Happy engagement wisges for best friend

Few of life’s moments are as unique as getting engaged. When your best friend agrees to marry the one they love, send congratulations that are personal and heartfelt. Your words should include poignant wishes for joy and lasting love as you reflect on all the ways your friend has enriched your life. If you are looking for just the right words to say or write in a card, look no further. These engagement wishes for best friend will help you express your joy on this happy occasion.

Engagement Wishes and Congratulations for your Best Friend

  1. ∼ I’m thrilled for you, sweet friend. Your childhood wishes of marrying a prince are coming true. May you live happily ever after.
  2. ∼ My compliments to your future bride/groom. He/she just made the choice of a lifetime. May your years together be all you dream of, precious friend.
  3. ∼ Applause for the great news, my amazing friend. May there be many standing ovations as you build a life together.
  4. ∼ Blessings on your engagement, dear friend. The time has come for me to share you with another, but I do so gladly knowing how happy he/she makes you feel.
  5. ∼ My wonderful friend, may your wedding be as lovely as you and your marriage be the adventure of a lifetime.
  6. ∼ Beloved friend, may the path that begins with the wedding aisle lead you through days of bliss and special moments that you will store in your heart for time eternal.

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  1. ∼ My best friend is getting married! My heart is exploding with joy for you. May your marriage fulfill every inclination of your heart.
  2. ∼ Sending bouquets of beautiful wishes to you my newly-engaged friend. May God bless each moment as you prepare for marriage.

Engagement messages for best friend

  1. ∼ My blessed friend, we’ve been together through ups and downs and the twists and curves that life has brought, and now you are going to have another to travel with. May he/she enjoy the journey with you as much as I have.
  2. ∼ Congratulations to a beautiful friend who means everything to me. The precious smile that I have loved for so long will be shared with your beloved now, as will the precious sentiments that flow from your heart daily. He/she will be as blessed in marriage as I have been in friendship.
  3. ∼ May the tender mercies of his/her loving heart fill each day of marriage right from the start. Congratulations on getting engaged, dear friend.
  4. ∼ I have watched this special romance grow, and I’m thrilled to hear that it will be blossoming into marriage. My friend, may your love remain true and strong forever.
  5. ∼ Beloved friend, blessings to you as you begin planning for the marriage of a lifetime.
  6. ∼ Oh, sweet friend, I wish you only the best, every moment blessed, as you prepare to marry the man/woman of your dreams.
  7. ∼ My precious friend, knowing you is the same as loving you, and I wish you much happiness as you step into this new role. May God watch over your marriage, blessing it daily.

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  1. ∼ Congratulations on getting engaged. You are two incredible people: my best friend and the one, my best friend loves.
  2. ∼ My deserving friend, may all happiness and joy fill your soul as you prepare for life with the one God has brought to you.
  3. ∼ Precious friend, you two were meant to be together, and I knew it the moment I first met him/her. I will never forget the excitement in your voice and the glow on your face when you introduced us. May that kind of love remain in you both for life.

Engagement wishes for best friend

  1. ∼ Warmest wishes on getting engaged, wonderful friend! I’m excited to watch you grow into an amazing wife/husband.
  2. ∼ Picturing the beauty of your life together fills my heart with joy for you, dear friend. May your marriage be all you have longed for.
  3. ∼ Friend, you have inspired me with the depth of your love and compassion and by the way that you follow your dreams. As you begin the next phase of life’s journey, may you never let go of the qualities that make you the most special person I know.
  4. ∼ My sweet and special friend, may you and your betrothed enjoy endless joy and countless moments of tenderness as you prepare for marriage.
  5. ∼ Sending good wishes like confetti to fall over you on this happy day, my friend. Congratulations on getting engaged to a wonderful person.
  6. ∼ Friend, may the sparkles in your eyes forever match the sparkling ring on your finger as you begin this beautiful journey to marriage and beyond.
  7. ∼ Dear friend, as the sound of wedding bells draws near, may your heart be indulged with pure joy and quiet peace.
  8. ∼ Sweetest friend, may you luxuriate in the love being sent to you today from me and all who are blessed to hear of your engagement.
  9. ∼ Beloved friend, you’re engaged, and I’m celebrating! Wishing you many bright, happy days ahead.
  10. ∼ My best friend for life will soon be a wife, and I couldn’t be happier for you! Congratulations.

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  1. ∼ May the beauty of marriage and the joy of love meet at the crossroads of eternity. Blessings to my best friend on getting engaged.
  2. ∼ God created marriage to be a precious gift that is enjoyed for a lifetime. Congratulations on getting engaged, my deserving friend.
  3. ∼ How beautiful is your love for him, how lovely is your engagement. Congratulations on saying yes, my sweetest friend.
  4. ∼ May your love for your intended remain forever splendid, honest, and pure. Best wishes to you as you have said yes to THE one, dearest friend.
  5. ∼ Your engagement has filled me with joy, friend. May you cherish this special day always.
  6. ∼ The blessing of finding a soul mate is a beautiful thing. May this time of engagement and your upcoming marriage bring you true happiness, my friend.
  7. ∼ Happy engagement day, friend. May you hold dear the special memories made today.
    ∼ I wish you everlasting happiness and all the love in my heart as you celebrate getting engaged, my best friend.
  8. ∼ May magical moments like those you enjoyed today continue each day of your upcoming marriage. Congratulations, my most beloved friend.
  9. ∼ I’ll be your friend forever,
    We will part ways never.
    And I wish you joy eternal
    As your two souls grow together.
    I love you and pray for all your dreams to become a reality, my friend.
  10. ∼ May the world smile for you today as you have become engaged to a beautiful person who completely deserves you, friend.

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  1. ∼ May the blessings bestowed upon you on your engagement day overflow as you look forward to marriage, dear and precious friend.
  2. ∼ May he/she always be the love of your life, my friend. Congratulations on you Engagement
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