50 Poetic Good Night Messages For The Girl You Love

Poetic Good Night Messages For The Girl You Love

Keeping the romance alive in your relationship begins with loving, heartfelt communication. There’s nothing like the feeling a girl gets when falling asleep knowing she is on her boyfriend’s mind. The security of her guy’s love will make her feel cherished and special. Be sure your precious girl gets a night of restful sleep because you said just the right thing to her before she drifted off. These poetic good night messages for the girl you love, that will woo her gently to sleep and remind her how much she means to you.

Good Night messages for your Girlfriend – Poetic & Romantic

  1. As you fall asleep, may tonight be a boutique filled with sparkling stars, mellow moonlight, fragrant breezes, and sweet dreams. Enjoy every moment of rest, my deserving girl.
  2. Good night, sweet girl. I’ll dream of you until morning.
  3. Sweet dreams, girl. You’ve already made all my dreams come true.
  4. My girl, you bless me every day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow because of you.
  5. An amazing lady like you deserves to sleep well.
  6. Snuggle down under warm, soft blankets, and sleep in peaceful comfort, sweet girl.
  7. Girl, close your eyes and let sleep enter on soft clouds of darkness.
  8. Before you go to sleep, girlfriend, here’s your morning forecast: Wake up completely refreshed with a 100% chance of good morning hugs and scattered kisses.
  9. Precious girl, the brilliant light of your very soul keeps even the angels from sleeping.
  10. Girl, we’re far apart, yet heart to heart. Know how much I love you as you fall asleep.
  11. Wishing you dreams that are as delightful as you, beloved girl.

As you sleep my precious girl Goodnight my love

  1. Your mesmerizing smile is all I need to see before I fall asleep, girl.
  2. Girl, may your dreams be like soft, watercolor paintings outlined in tranquility and love.
  3. May the night snuggle up with you like a warm kitten tonight, my beautiful girl.
  4. Wishing you a night as strong and still as a lighthouse and sleep that undulates in soft waves, my lovely one.

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  1. Imagine my soft goodnight kisses floating through your window and landing on your cheeks as you fall asleep, beautiful girl.
  2. May a good night of rest repair all the complications of the day, precious woman.
  3. As you fall asleep, girl, snuggle deeply into the warm affection I’m sending your way.
  4. Lovesome, never lonesome; tender, always true. That’s the kind of restful night I’m wishing now for you. Good night, lovely girl.
  5. May your dreams tonight spark passion and joy in you, dear girl.
  6. Sleep well, beautiful lover, under stars filled with wishes all for you.

Goodnight sweet girl I'll dream of you until morning

  1. May the night receive you with great hospitality offering sleep without measure, beautiful woman.
  2. Lady, tonight may tender rest be ushered in like a traveler escaping the rain.
  3. May your pillow be as soft as your sleep tonight, my angel.
  4. May the golden glow of the moon bathe your sleep in peaceful dreams tonight my love.
  5. As you drift away into quiet sleep, may thoughts of how much you are loved melt away all your cares, my beloved girl.

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  1. Sleep sweetly, dream well, and awake knowing you are fully and completely loved, my darling girl.
  2. May all the stars in the sky spell out good night wishes for you, sweet angel.
  3. Good night, precious girl. I’m praying that if you sleepwalk tonight, God guides you straight into my arms.
  4. As the earth spins you round into darkness once again, may your dreams be pleasant and may your heart realize how much I love you, my dear love.
  5. In your dreams tonight, sweet one, I hope we dance to the most romantic music under stars that are hanging low just for us.

Girl may your dreams be like soft wtercolor paintings outlined in love

  1. Tonight, my love, I hope your circadian rhythms and the love vibes beating from my heart connect and give you a night of blissful sleep.
  2. Beloved girl, sleep deeply and wake up strong.
  3. Picturing you asleep under the moon causes my heart to flip and swoon. Sleep well, sweet girlfriend.
  4. As you sleep tonight, precious girl, may the whispers of my heart fill yours with joy.
  5. It happened again. I love you today even more than I did yesterday. Sleep well, angel, and know I will love you even more tomorrow.

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  1. Girl, may the luminescence of the moon slip into your window tonight reminding you that the same moon is lighting my bed too. No matter how far apart we are, our hearts are always together.
  2. May the moon mesmerize you tonight by reflecting my mighty love to you for you are the girl of my dreams.
  3. Oh girl, you are my fantasy by day and my dream by night. Sleep well knowing I’m thinking of you.
  4. Keep my heart safe tonight as you sleep, sweet girl. It belongs to you forever.
  5. When you see the radiance of the moon and all the stars, remember that my love for you outshines them all, beautiful girl.
  6. Most precious girl, your love is as mesmerizing as a flood of moonlight streaming through the peaceful night sky, and as intoxicating as a field of flowers in a starlit field.
  7. Good night, angel love. I’m picturing your sweet, kissable lips in the glow of the moon.
  8. How hypnotic are the starlit heavens because of the knowledge that you are under them too. I love you and send the sweetest of dreams, my precious one.
  9. Babe, may your curves rest lightly in your bed tonight and your eyelashes lay softly on your blushing cheeks as if you know that I’m longing for you.
  10. May our love be forever as dazzling and dreamy as it is tonight, and may you enjoy restful sleep knowing you are the only girl for me.
  11. I’ll be your moonlight in the night, and you will be my sunshine in the morning. Rest well under the light of my love, my lovely lady.
  12. Falling in love with you was easy, but falling asleep is hard because I don’t want to stop thinking about you, little girl.
  13. I love closing my eyes at night and picturing you until I fall asleep. I will love you always, girl.
  14. The universe conspired to bring us together, and the stars remind me every night that we were meant to be, my angel.
  15. All my tomorrows get better and better because you are in them. Sleep soundly, my girl.
  16. Lady of my dreams, I promise to love and cherish you completely one day at a time.
  17. Girl, I love falling asleep thinking about all the ways I can dote on you tomorrow.
  18. Sweet lady, I must be moonstruck because you are all I can think of.
  19. May the velvety darkness of the night blanket you with drowsy thoughts of love so that you will dream well tonight, precious lady.