Happy Birthday wish to sister

Sisters are like roller coasters: they’ve been there for us through all of our ups and downs! So on your sister’s birthday, be sure to remind her how much she is loved and appreciated with a special birthday wish. Get unique birthday wishes for sister from the following list and show your sister how happy you are to celebrate another birthday with her.

Happy birthday wishes for Sister – Love You Sis!

  1. My beautiful sister,
    Who can resist her?
    Full of charm and winsome ways
    May happiness fill all of her days.
    Happy birthday, dear sister.
  2. Someone who
    To me,
    Endearing and
    Have a wonderful birthday Sister!
  3. Some sisters are silly,
    And some are mean.
    Some are rambunctious,
    And some serene,
    But you’re the best sister
    That I’ve ever seen!
    I hope your birthday is as unique as you!
  4. You’re sweeter than cake, brighter than a candle.
    Let’s fill this birthday with all the love you can handle.
    Happy birthday, precious sister.

Happy birthday Sis - Happy birthday wishes for sister

  1. There’s birthday cake on your plate,
    So now it’s time to celebrate!
    A sister like you who’s sweet and true
    Should get all the fun that she is due.
    Have the best day ever!

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  1. Sometimes sisters are blah, blah, blah,
    And sometimes they are ooh, la, la.
    Some sisters make you say ha, ha, ha,
    But you, my sister, deserve a big hurrah!
    May all your birthday wishes come true today.
  2. Wiser, older, cuter, bolder;
    That’s my sister,
    Just behold her!
    Amazing, loving, gentle, kind,
    Intelligent and so refined.
    Sister, you’re the one I adore,
    And I will love you forevermore.
    Have the most fantastic birthday!
  3. Forever with
    All of
    My heart,
    You, treasured sister.
    May this birthday be filled with love!
  4. Favorite sister, on your birthday, I would give you the world wrapped in oceans of cellophane and tied with a milky way bow if I could. You deserve everything you wish for today.

Have a wonderful birthday sister - birthday wishes for sister

  1. If wishes were sugar, sparkly and sweet,
    You’d have more cake than you could eat.
    Happy birthday, to the best sister anyone could have.
  2. You’ve grown into a beautiful woman inside and out, and you are a constant source of joy in my life, sister. May your birthday be a celebration of all you have become.
  3. Snapshots of our childhood slip aimlessly through my mind as I remember the life we’ve shared. Through good times and bad, we’ve relied on each other, and I hope that never changes. May you especially enjoy this birthday, sister.
  4. Like sparkling champagne, may you always be bubbly, sister. Here’s to your birthday!
  5. Sister, our inner children remember all the fun of growing up together. How about promising that no matter how many birthdays we have, we’ll never get old? Happy birthday.
  6. May love and good wishes flow through your birthday like a sparkling stream, sister.
  7. If birthday wishes were little fishes, I’d send them all upstream to you, sister. Have a swimmingly good birthday!

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  1. I wanted to bake you one of those vast cakes that I could pop out of to surprise you on your birthday, but I couldn’t find a big enough oven. Happy birthday anyway, sister.
  2. Though there is a distance between us, I hope you can feel the love I have in my heart for you, sister. I wish you a birthday filled with all the love and laughter you can handle.
  3. I love you, dear Sis,
    And your sweet face I miss.
    May your whole day be filled
    With pure birthday bliss.

Happy birthday Sis

  1. Big, bold, bodacious wishes for you on your birthday, sis.
  2. I’m proud to be your sister/brother. You always make me look good. Happy birthday, girl!
  3. When we were little, you were bossy, saucy, and usually loud. Come to think of it; not much has changed! I hope your birthday is as fun as you, sister!
  4. Happy birthday to my older sister! Thanks for being born first and making me always be the younger sibling.
  5. It’s a privilege to be your brother/sister. May all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

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  1. Sister, you are funny, sunny, and sweet as honey. May your birthday be just like you!
  2. Sister, if birthdays were rainbows, here’s hoping that yours would have a pot of gold at each end.
  3. You are compassionate, hardworking, and simply beautiful, dear sister. I appreciate all you have done for me. Wishing you a blessed birthday.
  4. Sister, the only thing special about you is everything! Happy birthday to the most significant person I know.
  5. Sister,
    This birthday wish is
    quite delicious.
    Enjoy the cake,
    I’ll do the dishes.
  6. Is this all the fun we can endure? Let’s have some more just to be sure! Happy birthday, sister of mine!
  7. I’m collecting smiles to give you for your birthday, sis. I hope you will wear each one in the coming year.
  8. Sister, you’re a charmer, and I always fall for your spells. Keep them coming and have a magical birthday.
  9. We’re sprinkled with wrinkles,
    With gray in our hair,
    But the love in our hearts
    Will always be there.
    I love you, sister. Enjoy another year.
  10. Sister, you’ve always had enduring faith. May God continue to bless you boldly in the coming year.
  11. Because there is wisdom in your ways, there is wealth in heaven for you, dear sister. May God greatly multiply your blessings on your birthday.

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  1. May a million sparkles light your eyes,
    As you open them to this birthday surprise.
    I love you, sis.
  2. Sister, you make the earth feel like heaven. May your birthday be incredible.
  3. Birthday greetings from the brother/sister who loves you the most.
  4. Sister, for your birthday, I made all your favorite dishes. Enjoy them with a helping of good birthday wishes.
  5. My umbrella in the rain,
    Shelter in a hurricane.
    No matter the weather,
    We’ll endure it together.
    Happy birthday, sister. You’re the most influential person I know.
  6. A sister is a blessing, and you’re the best one of all. Happy birthday, my sister and best friend.
  7. To know you is to love you, sis. May your birthday be a day of blessing.
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