Birthday Invitation messages to attend my birthday celebration
So you’re having a party to celebrate the birthday of someone special, and you need to word the invitation just right. Careful wording sets the mood of the party and helps your guests know what to expect. Below you will find ideas that are everything from silly to serious, sociable to sweet, for all ages. Friends and family will enjoy receiving these party announcements.


Formal messages

Funny messages

Messages for Friends

Messages for Family

Formal Birthday Party Invitation Messages

  1. ♦ (Name) requests the pleasure of your company at a birthday celebration in his/her honor.
  2. ♦ Please grace us with your presence at the birthday celebration in honor of (name.)
  3. ♦ You are cordially invited to a celebration in honor of (name’s) birthday.
  4. ♦ We would sincerely appreciate your presence at the birthday celebration of (name.)
  5. ♦ The favor of your presence is earnestly requested at the birthday dinner of (name.)
  6. ♦ The pleasure of your company is requested as we celebrate the birthday of (name.)
  7. ♦ Please join with us in the celebration of (name’s) birthday.
  8. ♦ You are cordially invited to a formal gathering celebrating the birthday of our guest of honor, (name.)
  9. ♦ Please be our guest as we celebrate the birthday of (name.)
  10. ♦ (Name) invites you to celebrate the occasion of his/her birthday.
  11. ♦ You are joyfully invited to attend a special celebration in honor of (name’s) birthday.
  12. ♦ We warmly invite you to a special birthday gathering on behalf of (name.)
  13. ♦ We would consider it a great honor if you would join us in celebrating the birthday of (name.)
  14. ♦ Your presence at the birthday celebration of (name) would be a great blessing.
  15. ♦ The privilege of your presence as we commemorate the birthday of (name) is warmly requested.
  16. ♦ Please join us in the acknowledgement of another year in the life of (name.)
  17. ♦ As we salute (name) on his/her birthday, we invite you to join us.

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Funny Birthday Party Invitation Messages

  1. ♦ Luckily, paper has been invented since (name) was born, so we didn’t have to chisel these invitations in stone. Come and join us as we celebrate his/her old age.
  2. ♦ Help celebrate (name’s) birthday before it’s too late. He/She is getting really old.
  3. ♦ Our birthday boy/girl is over the hill; come celebrate, it’ll give him/her a thrill.
  4. ♦ Well it’s time to celebrate (name’s) birthday again. Surprisingly enough, he/she is not dead yet.
  5. ♦ Come celebrate the old and gray; once again it’s (name’s) birthday!
  6. ♦ Hurry! Let’s celebrate (name’s) birthday before he/she gets too old to move.
  7. ♦ (Name) is not over the hill yet, but that’s just because he/she is too tired to climb it. Join us in the birthday festivities.
  8. ♦ Well, (name) is 29 again! Come and help us celebrate.
  9. ♦ Join us in celebrating (name’s) birthday. Don’t worry; fire trucks will be on standby in case the candles on the cake get out of control.
  10. ♦ (Name) is really getting up there in years. Let’s hope he/she doesn’t get altitude sickness. Join us in celebrating his/her birthday.

Birthday invitation messages - celebrate my birthday

  1. ♦ The spring chick is now an old hen/rooster. Fly the coop, and shake your tail feathers with us.
  2. ♦ Oh, my, say it isn’t so–(name) is now the big 4-0! Come and cut loose with us as we celebrate.
  3. ♦ Classy, sassy, delightful and true, (name) is anything but new! Come and join the party as we celebrate his/her birthday.
  4. ♦ (Name) is having a birthday.Let’s cut the cake, do a booty shake, and celebrate before we ache!
  5. ♦ It’s (name) birthday; the presence of your presents is requested.
  6. ♦ Blow the horns, and get out the hats, it’s a birthday party for our little brat!
  7. ♦ Any way you slice it, (name) is getting old. Come and have a big piece of cake with us.
  8. ♦ Come and dine, have a little wine, and hear the birthday girl/guy sit and whine.
  9. ♦ Join us for music, drinks, and food. Be sure you’re in a party mood, ’cause if you’re not, that would be rude!
  10. ♦ My birthday cake is going to be overloaded by the time I add all the candles, but I hope you’ll come and enjoy the spectacle.
  11. ♦ Come to the party, and let’s help (name) get over that hill. It’s going to take a village.

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Birthday Invitation Messages For Friends

  1. ♦ Friends and friendships just keep getting better with age. Join us for a fun celebration of (name’s) birthday.
  2. ♦ Dear friend, (name) is having a birthday, and you are invited to share in the festivities.
  3. ♦ There’s nothing finer than friends and cake. Join us in making this a birthday to remember for (name).
  4. ♦ My Friend, let’s dance and make merry; (name) is turning (age.)
  5. ♦ Friend, my birthday party is finally here! Celebrate with us and join in the cheer!
  6. ♦ A guest like you makes parties fun! Come celebrate with everyone! Our dear friend, (name,) is having a birthday.
  7. ♦ Delicious food and cake so sweet; this party will be hard to beat! Come celebrate (name’s) birthday with us, dear friend.
  8. ♦ Hey friend, save the date, and don’t be late; we don’t want you to miss the birthday cake! Join us in making (name’s) birthday amazing.
  9. ♦ We’re counting down to birthday fun! Won’t you join us in partying with (name) on his/her birthday, dear friend?
  10. ♦ Friend, come and toast the one with the most (years, that is!) Come wish a happy birthday to (name.)
  11. ♦ Good friends like you are a blessing. Come and celebrate another year with me.
  12. ♦ Friend, come and make my birthday party cool.
  13. ♦ You’re my friend to the end, (but I’m not quite there yet.) Join me as I celebrate another year of life.
  14. ♦ Friend, you’ve been by my side for many years. I wouldn’t think of celebrating my birthday without you.
  15. ♦ Calling all friends! Come share in the birthday celebration of (name.)
  16. ♦ Your friendship has been a godsend. Please help me live it up on my birthday.
  17. ♦ You’re the best friend a girl/guy could have, and I hope you will join in the revelry on my birthday.

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Birthday Invitation Messages For Family

  1. ♦ It’s time for family; it’s time for fun; let’s have a party in the sun! (Name) is going to be (age.) Come and make his/her birthday extra special.
  2. ♦ Hey family! (Name) is (age) at last; come party with us and have a blast!
  3. ♦ Come join the fun as we celebrate (name’s) birthday. He/she needs all the support from his/her family that he/she can get at this age.
  4. ♦ (Name) has abig birthday coming up, and we’re throwing the biggest party this family has ever seen! Don’t miss it!
  5. ♦ Come make a splash at the birthday bash! Join us at the pool for some family fun as we celebrate (name’s) special day.
  6. ♦ Hey uncles, aunties, and all my cousins! Let’s share birthday wishes by the dozens. Come and celebrate with the (name) family as we wish (name) a happy birthday.
  7. ♦ Okay, family, pull out all the stops; we’re having a party for dear old Pops!
  8. ♦ Family, we’ll have burgers on the grill and lots of time to chill. Come join us as we celebrate (name’s) birthday.
  9. ♦ Birthdays are the perfect reason for gathering the family together. Let’s celebrate (name’s) special day.
  10. ♦ (Name’s) fling will be in full swing on (date.) Let’s show him/her lots of family love.
  11. ♦ Family, let’s go the extra mile and celebrate in style. (Name) is having a birthday.
  12. ♦ Dear family, you are the best, so please reply to this special request, and come to (name’s) birthday party.
  13. ♦ Hey, (name) clan, come be Mom’s biggest fan at her birthday party.
  14. ♦ I’m blessed to be in this family! Come to my birthday party, and let’s make fun memories.
  15. ♦ This family means the world to (name.) Please join us in making his/her birthday the best yet.
  16. ♦ Let’s step out and paint the town for (name’s) birthday, family. He/she deserves a night of fun.
  17. ♦ It’s time for our yearly tradition, family. Let’s embarrass (name) on his/her birthday like never before.
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