s birthday than the gift of laughter? And let’s face it, sometimes as we encounter another birthday, we can use a little cheering up. These humorous birthday wishes are sure to put a smile on the face of your recipient and brighten their day.

Funny Dog Wishing Happy Birthday

  • ♦ People are knocking down the door to see you on your birthday; they’ve never seen anyone your age before.
  • ♦ Sometimes, you meet someone wise and wonderful. That person wishes you a happy birthday!
  • ♦ On your birthday, nobody’s going to push you around! Unless your wheelchair gets stuck.
  • ♦ Don’t worry; you still seem like a young kid! Napping, whining, and having pee problems!
  • ♦ What’s cuter than five fluffy puppies in a basket? Nothing, but you’re a close second! Happy birthday!

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  • ♦ Your birthdays used to be frills and thrills. Now they’re bills and pills.
  • ♦ I hope the glow from my youth and vitality doesn’t light up too many of your wrinkles.
  • ♦ On your birthday, I bet you feel like a newborn baby: crying, naked, wet, and confused!
  • ♦ You’ve reached the golden years. They’re called that because you’re always peeing.
  • ♦ Stay awake, forget your aches; it’s time to eat that birthday cake!
  • ♦ At your age, life is a cakewalk. But with cankles.
  • ♦ You’re like a birthday cake: beautiful and sweet on the outside, crummy on the inside!
  • ♦ Don’t you wish we could be like our birthday candles? Tall, thin, smooth, and on fire!
  • ♦ Here’s a birthday cake you can sink your teeth into! As soon as you retrieve them from the glass by your bed.
  • ♦ We’re like two peas in a pod: filled with fiber and covered in wrinkles.
  • ♦ Before you kick the bucket, here’s a bucketload of happy birthday wishes.

Romantic Birthday Wishes – Happy Birthday my Love!

How would life be different if your significant other had never been born? Life is meaningful and sweet for both of you due to that wonderful day. Help the Love of your life know how much he or she is adorned with these romantic birthday wishes.

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes

  • ♦ I love you more and more, each moment, each year. May your birthday be magical.
  • ♦ May your birthday be filled with as many amazing moments as the amount of Love that fills my heart.
  • ♦ To know you is to Love you, and my heart knew you from the moment we met.
  • ♦ Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart overflow with love.
  • ♦ For your birthday, I give you the gift of forever.
  • ♦ When your lips press together to blow out the candles, I think of how much I want to kiss them.
  • ♦ Each birthday wish I give to you comes attached to my heart. Happy birthday, love.
  • ♦ I have a birthday secret to share with you: you are the one.
  • ♦ In anticipation of your birthday, I kissed you in my mind a thousand times today.
  • ♦ There are only three words I want to give you for your birthday: I love you.
  • ♦ May your birthday sparkle with as much magic as your eyes.
  • ♦ After you unwrap all the presents, you can unwrap me.
  • ♦ For your birthday, you’re getting s’mores: s’more hugs, s’more kisses, and s’more loving!
  • ♦ Happy birthday, Love. Enjoy my lips, my hips, and smooth champagne sips.
  • ♦ You’re dreamier than all the stars in the heavens, but with an extra twinkle on your birthday.

Cute and Happy Birthday Wishes

Just like cupcakes with sprinkles, cute and sweet little birthday wishes make everyone happy. So sprinkle these charming tiny wishes on any birthday boy or girl to help make their day extra special.

Happy Birthday Colorful card

  • ♦ Nothing is sweeter than birthday cake and ice cream! Except for you!
  • ♦ Cupcakes make me happy, and so do you! Have a sweet birthday with sprinkles on top!
  • ♦ For your birthday, I’m giving you some squeezing, some pleasing, and just a little teasing!
  • ♦ If birthday boys/girls were french fries, you’d be hot and salty and slathered in ketchup!
  • ♦ Tons of kisses and gallons of Love; that’s what birthdays joy is made of.
  • ♦ Birthday boy/girl, Love you bucketfuls, Love you a pinch. Love you a mile, and love you an inch.
  • ♦ May your birthday be full of warm sunshine and kisses, bright rainbows and riches.
  • ♦ Happy birthday little dear! Enjoy another happy year!
  • ♦ Here’s a little flower I picked along the way. I hope you will enjoy it on your special day.
  • ♦ The birthday boat is motoring your way with a cargo full of good wishes!
  • ♦ Hey there, little Birthday Queen! You are sweeter than a jelly bean!
  • ♦ You’re like the Little Engine That Could: chugging along, but not over the hill yet!
  • ♦ Birthdays are like watermelons: sweet, refreshing, and filled with seeds for planting new beginnings.
  • ♦ Balloons, presents,
    Cupcakes, confetti;
    Good wishes and Love,
    Your birthday is ready!
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