He's Ready To Have A Baby With You

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. It’s a saying we’ve all heard growing up, but as we’ve entered adulthood many of us have realized that life is not always so clear cut. Achieving that fairy tale ending usually requires that both partners are willingly on board.

Men tend to take a bit longer to embrace the possibility of fatherhood, but once they are ready, there are some unmistakable signs that he is ready to have a baby with you and show a little bundle of joy is on the horizon.

1. He doesn’t get annoyed when kids cry in public

We’ve all been there- a screaming child is flailing their arms and throwing their food at their frazzled parent right in the middle of the restaurant. Those not ready for fatherhood may moan in disgust or roll their eyes, but a man ready for a baby will look sympathetic or offer words of encouragement for the overwhelmed parents.

2. When he sees an interesting baby name, he points it out to you

Most women have had their future children’s names picked out since the second grade, but men don’t usually give baby names a fleeting thought until their biological clock starts ticking. If he’s showing you the Top Ten Baby Name List for that year, he’s ready for those midnight feedings.

3. He’s casual about contraception

Babies can’t be made when protection is used, so if he doesn’t seem bothered by not using contraception and has more of an “if it happens, it happens” attitude, then he’s embracing the idea of fatherhood.

4. Financial security is important to him

Raising children can get pretty expensive so being financially prepared is crucial. Between diapers, food, clothing, tuition, and all the extras, the cost of raising a child adds up to an average of $233,610. A telltale sign that he’s ready for a baby is if he’s paying off any extra debt and putting money into savings instead of spending it on unnecessary items.

5. He talks in terms of “when” and not “if”

Talks of the future can seem intimidating to a man when a relationship is new and fresh. They might refer to the future by saying phrases like “if we get married” or “if we have a baby.” A man that’s ready to start a family will start using the word “when” and will firmly express his desire to have children with you.

6. Family traditions have taken on a whole new meaning for him

In the past, maybe he’s taken for granted the traditions that his family practices. He might have even skipped out on them on occasion. If family traditions have become increasingly important to him recently and he’s talked about passing those same traditions down to his own children, then fatherhood is on his radar.

7. He refers to you both as “mom and dad” when talking about your pet

The term “dog mom” or “cat dad” may have made him shutter in the past, but now he willingly refers to your pet as his baby and takes pride in being the best dad to your furry bundle of joy. This is all prep in his mind for when your human child arrives.

8. He doesn’t try as hard to hide his emotions

Men like to act tough and often refuse to show their sensitive side. Lately you’ve noticed that he’s becoming more aware of his emotions. He’s more open with his feelings and you may have even witnessed a tear rolling down his cheek. You’re not seeing things. This is his way of opening his heart for your future baby.

9. His support is rock solid

Maybe he hasn’t always been the one you can rely on, but lately he’s always there for you. If you need anything, he’s there at the drop of a dime. Sometimes you don’t even need to ask for his help- he already senses what you need before you even voice it. His soul is becoming more in-tune with yours as he prepares for fatherhood.

10. Playing with kids isn’t a chore for him

He delights at the chance to spend time with little ones- whether it’s his niece or nephew or a random child at the grocery store. He enjoys making them smile and laugh with his silly antics and he might even comment afterwards that he can’t wait to have a little one of his own.

11. He thinks you’ll be a great mom

No longer is he keeping his feelings to himself. Now he’s clearly expressing to you how he feels and there’s no doubt in his mind that you’re going to rock this mom thing. Most importantly, he wants to be the one supporting you along the way.

Once you’ve observed your man exhibiting these signs,

it’s time to start the baby conversation. Planning for a family works best when both partners are on the same page, so always keep the lines of communication open and remember that you’re a team in this whole parenting journey.

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