Happy birthday wishes for daughter

Celebrating the birthday of a precious daughter is a cherished occasion. Recalling all the wonderful memories of years gone by, we feel how much love is in our hearts for our girls. Letting your daughter know how she fills your heart, thoughts, and dreams is a great way to wish her a happy birthday. These sweet and happy birthday wishes for daughter will help you do just that. Whether she’s silly or sweet, serious or marches to her own beat, you will find the perfect sentiment below.

Birthday Wishes for Your Daughter

  1. ~ To my amazing daughter who has brought immense love and joy into my life, happy birthday.
  2. ~ Daughter, my love for you is immeasurable. May all your birthday wishes be fulfilled today.
  3. ~ When you were little, I protected you fiercely. I still do, dear daughter. Wishing you amazing joy on your birthday.

Happy birthday my beautiful daughter

  1. ~ Daughter, you are loved more and more every day. Wishing you heaps of love. Happy birthday dear!
  2. ~ You taught me the true meaning of love, my beautiful daughter. May your birthday fill you with immeasurable joy.
  3. ~ Daughter, the more you grow, the more beautiful you become. On your birthday and every day, reach for the stars.
  4. ~ Treasured daughter, may you feel how much you are loved on this special day.
  5. ~ To know you is to love you, my precious daughter. Cherish every moment of this most special day.
  6. ~ The first time I saw you, you captured my heart. Blessings on your birthday, sweet daughter.

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  1. ~ There is no one as precious as you, darling daughter. The day you were born brought great joy to the world.
  2. ~ Daughter, you have always been my princess and I hope your birthday is crowned with joy.
  3. ~ My compassionate, loving daughter, how much you are loved on your birthday and always. Happy birthday dear!

Happy birthday wishes to my Daughter

  1. ~ Daughter, I cherish our moments together, and I wish you much love on your birthday.
  2. ~ My daughter, you are truly an angel to all who are blessed to know you. Sending wishes for a heavenly birthday celebration.
  3. ~ Daughter, you are as sweet as cake and as bright as a candle. Have a wonderful birthday.
  4. ~ I hope your birthday celebration is as original as you are, daughter.
  5. ~ It’s as easy as ABC:
    A Beautiful Child was born on this day.
    You deserve a wonderful birthday.
  6. ~ I am completely blessed by having a daughter like you. May your birthday celebration be the best one yet.
  7. ~ Well, daughter, it’s been another adventurous year! Thank you for letting me come along for the ride.
  8. ~ Daughter, it’s easy to come up with thousands of reasons for wishing you a happy birthday, but the simplest one is that I love you dearly.
  9. ~ I am one proud mama wishing you the greatest birthday ever. I love you, dear daughter.
  10. ~ Mommy’s darling just turned five.
    We’re waiting for her friends to arrive
    To have a party with cake and balloons
    And ice cream that we’ll eat with spoons.
    Happy Birthday to my honey.
    I sure hope you like this cute, white bunny.

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  1. ~ Daddy’s darling is seven today,
    His birthday girl who’s born in May.
    Blow out the candles on your cake
    And think of a great big wish to make.
    Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

Birthday wishes and kisses to daughter

  1. ~ Wonderful wishes and birthday kisses are coming your way, sweet daughter. Happy birthday darling!
  2. ~ To the one who learned well all the things I taught her,
    Happy birthday my beautiful daughter.
  3. ~ Smarter, sweeter, nicer, hotter; all are words to describe you, daughter. May your birthday candles shine brightly for you today.
  4. ~ My precious baby, then a toddler, and now you’re all grown up, sweet daughter. May your birthday bless you over and over.
  5. ~ Birthday blessings, and the sweetest wishes are heading your way with your mama’s kisses.
  6. ~ Daughter, you’ve caused me to smile since the first time I saw your face.
    May your birthday fill you with love and laughter and all of God’s grace.

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  1. ~ You’re like a sunny field of flowers on a dreary spring day. Keep on shining, daughter, and have a fantastic birthday.
  2. ~ Daughter, the day belongs to you. Have the sweetest birthday ever.
  3. ~ How do you do it, my daughter? You get more beautiful, strong, and sweet every year. Wishing you a birthday filled with love and surprises.
  4. ~ To my favorite person in all the world,
    I’ve loved you since you were my little girl.
    You’re all grown up, it’s plain to see,
    And I hope your birthday is as nice as can be.

To my daughter's birthday

  1. ~ You’re mama’s little girl, and daddy’s baby princess, and we’re sending you our best birthday wishes.
  2. ~ Daughters are like diamonds: beautiful and bright, treasured forever. Happy birthday, dear one.
  3. ~ Daughter, when you walk through a room, you leave a trail of smiles. May God smile on you on your birthday.
  4. ~ They say the best things are yet to come, but the best day of my life was back on the day you were born. Wishing you all the best on your birthday, daughter.
  5. ~ Daughter, you are a sparkling star, and I love you to the moon and back. May your birthday be filled to the sky with all the love and beautiful wishes you deserve.
  6. ~ Life is lovelier because you’re in it. Happy birthday, precious daughter.
  7. ~ My daughter, you’re a dream, a diamond agleam. Sparkle on, and have an amazing birthday.
  8. ~ How much I love you, you cannot fathom.
    How valued you are, you’ll never imagine.
  9. ~ A parent’s love runs deep and true,
    Especially for a daughter as cherished as you.
    Special birthday wishes, sweet one.
  10. ~ Daughter, you spark joy and love in everyone you meet. May it be returned to you as you celebrate your birthday.
  11. ~ When you were born, you brought heaven to earth. Happy birthday, sweet daughter.
  12. ~ Hold on a minute, wait;
    Before you cut the cake,
    Take a moment to look around
    At all the happiness you make.
    We love you so much, our daughter.

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  1. ~ My daughter and friend,
    I’ll love you to the end.
    And on this special birthday,
    I wish you lots of joy to spend.
  2. ~ Daughter, if your eyesight is still 20/20, you will see how much I love you. Happy birthday to my special one.
  3. ~ You were charming and chubby, my little buddy,
    Now you’re a daughter who’s grown up and lovely.
    (But, you’ll always be my buddy!) Happy birthday, darling.
  4. ~ Wishing you love and happiness,
    May all your dreams come true.
    You’re a daughter a daddy dreams of,
    There’s no one as special as you.
    Have an amazing birthday!
  5. ~ You’re the birthday princess, you know it’s true,
    And no one makes us as happy as you.
    Happy birthday from mom and dad.
  6. ~ Happy birthday once, happy birthday twice,
    Happy birthday turtle dove, may your day be twice as nice.
    From your mom and dad who love you more than anyone in the world.
  7. ~ Kisses and wishes and sweet dessert dishes
    Make this birthday special for our little missus.
  8. ~ Daughter,
    How are you delicate, and yet so strong?
    How long will I love you, can you tell me how long?
    Til the stars fade away and the heavens are gone.
    That’s how long I’ll love you, my daughter, how long.
    Happy birthday to the one who fills my heart.
  9. ~ Dear Daughter, you outgrew my lap long ago, but my heart grows moment by moment to keep up with loving you. Happy birthday.
  10. ~ My precious daughter, you have filled my days with laughter and my nights with beautiful dreams. May your birthday be as lovely as you.
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