Happy Birthday Brother - Birthday Wishes For Brother

Our brothers are our heroes. They love and protect us and maybe pester us just a little, but that’s what makes them so endearing. To make your brother’s birthday special, be sure to send the warmest wishes.

Sweet and heartfelt birthday wishes for brother

  • Brother, you have been my mentor and friend my whole life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wishing you the best birthday ever!
  • Hello there my little bro!
    Through the years I’ve watched you grow.
    Now you are a man, I know.
    But you’ll always be my little bro.
    Happy birthday and many more.
  • Brother, friend, ally,
    So many names that you go by.
    I love you, bro, and always will.
    May your birthday bring a special thrill.
  • Brother, you’ve been my bodyguard,
    Always there when life’s been hard.
    Thank you for putting up with me.
    I hope this day is the best it can be. Happy Birthday!
  • You can count the candles and count the years as another birthday rolls by, brother, and you can always count on me being there for you.
  • Brother, hero, idol, champion. They all mean the same to me. Happy birthday to the best guy I know.
  • Bro,
    You’re the apple of my eye,
    My very favorite guy,
    And I came this way to say,
    Have a wonderful birthday!
  • How you used to annoy me, pester and destroy me! But you grew up to be such a nice fellow, bro! Happy birthday from your favorite sister/brother.
  • You were born my brother, but you grew to be my best friend. Have a great birthday as you remember all the times we’ve shared.
  • As a kid I was rude,
    Always trying to intrude.
    But all I wanted to do
    Was be just like you!
    And really, nothing has changed!
    Happy birthday, dude!

Happy Birthday wishes for Brother

  • You taught me to dance, and gave me tips on romance. Thanks for always being there for me, brother. (Those tips still come in handy!)
  • A brother, a mentor, a helper and friend.
    For me you’ve been an amazing Godsend.
    Many blessings on your birthday, dear brother.
  • Well, you’re old enough to be an adult, but I’m not sure you’re quite there yet! Just keep trying. Happy birthday, brother!
  • My dear, sweet brother,
    You are like no other!
    Have a fantastic birthday!
  • You have brought endless joy to my life, little bro! I hope this birthday beats all the rest!
  • You have filled my life with lots of laughs, plenty of pranks, and many happy memories. I’m so glad you are my brother. May your birthday be full of blessings.
  • Brother,
    In all my
    Remembrances of you,
    There is always
    Happiness and love.
    Determine to dream big,
    And always know I love
  • Brother, on your birthday, I want to take a moment to say,
    That having you in my life is fantastic in every way!
  • On your birthday, I want to remind you that no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my little bro. May the years continue to be kind to you.
  • I know you’re excited to be related to me, but I hope you’ll be able to contain yourself when I wish you the happiest birthday ever, bro!
  • Brother, you are over the hill, but your awesomeness is over the top! Wishing you a happy birthday and a day of fun.
  • BIG birthday wishes to my BIG brother! I hope it’s as awesome as you!
  • You are incredibly lucky that I’m your brother/sister. No one else could have put up with you for so long! Enjoy all the birthday festivities, bro.
  • Happy birthday to my Number 1 big bother! Typo? No, it’s correct. Ha, ha! I love you anyway!
  • Some brothers wear bow ties,
    And some wear jeans.
    Some are chunky,
    And some are lean.
    But you’re the best brother
    That I’ve ever seen!
    Happy birthday to most handsome guy around.
  • When we were little,
    We went to the zoo.
    And I still remember
    How the monkeys claimed you.
    Just kidding, bro! Have a wonderful birthday!
  • God sent me an angel in the form of a brother. Thank you for always watching over me, and I hope you have a heavenly birthday.

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  • Brother, I love you and am praying for God to bless you in a tremendous way on your birthday.
  • There is no friend like a brother. Thank you for all the love you give, and may your birthday celebration be filled with joy.
  • May joy fill your heart like the helium in your birthday balloons, brother.
  • Never could there be a brother better than you. Thank you for always sticking close. Sending you love and happiness on your birthday.
  • I’ve always tried to be just like you, but I don’t have the manliness to grow a beard like yours! Keep it safe from the flames when you blow out all those candles, and have a happy birthday, brother.
  • Superhero. Brother. They’re just two words for the same person. Happy birthday bro!
  • Brother, our bond is tighter than superglue! Best wishes on your special day!
  • To the guy who hung the moon, may your birthday be full of stars and surprises. You’ve been the best brother a guy/girl could ask for.
  • Brother, I’m not sure how you’re hanging on to your good looks for so long. I guess it runs in the family! Enjoy another year of getting older!
  • Well brother, your head is getting shinier,
    And your voice is getting whinier.
    I guess that happens when you get old.
    I wouldn’t know, but I’ve been told.
    Have the best birthday you can at your age, old man.
  • Brother, you are like no other. You even look good when you’re old! Let’s go party!
  • You’re a man and a half,
    And you still make me laugh.
    I love being your bro. Happy birthday!
  • You deserve everything your heart desires on your birthday. I wish you the best my little Brother.
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