60 Sweet Good Night Wishes for Dad

good night wishes for dad

Having a great father in your life is a wonderful gift. Dads are known for the sacrifices they make, the encouragement they give, and for their good advice. Some dads carry around a huge trove of groan-worthy “dad jokes” for making us laugh too. So when you want to let your dad know how much you love and appreciate him, here are some good night wishes for dad, you can send his way.

Sweet Good Night Wishes for Dad

  1. A dad like you, is one in a million, and I hope you sleep well tonight because you definitely deserve it.
  2. The only way I can repay all you’ve done for me, dad, is to love my child the way you’ve loved me. Blessings as you fall asleep.
  3. Dad, following in your footsteps is not easy, but I’m willing to go wherever you do. You’re a fantastic role model, and I love you. Good night.
  4. Dad, as you fall asleep tonight, know that you are always loved and thought highly of.
  5. A father as wonderful as you makes a huge impact on his family’s life. Thanks for always being there, dad, and have a great night.
  6. Dad, you couldn’t be more devoted or caring. Wishing you a night of good and restful sleep.
  7. Your selfless love inspires me, dad. Sleep well tonight.
  8. Thank you for your unwavering support and love, dad. I hope you get a great night of sleep.
  9. Even superheroes need their rest, dad. Good night to the one I look up to most.
  10. Dad, may God watch over and protect you tonight the way you watch over me.

good night wishes for dad

  1. The foundation of our family has been built on your strength, dad. Enjoy a restful night of sleep. You deserve it.
  2. Dad, may your sleep be a magnet for good dreams tonight.
  3. You’re the handiest, dandiest dad I know. It’s time to get some sleep.
  4. I look up to you like I look up to the stars, dad. Wishing you sweet dreams tonight.
  5. May your sleep replenish your energy for another day and your dreams forever, dad.
  6. Dad, I hope you enjoy a good night of sound and restful sleep.
  7. You’ve always been a night owl, dad. Maybe that’s why you’re so wise! Have a relaxing night.
  8. Thanks for all the little things, dad. I hope you sleep soundly tonight.
  9. Thanks for being a good man, dad. Rest up.
  10. Good night, dear old dad. Go to sleep so you can dream up some more of your amazing dad jokes for us.

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  1. May God cover you in His love, and bestow nourishing sleep and peaceful dreams upon you tonight, father.
  2. May you complete this day in peace and begin the next with joy, precious father.
  3. Sleep well, filled with peace and love, dear father.
  4. Beloved father, may your dreams dissipate your worries.
  5. Father, may your sleep be permeated with rich, beautiful dreams that will inspire you tomorrow.

good night wishes for father

  1. May the night unfold one star at a time blessing you with refreshing sleep for another day, father.
  2. A good night of sleep will solve all your worries, dad.
  3. I hope tonight you will relax and give in to restful, rejuvenating sleep, dad.
  4. Dad, may your bedtime be a blessing.
  5. Kick every anxious thought out of your mind, and get a good night of rest, dad.
  6. Prayers for the darkness to envelop you as you are immersed in blissful sleep, dad.
  7. May a restful night of comfortable sleep sweep the cobwebs of worry from your mind, dad.
  8. Enjoy a night of comforting rest, dad.
  9. May God bless you through the night, dad.
  10. My love for you is as bright as the stars. May your dreams be sweet and special, dad.
  11. Papa, I hope the morning comes smiling in.

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  1. As you enjoy some star gazing, may your sleep be amazing. Love you, dad.
  2. May sweet dreams billow as you rest on your pillow. Sleep well tonight, father.
  3. Sink into the darkness; feel the mattress soft and deep. Close your eyes and rest your mind as you drift away in sleep. Wishing you a good night, dad.
  4. Dear Dad, dive deep into an ocean of sleep. Sweet dreams!
  5. Forget your blues, and enjoy your snooze, pop. Sleep well daddy!

Sleep well and sweet dreams dad

  1. Dad, if you let go of your troubles, your sleep instantly doubles. Good night.
  2. May the night, black as a kettle, all your troubles settle. Sleep well, father.
  3. Father, may your sleep be lit by the moon as good dreams come to you soon.
  4. May stars without number watch over your slumber. Have a great night, dad.
  5. Dad, may the blanket cover your toes as you peacefully doze.
  6. Prayers for a good night of rest, no troubles or stress, and that you awake blessed, dad.
  7. Dad, I hope you’re feeling woozy and snoozy. Sweet dreams!
  8. Sending a peck on the cheek to wish you a good week. Sleep tight, dad.

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  1. Pop, go to bed please, and catch some z’s.
  2. Time to settle back and hit the sack. See you in the morning, dad.
  3. You’re a dad who’s witty and wise, and now it’s time to close your eyes. Enjoy some shut-eye, pops.
  4. Sending a good night kiss to the man I miss. Hope to see you again soon, dad.
  5. Just saying good night and I hope you sleep tight. Love you, dad.
  6. Dad, close your eyes and wake up wise.
  7. Dad, I’m thinking of you as I fall asleep and hoping your dreams are sweet and deep.
  8. Sleep away your worries; sleep away your stress. Enjoy the night and rest your soul for God will deeply bless.
  9. Father, sending a wish for a good night’s sleep. God will bless the thoughts you keep.
  10. Dad, wishing you sleep with all my heart and that the new day will be a fresh start.
  11. Father, sleep well so that tomorrow may erase all your sorrow.

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