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I'm am a freelancer writer and I love it. I'm currently make my living from it. I call my self "a digital nomad" living somewhere in the world.
Happy birthday wishes for Son

50 Cute Birthday Wishes For Son

No one is more important than your son, and no day is more important than the day he came into the world and blessed your life. Reflecting on his accomplishments and how far he has come is a special...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

70 Special New Year Wishes for Friends and Family

The promise of a new year filled with fresh opportunities and hope for the future calls for inspirational new year's messages that encourage and uplift the hearts and souls of your friends and family. Enjoy using the following greetings...
How to find summer love

8 Tips To Find A Summer Love

Summer is the time for sun and fun. Of course, everyone knows it's that much better when you have a summer love. If you're heading to the beach single but wishing you had a special someone, it's not too...
Signs of a boring relationship

9 Signs Of A Boring Relationship

A relationship is always exciting at the beginning. You're learning about each other and experiencing new adventures together. Over time, that excitement can fizzle out and you're left feeling deflated and uninterested. It's the moment when nothing is fun...
Everyone brings their own emotional baggage into a relationship. Even when you’ve found a partner that you’re totally compatible with, that baggage can get unpacked and create trouble. Being overcome by insecurity in a relationship would certainly fall into the...