Dad you will always be my friend Happy Birthday

Whether he’s trying out his latest joke or giving you some great advice, your dad is amazing. He works hard to give so much, and he deserves your love, devotion, and respect. On his birthday, be sure to let your dad know how much he brightens your days with heartfelt birthday wishes for dad full of admiration, love, and encouragement. And it never hurts to throw in a little humor along the way.

Text messages to wish happy birthday to your Dad

  • – Your hair may have receded just a tad, but I hope this year has made you glad. Happy birthday, dad!
  • – You’re your own man; you don’t follow the fads, and that’s what makes you unique and daring, dad. Have a one-of-a-kind birthday.
  • – A dad like you is forever inspiring, and I promise your dad jokes never get tiring! Birthday blessings to you.
  • – You’re my favorite guy, and might I just add that you deserve a nice birthday, dad.
  • – You’ve had many birthdays since you were a lad, but here’s hoping that this one is the best yet, dad.
  • – Another birthday’s not all that bad, especially when you’re the world’s greatest dad!
  • – You’re selfless and smart, soft-hearted and sweet. You’re an amazing dad who no one can beat. Enjoy your birthday!

Sweet Happy Birthday Dad

  • – Dad, because you’re the bee’s knees, on your birthday you can do as you please!
  • – What an amazing year you’ve had! Blessings on your birthday, dad.
  • – Dad, count your blessings, not your mistakes. Count your candles, and enjoy your cake!
  • – I know you’re not sleeping; you’re just “resting your eyes.” But it’s time to open them for a birthday surprise.
  • – You’re fearless and fun, godly and great, and I hope that your birthday is truly first rate. I love you, dad.
  • – Dad, heal that latest ache with a piece of birthday cake!
  • – You’re witty and wise, courageous and kind; the type of dad who stays on my mind. Thanks for all the good advice through the years, and I wish you many more years of happiness.
  • – You’re the cream of the crop, my wonderful pop! May your birthday be over the top.
  • – Gray hair? Don’t care. You still look fabulous, dad. Wishing you another year of happiness.
  • – It’s time to gather for games and good family fun. Happy birthday, dad, are you still 21?
  • – Cheers, cheers, for all your years, dad!
  • – You’ve learned to text; you’ve learned to tweet. I’m proud of you, dad; hope your birthday is sweet.
  • – When it comes to dads, I was blessed by the best. Have a fabulous birthday!
  • – Dad, you’re driven and tough, hardworking and true, and I hope this birthday brings many blessings to you.

Birthday wishes for Dad

  • – A dad as devoted as you deserves rest, so kick back on your birthday; I hope it’s the best.
  • – Dad, your jokes might be lame; your singing sappy. But I hope that your birthday will be cheerful and happy.

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  • – I know you think of yourself as athletic, brilliant, and charming, dad. Keep up the positive thinking as you celebrate another year.
  • – Your golf game’s good, your grilling’s better. But your greatest things are those cool dad sweaters. Happy birthday to a dad who makes life fun.
  • – Thanks for gifting me with your handsomeness and charm, dad. Let’s celebrate your birthday man to man style.
  • – Dad, you’re my star. I hope your birthday is stellar.
  • – Thanks for teaching me all the stuff, dad. Happy birthday!
  • – Be careful, dad. They say old age can make you cantankerous. No grumbling allowed on your birthday.
  • – May your birthday flow with good wishes and good wine, dad.
  • – This is a no crankiness zone. Only happy birthday wishes are allowed here. Have a good one, dad.
  • – Your birthday is a big deal, dad, and so are you.
  • – You’ve always been the perfect dad for me. Thank you and happy birthday.

Birthday wishes for Dad

  • – On your birthday, my wish is that you understand how much you mean to me, dad.
  • – Nothing ever stopped you from being a fantastic father. Thank you and may your birthday wishes come true.
  • – You make fatherhood cool. Wishing you all the best on your birthday, pops.
  • – Dad, I’m not sure which is going faster: your hair or your memory. Either way, I hope you enjoy another birthday.
  • – Dad, they sure don’t make ’em like they used to and I’m glad. Wishing you good old-fashioned birthday fun.
  • – Hey, dad, I promise not to tell mom if you eat a few extra slices of birthday cake.
  • – Dad, when I was growing up, I always thought you were clueless. Now I understand how wise you are, and I’m thankful for all the good advice. May your birthday celebration be better than ever.

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  • – Thanks for believing in me, dad. I hope your birthday is as awesome and amazing as you.
  • – Dad, you are my best friend, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sending lots of love and happiness on your birthday.
  • – The party never ends as long as you’re around, dad. Have a blowout of a birthday.
  • – Dad, how many candles can you handle? You might need to practice a few breathing exercises on your birthday.
  • – How many good wishes can fit into one birthday? I’m still working to find out, dad. Have a great one!
  • – Warmest wishes, birthday guy!

  • – Don’t cry because another year has gone by. Smile because another one is starting. I hope the coming year fills you with happiness, dad.
  • – Happy birthday, pops! Thanks for being a world-class father.
  • – I’ve always looked up to you, dad, and I always will. Hoping you have a fun birthday.
  • – I don’t know how you managed to age so well after raising me! Happy birthday to the best father a guy/girl could have.
  • – Your GPS has always guided me: Great Pop Sayings. Thanks for all the advice, and have a super fun birthday.
  • – Growing old stinks, but the memories are sweet. Stay young, dad.
  • – Dad, you’ve always been a party animal, and I hope you have a wild birthday celebration.
  • – You’re setting trends with that vintage style, dad. I hope you will keep up the good work, and have a happy birthday!
  • – Cake, candles, gifts, and drinks; it’s time to kick this off with a toast to the best dad anyone could have.
  • – Your birthday party is also known as a “cool dad zone.”
  • – Dad, I hope you’re looking forward to a birthday full of blessings.
  • – Your generosity can never be outdone, but I hope you enjoy a little something I picked out for you for your birthday, dad.
  • – Dad, you’ll always be my best buddy. Happy birthday.
  • – You’re not very good at aging, pops. I hope you passed that trait on to me.
  • – Dad, I hope we can enjoy happy hour together on your birthday this year. And no, I’m not talking about a nap!
  • – It took me forever to light all these candles, dad. Good luck blowing them out.
  • – Dad, I dough-nut think you understand how much you mean to me. Your love is the icing on the cake, and you always sprinkle it with fun. Have a sweet birthday.
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