Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad - Wedding anniversary wishes for parents

Having parents who have set an excellent example for us in Love and marriage is a blessing. For better or for worse, they have loved each other through it all and taught us how to keep a relationship unique. On you Mom’s and Dad’s wedding anniversary, be sure to choose the perfect words to let them know how honored you are by their achievement.

Wedding anniversary wishes and poems for parents

  1. I have been blessed beyond all measures to have such wonderful parents in my life. The true Love I see in you both fills me with joy. May your anniversary be as bright and beautiful as the two of you.
  2. You have shown the world the meaning of commitment, truth, and Love. Thank you for centering your marriage on the truly important things. Have the best anniversary celebration yet, Mom and Dad!
  3. Of all the parents in the world, I have been blessed by the best! You both have always been the example all lovers need and have supported me in every way. Thank you for leading our family well. Happy anniversary.
  4. Mom and Dad, you have enjoyed another year of sweet marriage. May you never stop discovering new things about each other and enjoying one another’s company.
  5. My dear parents, you are showing us that “happily ever after” does come true. May your anniversary be filled with many precious moments as you celebrate a marriage filled with Love.
  6. A poem for my dear Mom and Dad on their wedding anniversary:
    Love undertaken with but a shy glance,
    Blossomed into the sweetest romance.
    On this blessed anniversary,
    May you continue the dance.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

  1. Mom and Dad, you have a most special marriage, one that breathes Love and is spoken by the soul and felt by the heart. Best wishes as you celebrate another year of joy.
  2. No one is perfect, but Mom and Dad, you have demonstrated that even in the midst of imperfections, God can create something precious and strong. Your marriage has been pressed into the most beautiful diamond. Here’s wishing you many more years of light and Love.
  3. How many times have you sat down to the table,
    Shared joy and sorrow, laughter, and tears?
    How many times have you held one another close
    Gained Love and support as you conquered the years?
    May there be many more wonderful years, Mom and Dad.

happy anniversary wishes for mom and dad

  1. My beautiful parents, your Love is ever rising, building on the foundation of truth. May it reach the skies as you celebrate another year of marriage.
  2. Mom and Dad, your Love reminds me of beautiful flowers that boldly bloom year after year, growing more fragrant with the passage of time. May your marriage be a sweet garden to refresh you for many more years.
  3. You bring the Love out of each other in the most gentle way, and I couldn’t ask for better parents than you. May your wedding anniversary be a special treat for both of you.
  4. Mom and Dad, I love the way your hearts sing to each other. May you never lose the joy of marriage. Happy anniversary!

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  1. You have been an inspiration to me always, Mom and Dad. I am proud of your influence and Love to all you meet, and especially of how you love each other. You deserve this wonderful anniversary. Make it special.
  2. The best gift you ever gave me was the example of a loving marriage. Thank you for teaching me how to be the best husband/wife I can be, Mom and Dad. Have a wonderful anniversary.
  3. Love continues to look good on you. May your anniversary fill you with all your heart’s desire, my beautiful parents.
  4. Two angels met and fell in Love, creating the most heavenly marriage. The light of your Love shines bright, Mom and Dad. Thank you for blessing us by your example, and may your anniversary spark even more Love.
  5. Thank you for showing us all how to stick up for each other and stick together. Many wishes for a happy anniversary, Mom and Dad.
  6. Love abides in a groom and bride.
    Marriage is life, a husband and wife.
    A nuptial journal reads love eternal;
    Above or nether, you hold Love together.
    May your anniversary bless you, Mom and Dad.
  7. My ongoing prayer is that your marriage will continue to be filled with the most beautiful Love anyone has ever known. I love you, Mom and Dad, and wish the best for you on your anniversary.
  8. To sacrifice self and win great Love is the lesson you have lived for all who know you. Thank you for reminding us of what marriage is all about. Enjoy your anniversary, Mom and Dad.
  9. You have created a legacy of Love, one to be admired and emulated. May your anniversary kindle new flames, precious Mom and Dad.
  10. Mom and Dad, may your love nest be filled with sweet song as you celebrate another anniversary.
  11. Love speaks a language all its own, and marriage is the perfect podium. May your anniversary be filled with messages of Love, Mom and Dad.
  12. Mom and Dad, your marriage has been the strong foundation of this family, and I can’t thank you enough. May we all follow your example in Love and life. Blessings on your anniversary.

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  1. Marriage happens moment by moment, one day at a time. Mom and Dad, thank you for showing me that it’s the little things in life that count the most. Have an anniversary that fills you with more happy moments.
  2. To be your child, able to look up to you in all things, has been a most precious gift. Thank you for showing me how to love unconditionally in marriage and in our family life. I hope your anniversary is the most special one yet.
  3. My sweet parents, thank you for always seeing the best in each other and teaching me that Love conquers all. Congratulations on another anniversary.
  4. My dear parents, may your anniversary be as bright as the gold in your wedding rings and as full as the Love in your hearts.
  5. Many years ago today, you walked down the aisle, taking the first steps on the journey of a beautiful marriage. May this journey continue to take you to places of joy and contentment — happy anniversary to you, my loving parents.