Wedding invitations come in a wide range of styles these days. From fun and laid back to casual, formal, or fancy, the wording in your invitation should reflect your and your partner’s personalities. The following wedding invitation messages ideas, will help you get this job done easily, so that you can move on to getting ready for the big day.

Wedding invitation messages wording examples


For Friends

Funny messages

For Family

Formal messages

Wedding invitation messages template

For Friends

  • ◊ Can you believe we’re finally getting hitched? It wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t join us, friend.
  • ◊ (Names) are going to say, “I do,” and we would be thrilled if you would join us, friend.
  • ◊ Friend, come and make this marriage merry.
  • ◊ With great joy, we are announcing our wedding to all our friends. Join us in our marriage celebration.
  • ◊ (Names) invite you, our lovely friends, to share in the festivities as we are joined in marriage.
  • ◊ Friends, please accept our cordial invitation to attend the wedding of (names.)
  • ◊ With full hearts, (names) invite you, our most gracious friends, to celebrate our joy as we are united in marriage.
  • ◊ We hope that as our wonderful friends, you will come and feel the love as (names) are united in marriage.
  • ◊ Friends, exchanging our wedding vows would not be the same without you there to witness it. Join us as we unite in holy matrimony.
  • ◊ What kind of friend would we be if we didn’t give you one last chance to talk us out of getting married? Come to our wedding and see what you can do.
  • ◊ How many friends does it take to make our wedding special? Just you!
  • ◊ We love how you believe in us. Please come to our wedding and join us in celebrating true love.
  • ◊ Your friendship brought us together, and we hope you will join us as we make it a forever thing.
  • ◊ Your love and friendship have encouraged us and helped us grow as a couple. It would be our honor if you would celebrate with us as we say our vows.
  • ◊ Friends, “To have and to hold” is about to unfold!
  • ◊ These two: (names) are saying, “I do,” and it just wouldn’t be the same without you, my friend.
  • ◊ We have a special seat reserved for you, our special friend, at the wedding of (names.)

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Funny Wedding Invitation Messages

  • ◊ Do you enjoy watching friends smash cake in each others’ faces? Join us for some fun at the wedding of (names.)
  • ◊ Hitched or ditched? Come to the wedding of (names,) and find out!
  • ◊ (Names) are getting ready to tie the knot. (Nice and tight, don’t worry!)
  • ◊ All our X’s are sending boos as we put on our wedding shoes. Come celebrate with us.
  • ◊ Not sure if we’re ready for this, but we’re getting married anyway. Join us and see how it works out.
  • ◊ Mama is hysterical, ’cause (bride) is feeling marital!
  • ◊ (Bride) has (groom) in a headlock, and she’s dragging him into wedlock! Don’t miss it!
  • ◊ It’s a nothing fancy, fun and dancy kind of wedding! Join us as (names) say, “I do.”
  • ◊ The adventure’s beginning, and we can’t stop grinning! We hope you will come to the wedding of (names.)
  • ◊ (Names) are getting hitched at a big shindig! Bring your dancing shoes and celebrate with us.
  • ◊ Along with their families, dogs, and a couple of cats (names) are getting married. Come and watch the fur fly.
  • ◊ There’s going to be a rollicking frolic for (names) as they get hitched. Please say you won’t miss it.
  • ◊ Do you have plans for (date?) Well, you do now! (Names) are getting married!
  • ◊ We don’t mind if your dance moves are bad, in fact we think that’s funny.
    Come and join us for the marriage of (bride) and (groom,) her handsome honey.
  • ◊ There’s a change in the air, find something to wear, and come see the nuptials of a wonderful pair.
  • ◊ It’s wedding season, or maybe that should be seizin’! Come out and see who (bride) was able to catch.
  • ◊ Remove your shoes (the bride approves,) and come show us your bad dance moves. (Names) are getting married.
  • ◊ Come see a Miss become a Mrs. as the rings are exchanged and the cute pair kisses.
  • ◊ (Names) have gone off the deep end. Come see them take the plunge as two become one.

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For Family

  • ◊ Join us for an intimate family celebration as (names) begin their new life together.
  • ◊ (Names) will be married in a private family ceremony on (date,) and we hope you will join us.
  • ◊ It wouldn’t be family without you. Please come as two hearts become one at the wedding of (names.)
  • ◊ Our family means the world to us. Please join us as we say our “I do’s” in a family-only ceremony.
  • ◊ (Names) will be married at an informal family gathering on (date,) and we look forward to seeing you there.
  • ◊ Family and festivities go together. Please come to the wedding of (names,) and join us in a fun-filled evening.
  • ◊ Family, let’s celebrate together as (names) enjoy their big day.
  • ◊ Calling all kin: (names) are going to tie the knot. Please join us for their special day.
  • ◊ Family, our prayers have been answered! (Names) are finally getting hitched. Come join in the fun.
  • ◊ Family is love, and laughter, and life. Come celebrate a new beginning as (names) become husband and wife.
  • ◊ Witness the beginning of a marriage made in heaven. Yes, the (name) family is headin’ to a weddin’!
  • ◊ Hey family, guess what? (Names) are tying the knot! Please celebrate with us.
  • ◊ We are happy to announce that (names) are ready to flounce! Down the aisle, that is! Come join us for this special family celebration.
  • ◊ Attention family, have you heard? (Names) are getting married! Spread the word.
  • ◊ Family is everything to us, and we couldn’t have made it this far without you. Please come and show your support as we say our vows.
  • ◊ Hey (name) clan, she found a man! (Bride) is getting hitched! Come see if he gets away!
  • ◊ It’s time for this family to show some love! Join us in celebrating the marriage of (names.)

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Formal Wedding Invitation Messages

  • ◊ (Names) request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their children, (names.)
  • ◊ (Names) would love for you to join them as their children, (names,) are united in marriage.
  • ◊ (Names) request for you to celebrate with them as (names) are united in holy matrimony.
  • ◊ The honor of your presence is kindly requested at the blessed nuptials of (name.)
  • ◊ With immense pleasure (names) invite you to a celebration of their holy union.
  • ◊ It is with great joy that we request for you to join us at the celebration of our nuptials.
  • ◊ (Names) invite you to partake of the joy as (names) are joined in marriage.
  • ◊ Along with their families, (names) request the joy of your presence as they are united in marriage.
  • ◊ It is our privilege to proclaim the wedding of (names.)
  • ◊ It would be an honor if you could attend the exchange of wedding vows as (names) are united in marriage.
  • ◊ (Names) have the privilege of announcing their marriage.
  • ◊ With immense joy, (names) request the honor of your attendance as they enter into holy matrimony.
  • ◊ Please represent us as we celebrate the privilege of marriage.
  • ◊ It is with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming marriage of (names.)
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