Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The promise of a new year filled with fresh opportunities and hope for the future calls for inspirational new year’s messages that encourage and uplift the hearts and souls of your friends and family. Enjoy using the following greetings to express your heartfelt wishes for blessings to those you love as a new year begins. There are special New Year wishes written specifically for friends, followed by messages that are just for family.

New Year Wishes for Friends

  1. ~ My dear friend, as we approach another year, I pray that you find peace, contentment, and great joy in each day.
  2. ~ Friend, I’ll have your back in the new year, and I know you’ll have mine.
  3. ~ May the rhythm of the new year beat joyfully in your heart, precious friend.
  4. ~ May the beautiful bond of friendship continue to secure us in the new year.
  5. ~ Friend, let’s jump into this new year together and hope that it takes us on the ride of a lifetime.
  6. ~ As we cross the threshold together to enter a new year, may our friendship grow ever stronger.
  7. ~ Out with the old and in with the new is true for the year but not for our friendship. Old friends are the best kind.
  8. ~ Friend, we churned out some wonderful memories in the past year, but I’m excited to start making new ones. There’s no better time to begin than New Year’s Eve, so let’s party!
  9. ~ In the new year, I resolve to be the best friend you’ve ever had because that’s what you are to me.

Happy New Year 2020

  1. ~ As the new year dawns, let’s enjoy every warm ray of sunshine together, friend.
  2. ~ Let’s be bold, break the mold, and spend time ridding ourselves of the old. I’m looking forward to another year of crazy adventures with you, my friend.
  3. ~ Hey, buddy, it’s a new year, and I’m ready to start breaking our resolutions together!
  4. ~ Friend, I just met the new year, and it’s carrying loads of good things for you.
  5. ~ You are the perfect friend, so you don’t need to make any New Year’s resolutions, but I know you’ll help me with mine, because that’s the kind of loyal friend you are. Here’s to another year of fun together.
  6. ~ Friend, may messages of hope inspire you as you seek joy in the new year.
  7. ~ May the new year bring you vigorous health, a joyful heart, and the kind of wealth found only in friendship and love.
  8. ~ I hope the new year causes you to spend a lot of time smiling, friend.
  9. ~ Loving life, living kind,
    Leaving all your fears behind.
    You will heal and grow and mend
    As you start a new year, my friend.
  10. ~ Friend, may your new year be filled with smiling faces and warm embraces, and may it take you to all your favorite places.
  11. ~ In 2020, may your blessings be plenty. Happy New Year, dear friend!
  12. ~ Friend, a new start is good for the heart. Have a blessed new year.
  13. ~ May your heart swell with dreams, and your faith give you wings as you enter a new year of opportunities, friend.
  14. ~ As we step into a new year, may we look ahead to all the ways we can celebrate our beautiful friendship.
  15. ~ Let’s throw open the blank pages of the new year and begin writing another chapter in the amazing story of our friendship.
  16. ~ When those opportunities come knocking at your door, open it wide and you will soar. It’s going to be a great new year, my friend!
  17. ~ The new year is calling your name, waiting for you to step out in faith, my friend. Here’s hoping you take every opportunity the coming year has to offer.
  18. ~ If you want to change the world, start with yourself and know that I will be there for you every step of the way as we enter a new year together, friend.
  19. ~ In 2020, may happiness and peace burst through your door like the sun’s rays streaming through the clouds, my deserving friend.
  20. ~ Friend, may every step you take in the coming year lead you to something good.
  21. ~ May 2020 fill your pockets with sunshine, and may the umbrella of friendship keep the rain off your back.
  22. ~ May the new year give you a new outlook, a new perspective, and a new beginning, but may our friendship stay old and true.
  23. ~ In the coming year, may your possibilities be endless, and your setbacks be few, old friend.
  24. ~ May the new year unfold like a rose opening its petals one by one in the morning sun, and may the fragrance of opportunity fill every day, friend.

New Year Messages for Family

  1. For me, there is no better way to start the new year than coming together as a family to celebrate!
  2. In the coming new year, I pray that when we can’t connect with our hands, we will still connect with our hearts. Happy New Year, beautiful family!
  3. No matter what the new year brings, our strength and unity as a family will see us through.
  4. There’s no better to way to step into the new year, than with my beautiful family near.
  5. It’s time to leave the past behind, and keep our family’s love in mind. May the new year bring blessings to us all.
  6. My dear family, may we anticipate the new year with the awe and wonder of a child.
  7. May this family stick together and never grow apart.
    May we hold each other dear this year, and clasp memories in our hearts.
    Blessings to my family as we begin a new year.
  8. Here’s to fresh starts and happy hearts! Have a wonderful and joyous New Year, dear family!
  9. May the old year go out in a blaze of glory, as this family begins a whole new story.
  10. Oh, my dear, it’s a whole new year! Let’s fill it with the love of family.
  11. As the new year stretches out before us, brand new and beckoning, lets’s approach it together with the special bond that can only be found in a family’s love.
  12. May we receive the Baby New Year with the warmth and love of family.
  13. The years come and the years go, but our family’s love will continue to grow. May 2020 bring our family closer than ever.
  14. A new year is coming; it’s almost here.
    Time for family love and sending good cheer.
  15. We are a big family with big dreams. May we cheer each other on and lift each other up in the coming year.
  16. May your New Year’s cup overflow with the blessings of family in the coming year.
  17. The years may come and go, but family remains forever. Wishing my family all the best as we begin another year.
  18. As a new year dawns, may peace prevail and the love of family strengthen us all.
  19. Family, in the coming year, may our resolutions hang tough and our love be enough.
  20. My precious family, may you experience good health, happy homes, and hope fulfilled in the year to come.
  21. May 2020 wrap this family in a blanket of love and warm fuzzy moments.
  22. To my loving family,
    Mistakes are in the past, and regrets are for the birds.
    Let’s start the new year with hope, and encourage with sweet words.
  23. To the family who nurtured me and gave me wings,
    May your feet choose to dance and your heart choose to sing,
    As you consider the joy a new year will bring.
  24. What are we waiting for, family? Let’s get off the sidelines and face the new year head on! We’ve always enjoyed a challenge.
  25. Let’s welcome the year with good times and cheer, family!
  26. May the coming year bring all the good things about our family into focus.
  27. Where love and laughter meet is where I hope to find you in the new year. I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful family to spend another year with.
  28. My dear family, may good fortune fill your days in the coming year.
  29. The old year is gone, but families are forever. Let’s stay in touch as we begin another year.
  30. Whether the new year is sunny and bright or puts up a fight, this family will be there for you.
  31. Happy New Year to the best family I know–my own!
  32. Some of us are crazy and some of us are smart.
    Some of us are lazy and some of us have heart.
    But in this family, no matter how you roll,
    There will always be a place for you and sunshine for your soul.
    Let’s make this the best new year yet!
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