Good night messages for friends

Friends often think of each other as they go about their daily routine. Remembering a friend before you go to sleep is a sweet expression of friendship. Letting your friends know they are in your thoughts will strengthen your relationships and deepen the bonds of affection and love. The end of the day is the perfect time to take just a moment to reflect on your friendship and send a quick good night message.

Use these examples of good night messages for friends to encourage, inspire, soothe, or give your friends a chuckle. You never know how much it might mean to them to know they’re on your mind.

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Inspirational Good Night Messages for Friends

  1. Sleep well and dream big, friend, for tomorrow is the start of something great.
  2. May a good night’s sleep embolden you to take big steps toward your dreams, friend.
  3. Getting good sleep might just be the beginning of a beautiful dream that will change your life, my beautiful friend.
  4. May you be empowered by restful sleep and big dreams, friend. I admire everything about you.
  5. Dream invigorating dreams and sleep deeply, good friend. A new day is power.
  6. May the power of a good night of rest spur you on to great ideas in the coming week, beloved friend.

Good Night Messages For Friends - Hope the night

  1. Friend, may your sleep be infused with peaceful thoughts, inspiring dreams, and good health.
  2. May the energy of a good night’s rest give rise to great things in the morning, my friend.
  3. As sleep fills your eyes, may your soul release all its burdens to God so that you are free to live a wonderful life. You deserve it, my friend.
  4. As the embers of one day burn out, may the spark of the next one fill you with the anticipation of a new day, friend.
  5. Friend, may the strength of those who have walked your path before influence your dreams as you rest well tonight.
  6. May a good night’s sleep produce energy and inspiration for tomorrow’s goals, precious friend.
  7. My dearest friend, as you sleep tonight, may you be heartened by deep slumber and dreams of the future that revive your spirit.
  8. My friend, I hope the night transports you to a great beginning tomorrow.
  9. Sleep tonight knowing that the future is in God’s hands and he is binding us in friendship with bonds that cannot be broken.
  10. Miles apart, but minds united in friendship and love. That is the perfect description of us. Think on this as you fall asleep, and know that I am doing the same.

Sleep well and dream big - Good night my friend

Good Night Messages of Encouragement

  1. Sleep well, dear friend. Hope comes in the morning.
  2. A good night’s sleep will set you up for a better day tomorrow. Rest well, friend.
  3. My dear precious friend, you have been through so much, but better days lie ahead.
  4. Friend, may you slumber peacefully; may a new day break gently over you in the morning.
  5. May your breaths be deep and uninterrupted as you sleep well tonight, and may your dreams be filled with peace. Good night my friend!
  6. May your pillow hold your head softly; may your blankets wrap you in loving warmth. I love you dearly, my friend.
  7. Tonight may you relax completely in the knowledge of better days ahead, sweet friend.
  8. Count sheep without number as you begin your slumber, and know that you are blessed, dear friend.

Good night messages to my friend

  1. As you slip into the Land of Nod, know that you’re in the hands of God. Sleep well, my friend.
  2. Rest and repose,
    For God surely knows
    How many blessings
    The new day will bestow.
    Good Night my Friend
  3. Lose yourself in restful sleep. The Lord will all your troubles keep. Good night, friend.
  4. My friend,
    Languish in bed and rest your mind.
    Leave all the troubles of this day behind.
  5. Sleep in and rest, and tomorrow you’ll be your best. I’m here for you, friend.
  6. Sleep soundly, my dear, and awake to a fresh day of new possibilities.
  7. Sweet friend, may your bed be a sanctuary for you, body and soul. Sleep well and remember God is in control.
  8. As you lie down to rest, may your thoughts be blessed, knowing that I am praying for you, friend.
  9. Tonight as you sleep, may you be nestled in the warmth of our friendship.
  10. May nothing rouse you from a good night’s rest but the morning sun. Sweet dreams, dearest friend.

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  1. As you receive your rest, may the hands of the clock move slowly tonight, friend.
  2. Tonight, dear friend, may all the aches and pains of the day give way to amazing rest.
  3. Friend, may you drift off surrounded by thoughts of how much you mean to me.
  4. May tonight’s sleep refresh you and prepare you for a good day tomorrow, special friend.
  5. May thoughts of friendship be the lullaby that causes you to drift into a night of sweet sleep.
  6. May the moonlight be soft and the stars twinkle gently for you tonight, my treasured friend.
  7. Darling friend, may all the cares of the day be suspended and replaced by dreams most pleasant as you sleep tonight.
  8. Slumber gently, friend, knowing you are prayed over.
  9. Good night, my cherished friend. May fragrant wisps of sweet dreams rejuvenate you as you sleep.
  10. May your bed be a raft on a calm river of sleep that drifts from one sweet dream to the next.

Humorous Good Night Messages For Friends

  1. I hope you sleep like a baby tonight, my friend. Just don’t expect a feeding and diaper change at 2:00 a.m.
  2. Friend, I know this world is hard, so maybe you will sleep like a rock tonight.
  3. After you read this text, turn off your phone, and go to sleep. Friends don’t let friends lose sleep.
  4. Time to get some sleep, buddy! We need plenty of energy for tomorrow’s exploits.
  5. I just wanted you to know I bribed the monsters under your bed to stay put tonight, friend.
  6. Why is it that we get the same amount of beauty sleep, but you always look better than I do? Good night my friend!
  7. Hey pal, I don’t know about you, but all our shenanigans today have exhausted me. Let’s get some sleep and dream up some fresh ideas for tomorrow.
  8. Crank up the sleep, we’re going to need it, friend!
  9. A puppy. Cotton candy. The beach. A beautiful sunset. Our friendship. I just wanted to send you lots of warm fuzzy thoughts before you drift off to sleep.
  10. I hope your bed takes you hostage and refuses to release you for the next 10 hours. You deserve a lot of sleep after putting up with me today, friend.
  11. Here’s hoping there are no biting bed bugs, no monsters in the closet, and no scary guy in the basement. Sleep well, my friend!

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Soothing and Relaxing Good Night Wishes For Friends

Good night wishes for Friends - Sleep takes hold of the day

  1. As a hush falls over the city, and the moon smiles down on you tonight, may sleep fall fresh as snow. Sleep well knowing you are cherished, beloved friend.
  2. May deep sleep waft over you as wisps of wonderful dreams whisper peace into your heart, friend.
  3. May sweet sleep silence the sounds of the day replacing the noise of life with quiet dreams of love and peace, for you are most deserving, my friend.
  4. May your home be hushed and your heart be whole as sleep takes hold of the day.  Good night my friend!
  5. How wonderful is the sound of silence as sleep puts an end to another day. Sleep in peace tonight, my friend.
  6. Drift off into dreams of soft, sweet love, friend.
  7. Snuggle deeply into soothing sleep, my cherished friend.
  8. Friend, breathe in tranquility and savor the serenity of rest.
  9. May the evening be mellow and the mood be light as you slip away into sweet slumber, dearest friend.
  10. May sleep pamper you like soft pajamas, dear one.
  11. Sleep softly in the arms of God, friend, knowing that he is in control.
  12. Treasured friend, as you lie down for quiet rest, may waves of contentment touch your soul like ocean swells washing over you on a warm, secluded beach.
  13. May sleep be welcomed gently into your bed tonight, friend, and may your eyes find rest.
  14. Wishing you precious dream time as you fall into the arms of blessed sleep tonight, my deserving friend.
  15. Open wide your windows and feel the warm winds of change whisper encouraging words to you, my beautiful friend, as you drift away to a world free of care.
  16. While you sleep, the world waits for you. Enjoy peaceful rest, my amazing friend.
  17. Friend, close your eyes on the cares of this world, and dream well of a fresh new day.
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