Flirting is one of the things we all enjoy in life. It’s the salt and pepper of the love game. Males are the ones who usually make the first step after they receive the “I’m here and free” signal from the females. But here is when the awkward moments appear. Males should always be ready to make the effective first step.
Women these days aren’t easily impressed on chat and the flirty text messages they receive. But whoever she is, whatever her age or her life status, females are always females. Flirting is what they live for and they will never be annoyed from a harmless compliment and flirting!

Flirty text messages To “Conquer Her Castle”

So let’s get deeper on the subject. Chat is the most simple tool to express our intentions and to uncover hers. Wherever you are at the flirting moment, a bar, restaurant, university or even at home chatting on internet, check out the list below to find flirty text messages to use on your flirting quest. They can be used for any kind of flirting. Cute, romantic, cheesy, sexual or any other kind. But always take it easy and don’t rush to “conquer her castle”.

45 Flirty text messages for the first step

  • 1. Saying that you’re beautiful doesn’t express how gorgeous you actually are. Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat.
  • 2. I’ve never cuddled with an angel before, but I’ve lost my teddy bear, and I need you to come cuddle with me.
  • 3. I love all of your body, but your smile is something that I could never do without in my life.
  • 4. Every time it rains while the sun is shining, an angel is smiling down on us both, and giving us a rainbow to enjoy.Every time it rains while the sun is shining, an angel is smiling down on us both, and giving us a rainbow to enjoy
  • 5. I have been searching for someone like you my entire life, and nothing compares to the love and kindness that I found in you.
  • 6. You are breathtaking today, I can’t wait to see the happiness radiate off of you when we see each other today.
  • 7. You and I belong together; I want you to always read my texts and smile just because they are from me.

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  • 8. The signals that you send must be strong because whenever I walk by you, I feel a strong connection that draws me even closer.
  • 9. When you smile, you light up my entire world. I hope the neighbors can sleep tonight.
  • 10. I can’t imagine how pointless life without you would be; promise me that you’ll always be by my side with a smile.
  • 11. You make my head spin; no other woman in this world could ever make me feel the way that you make my head spin
  • 12. What am I thinking about? Your gorgeous smile and the way that you look deep into my soul with such love in your eyes.
  • 13. I’m exhausted; I barely slept last night because I was chasing you in my dream until the sun came up.
  • 14. Are you a time lord? I just realized that you have two hearts, yours and the one that you stole from me.
  • 15. I get chills when I think about how perfectly the curves of your body fit into my arms when I hold you.
  • 16. I wish I was a mirror so that I could see your natural beauty each morning before you put make-up on.

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  • 17. I’ve always enjoyed looking at stunning pieces of art, but you are the most beautiful piece that I have ever laid my eyes on.
  • 18. You shine brighter than the moon on the brightest night, and you are more luminous than the sun on a cloudless day.
  • 19. No matter how many clouds are in the sky, the rain of sunshine encircling you will brighten my day.No matter how many clouds are in the sky, the rain of sunshine encircling you will brighten my day.
  • 20. I wish that I was a mirror in your bedroom so that could see your beautiful face when you wake up in the morning.
  • 21. You were absolutely stunning last night. Let’s enjoy a movie tonight so that I can see you again and get lost in your loving eyes.
  • 22. All of my thoughts have been about you today, and I can’t wait to see you to tell you how much I love you.
  • 23. Time is going so slow today because I have been counting the minutes until we can be together for dinner tonight.
  • 24. I can’t seem to stop thinking about you, your body, and how much I want to hold you in my arms.
  • 25. I love your lips, they are so soft and beautiful, especially when you curve them to show a smile filled with love and laughter.
  • 26. Your eyes are the most beautiful part of your body; I could easily get lost simply gazing into the deep blue abyss of love.
  • 27. When I woke up this morning, the first thoughts that entered my mind were thoughts of you. Let’s share some coffee before work.

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  • 28. If it is a crime to love you like I do, then I want you to have the key to unlocking my heart forever.
  • 29. You are the one thing in this life that I cannot resist. I want to spend every waking minute with you by my side.You are the one thing in this life that I cannot resist. I want to spend every waking minute with you by my side
  • 30. I’ve become blinded by love, but if loving you feels like this every day, I’ll gladly give up my sight.
  • 31. I hope you know how to do CPR because every time I see you walk towards me, my heart simply stops.
  • 32. Every time I see you I feel closer to God because you are an angel that was sent to me from heaven.
  • 33. I feel like a kid at Disney World for the first time; I am so full of joy, all I can do is smile.
  • 34. You get more beautiful as each day passes; I can’t wait to see how gorgeous you are in 20 years.
  • 35. I woke up this morning with the sun in my eyes, then I realized that you were smiling down on me as I slept.
  • 36. When I am around you I don’t need to have a drink to relax because you intoxicate me just by being around.
  • 37. If Doctor Who taught me anything, never blink when you are in the presence of an angel, missing even a moment could be devastating.
  • 38. I’ve wanted for nothing all my life, but now all I want for is a little more time with you by my side each day.
  • 39. I love looking at your snow-kissed face as you stare lovingly into my eyes on a chilly winter night.

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  • 40. Last night was an unforgettable night; I only wish that it was spent with you instead of in my dreams.
  • 41. U and I may not be together in the alphabet, but my keyboard will have U and I together forever.
  • 42. No matter how far away from me your day takes you, remember that you always have a place in my heart.
  • 43. I have a search warrant for your room because there have been reports that you have stolen my heart.
  • 44. Perfection is rare, but when you were created, the heavens smiled because you were the brightest star that they had ever seen.
  • 45. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve a woman as incredible as you. I want to prove that I’m worthy of you by my words and actions.
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