Good night messages for boyfriend

Sending your special guy love-filled, romantic good night wishes is one of the best ways to end the day. You will enjoy letting him know how much he means to you, and he will be thrilled to know he is in your thoughts as you are lying in bed getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Use these good night messages for boyfriend, to remind him of all the things about him that you admire and how much you miss him at night. You will touch his heart with these words of love and romance.

Good Night messages for your Boyfriend

  1. As you fall asleep, look at the stars and know that each one is a kiss from me, precious man.
  2. Even the biggest, brightest star and the full moon pale in comparison to the light you bring to my life. Sleep well, my beautiful man.
  3. Even though you are miles away, I’m not afraid of the dark because of you, the man of my dreams.
  4. As you settle in for a night of rest, may the weariness melt from your bones like snow on a warm roof, handsome one.

good night kisses sweet dream wishes my boy

  1. Good night to my guy. Never forget that you are the only one in my heart tonight.
  2. Today was filled with perfect moments and tonight will be filled with amazing dreams all because of you, my one and only guy.

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  1. I’m picturing your empty arms right now and how perfectly I would fill them. I miss you. Sleep well, my darling.
  2. Good night, dear man. The sooner we fall asleep, the sooner we can be together again.
  3. As the night closes in, I can feel the pull of your heart to mine. Sleep well, my handsome guy, knowing our love will always be strong.
  4. I love how you love me, and I’m missing you tonight, lover boy.
  5. I’m sending you good night kisses and sweet dream wishes, cute boy.
  6. That big ole moon outside your window is shining for us, babe. Sleep well.
  7. I tucked special remembrances of you into a little prayer and sent it to God to ask him to bless you the way you have blessed me today, precious man.
  8. I hope this text melts your heart the way warm chocolate melts on your tongue. Enjoy every sweet moment of sleep tonight, my handsome boy.
  9. You’re my Mr. Right and I hope you have a wonderful night.
  10. The sound of the gentle rain on my roof reminds me of the love you rained down on me today. I love every moment we are together. I wish you happy dreams and good rest, my love.
  11. Counting all the ways I love you is so much better than counting sheep. Sleep well, my beloved man.
  12. Thinking of your face makes butterflies in my stomach that won’t let me sleep, so I thought I’d remind you of how much I love you tonight, my gorgeous guy.
  13. Your crazy love has me entranced; I knew I loved you from the first glance. Fall asleep knowing you are loved deeply, my special man.
  14. When I wake up in the morning, your handsome face will be the first thing I think of.
  15. The softest pillow, the warmest blankets, and the freshest sheets can’t compare to the comfort I get from you. Have a blessed night of rest, my love.
  16. My darling, may the moon smile on you tonight because it knows how much you fill my heart with joy.

Good night handsome man

  1. May the mysterious magic of our love be renewed with every sunrise. Sleep well until the morning brings us together again, my prince.
  2. Close your gorgeous eyes and picture me here closing my eyes and picturing you there. Tomorrow we will be together again, sweet one.
  3. Lovebirds should be in the same nest. I’m missing you tonight, sweetheart.
  4. Sweet beau, our romance is budding like flowers in spring and the fragrance of love overwhelms me. Sleep well knowing you fill my dreams and my heart tonight.
  5. Delirious from love, I can think of nothing but you. Good night from the girl who will love you forever.

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  1. The night’s soul awakens in the radiance of the moon, and my soul awakens in the radiance of my love for you, the man I will cherish always. Good night, my love.
  2. What’s good about the night? It sends me dreams of you when we’re apart. Rest well, charming man of mine.
  3. I’m remembering the strength of your arms, the manly build of your body, and the softness of your heart as I fall asleep tonight.
  4. I’m asking the darkness to whisper gently into your ear how much I love you tonight, my darling man.
  5. Sweet man, I tossed the flowers you gave me into the sky, and each petal became a star to shine on you as you sleep tonight under our love.
  6. Your dashing good looks and romantic tender heart have me captivated tonight.
  7. I choose you out of all the men on earth, and loving you is as easy as breathing. Pleasant dreams, dear one.
  8. When my eyes open in the morning, they want to see you, special guy.
  9. I prayed for you before I knew you, and when we met, I knew you were the one God sent to me, a man with a full and loving heart. May your heart rest easy tonight and may your dreams be pleasant.
  10. I look forward to my daily dose of you, darling man. Your smile cures my blues and your eyes strengthen my soul.

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  1. In the morning when our eyes meet, my longing heart will skip a beat. Rest well, precious man.
  2. I will fall asleep longing for you, hoping to meet you in my dreams, my darling man.
  3. The little girl in me is weak in the knees because I have met my prince. If only you could awaken me with your kiss.
  4. Some girls want diamonds around their necks, but I like the way your arms fit there. Until tomorrow when I can feel your sweet embrace again, sleep well.
  5. Gorgeous man, I long to sip you like wine tonight.
  6. All those kisses you gave me got stuck in my heart and I’m keeping them forever. Good night to the only man I ever want to kiss.
  7. I long to breathe in the breath you’re breathing out right now.
  8. May sweet sleep tonight fill your soul with satisfaction and your body with rest for another day. I look forward to being with you tomorrow, my beloved man.
  9. How many ways can a girl love a man? I’m still finding out. Precious dreams, my beloved.
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