Wedding vows for her -marriage promises to wife

Make your wedding vows for her as unique as she is. Sincere promises for your marriage that you will honor and keep. Make your wife and partner in life proud.

Romantic Wedding Vows For Her

Marriage Promises To Wife

  • Meeting you was the best day of my life. Until today.
    Today begins a beautiful journey, inspired by love, fueled by love, and persevering in love.
    I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us.
    And honestly, it doesn’t matter as long as you, my amazing bride, are by my side.
    I promise to love you each step of the way.
  • As we stand here expressing our joy for this moment,
    I know that our sustaining love will stand firm;
    that it will nourish and protect us, whether times are worrisome or warm,
    wearisome or wonderful.
    Our love will always be enough. I promise to continually nurture my deep and
    abundant love for you.
    As your husband, I will stand by you and I will stand for you;
    you will never stand alone.

you will never stand alone - Wedding Vow for her

  • As God has breathed His great love into us,
    I now pledge to use His exceptional love to breathe life into our marriage;
    whether the days are miraculous or mundane,
    I will look to God moment by moment to be your perfect husband,
    bringing the gift of His holy love to each day of our marriage.
  • My beloved bride, I have adored and loved you since I have known you.
    You are everything to me. Your spirit captivates me.
    The beauty of your face can never outshine the beauty of your soul.
    There will never be a time that I will love you less than I do at this moment.
    I am honored to become your husband.
  • I promise to be your husband and confidant for life,
    giving you all of me as we walk hand in hand wherever life leads.
    I promise to dream with you, dance with you, and even decorate with you.
    I will defend and protect you and give you the desires of your heart all the days of my life.
  • You are my partner and friend and
    I am overjoyed to become your husband today.
    I will forever surround you with my love.
    I have your back, and I will always stay be your side.
    Your dreams and desires will remain front and center to me.
  • It is a privilege to stand here at this moment,
    with the most beautiful woman in the world, pledging my love to you.
    It is an honor to be the husband of someone as kindhearted and amazing as you.
    I promise to celebrate life’s triumphs and face life’s trials by your side,
    reminding you every moment that you are worth everything to me.
  • We did not choose love, but love chose us.
    It crept into our hearts slowly, beginning on the day we met, warming us to each other.
    And as we spent time together, love showed us the joy of knowing each other.
    Love brought us to this moment, and love will remain in our hearts always
    as we step into whatever the future holds for us.
    Today, I choose you to be my wife forever.
  • My beautiful bride,
    I want you to know that anything I possess, I promise to give to you all the days of our marriage.
    I will give you nourishment for your soul, deep love for your heart, wings for your spirit and
    encouragement for your dreams.
    From this moment, I promise to give you everything.

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  • You take my breath away, and my heart still skips a beat each time I see you.
    You are the love of my life, and the life in my love.
    As we journey through life, I promise to be your bridge over difficult terrain,
    your light in the dark, and your wings when you want to fly high.
    I will be the husband you deserve.
    I can never love you more than in this moment.
  • One day love walked through my door in the form of a beautiful woman.
    Love didn’t pound on the door, but it made my heart pound for you.
    My heart continues to pound each time I see you; each time I think of you.
    I have waited for this moment for a lifetime and
    I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
  • Because of you, I find poetry in everything.
    Because of you, I find beauty in each day. Because of you, I have discovered what my heart was missing:
    the love of an exceptional woman.
    Because of you, life is full of joy and I can’t wait to see how the rest of it unfolds.
    I will love you eternally.
  • I love you with a bold love, fearless and strong.
    You empower me, pushing me to be all that I am.
    I know that you will help me to be the best husband I can be.
    I promise to love you fearlessly, powerfully and unconditionally always.
  • Before I met you, my life was a puzzle with a missing piece.
    But you complete me, and marriage will be a beautiful picture of our love.
    I look forward to becoming your husband today.
  • At this moment, it feels as if a lifetime of love is being poured into my heart.
    I promise to give you this love day by day and year by year as we grow old together.
    You are my perfect soul mate, the one my soul loves, my forever bride.

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  • You are not my better half, my beloved bride, because without you,
    I am nothing. You are the whole of me. Your love has perfectly completed me.
    I promise to love you with my whole being.
  • The depth of a man’s love for a woman can never be fully expressed in words alone.
    So I vow to not only love you with words, but to also love you with time, laughter, tenderness and devotion.
  • Today we come together in a permanent expression of love,
    perfectly synchronized in faithful commitment for the rest or our lives.
    Today I become a blessed husband and you become a beautiful wife.
    As one we will build a home and a family.
    We will start meaningful traditions together, celebrating love always.
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