Our sisters know us better than anyone else, and they love us like no one else. When your sister begins the journey of motherhood, it’s not only a joyous occasion for her but also for you as a new aunt or uncle. Choose one of the below sweet Mother’s Day wishes for Sister to let her know how special she is and that you are proud of her for all the ways she shows love to your nieces and nephews.

Mother’s Day Wishes for Sister

  1. › Dear sister, you were like a mother to me so I know all about the beautiful love and patience you are bestowing on your children. Thanks for being the mother of our dreams to us all.
  2. › With all the love and admiration a brother/sister can give, happy Mother’s Day!
  3. › You are an awesome sister and an amazing mother. Happy Mother’s Day, sis.
  4. › Sister, sometimes when you talk to your children, I hear our mother come out, and it’s beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day.
  5. › I love watching you pour out the love onto your children that was poured into you by our mom. Love and wishes for a happy Mother’s Day, sister.
  6. › Sending greetings filled with hugs for my sister who is one of the most beautiful mothers I know.
  7. › With a grateful heart for your influence on my life, I send Mother’s Day greetings to you, dear sister.
  8. › On Mother’s Day I want to honor you and remind you of what an awesome mother you truly are. I have felt your care and protection my whole life. Thank you for being the best sister and mother.
  9. › Warm Mother’s Day wishes to my beautiful sister who fills the lives of those around her with such joy.
  10. › You have always been my sister and best friend, and I wish you all the best on Mother’s Day.

To the best Mom ever - Mother's day wishes for sis

  1. › Sis, you were always there for me like a mother, and I wish you much happiness this Mother’s Day.
  2. › Bless you, beautiful sister, for always caring for me like a mother. Happy Mother’s Day to my most cherished sister.
  3. › Because you are my sister, our friendship goes deeper than anyone could ever imagine. I love you for who you are and pray that you receive many blessings this Mother’s Day.
  4. › Sis, I always knew you would be a fantastic mother. You have given love, friendship, and respect to me in so many ways, and I hope you have a blessed Mother’s Day.
  1. › I’m the cool aunt/uncle, and you’re the perfect mom. Happy Mother’s Day, sweet sister.
  2. › When we were growing up, you practiced being a mother on me. All that practice paid off because you have become the perfect mother. I hope your Mother’s Day is as fantastic as you, sis.
  3. › Thank you for making me an aunt/uncle. It has been the most wonderful gift. Blessings to you on Mother’s Day, beloved sister.
  4. › Sister, your children adore you and so do I. Sending prayers for a Happy Mother’s Day.
  5. › You have taught me much about life, sister, and I know you are an amazing mother. May this Mother’s Day fill you with warmth and joy.
  6. › Sister, I love seeing the smile that motherhood has brought to you. May your day be truly blessed.
  7. › You are making the world a beautiful place for your children just like you did for me. Sending you warm sister kisses on Mother’s Day.
  8. › All my childhood memories of you are good ones, and now you are making beautiful memories for your own children. I love you with all my heart, sis, and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. › Sister, you deserve to be celebrated on this Mother’s Day. May joyous sweet blessings come your way today.

Warm Sister Kisses-Mothers Day wishes for sister

  1. › You impress me with everything you do, sis, and motherhood is no exception. Sending hugs, kisses, and Mother’s Day wishes.
  2. › Every little thing you do means so much. Sweet blessings to you on Mother’s Day, sis.
  3. › Motherhood is challenging, but you make it look easy, sis. Sending you love and joy on Mother’s Day.
  4. › Wishing you a bright, happy Mother’s Day, sweet sister.
  5. › Great sister, great wife, great mom, great human! Blessings on Mother’s Day, sister.
  6. › Sis, enjoy the bliss, each sticky kiss, and know that you are an amazing mom.
  7. › May motherhood be bliss for my favorite sis.
  8. › Your precious smile stretches a mile when you see your beautiful children. Motherhood looks good on you, sis.
  9. › You used to be my little sis
    But now I see it’s come to this:
    You’re all grown up, a wonderful mother,
    I’ll always love you like no other.
  10. › It’s Mother’s Day, my fabulous sis!
    May you be given kiss after kiss!
  11. › You’re a magical mother and a special sis.
    May Mother’s Day remind you of all of this.
  12. › Sister, may Mother’s Day be bright; you deserve all the limelight.
  13. › Homemade cards, giggles, and grins given with love make for Mother’s Day wins. Happy Mother’s Day beloved sister.

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  1. › All the flowers, candy, and cards seem to make the other days less hard. Celebrating YOU on Mother’s Day, sis.
  2. › Mothers are love sent from above. Rich blessings to you on Mother’s Day, sister.
  3. › Sis, you’re a treasure, filled with love beyond measure. I wish you a sweet and sappy Mother’s Day.
  4. › Perfect sister, perfect love, perfect mother, sent from above. May God’s love bless you on Mother’s Day, sister.
  5. › I can never compete with a sister so sweet! Happy Mother’s Day, dear one.
  6. › Tons of love and kisses too are meant for a mother as sweet as you. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day, precious sister.
  7. › To my sister on Mother’s Day,
    Kisses are red, hugs are round.
    Blessings to the best mother in town.
  8. › Our sisterly love will never grow cold. Sending Mother’s Day wishes for your heart to hold.
  9. › My sweet sister, loving and true, I will always be here for you. Happy Mother’s Day, dear sister.
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