Happy New Year Wishes

If you need just the right New Year’s message for ringing in another year, you will enjoy this list of inspirational, heartfelt, and humorous messages and wishes, perfect for everyone. New Year’s represents hope and change and gives us a chance to reflect on the past and dream about the future. Show everyone how much they mean to you with these thoughtful New Year wishes.

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New Year Wishes For An Awesome Year!

  1.  In 20.., I hope you will write a fresh new story filled with adventure. Everyone loves a good cliffhanger.
  2. In 20.., may your problems be few and your friends remain true.
  3. May all your promises be fulfilled in the coming year.
  4. I hope that the new year will heal your hurting heart, and give your life a fresh new start.
  5. It’s a new year! Time to make your voice heard!
  6. May 20.. be the year that you finally believe in yourself.

  1. Wishing you excitement for the new year as you enjoy things that have never been.
  2. May every day of the coming year bring you something special.
  3. Kick fear out of the way, and take the new year by storm. I believe in you.
  4. Resolve to succeed and you will achieve. The new year is what you make it.
  5. In 20.., take charge and be the change.
  6. Inspirational New Year Wishes
  7. Create a great future for yourself in 20.. No one knows you better than you.
  8. In the coming year, go out there and make your own happiness.
  9. Experiences in life cause us to grow and change. Here’s hoping 20.. helps you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.
  10. Here’s hoping that 20.. will be the ray of light in the storm, the rainbow in the clouds.

Happy New Year Wishes

  1. Nothing is sure in the future, so make every moment count as you begin the new year.
  2. Happy New Year! Wishing you joy in the journey.
  3. May the new year come in mellow and warm, filled with good vibes.
  4. In 20.., may you find potential in every day.
  5.  New Year Wishes and Messages For The One You Love
  6. Resolve to pick up your pen of potential and write beautiful words on the unspoiled pages of 20..
  7. Time is precious. Invest it wisely. Happy New Year!
  8. Remember and reflect, then resolve. The future is yours.
  9. May God strengthen you in the coming year, preparing you to travel your path.
  10. In 20.., may your trials be few and your skies remain blue.
  11. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one of your awesome smiles. May the road through the future be paved with adventure.
  12. May the New Year surround you with possibilities and peace.
  13. May the new year remind you just how good it feels to be alive.
  14. It’s a new year, and the possibilities are endless. Here’s to you!
  15. As the confetti falls, may your wine glass be tall.
  16. New Year Wishes for Friends and Family
  17. Once the cork pops, may your evening be tops!
  18. This New Year’s Eve, I’m hoping you will throw some kisses my way.
  19. May your New Year’s bash make a big splash.
  20. Let’s make the drinks fizz then get down to biz!
  21. At the stroke of midnight, I hope to be stroking your hair while my lips are busy letting you know how happy I am to be with you in 20…
  22. New year, change is near, sending cheer!
  23. The new year with old friends is a perfect combination.
  24. Let’s make our glasses clink, it’s time for another drink!
  25. Have a healthy, happy, peppy, snappy, always fun and never crappy new year!
  26. In the coming year, I hope you will celebrate a little each day.
  27. In 20.. say yes to the things that truly matter: family time, good conversation, the beauty of nature, long walks, and an attitude of forgiveness.
  28. May the new year surround you with the love of friends and family and opportunities for exciting new experiences.
  29. May the music of a life well lived move you through the coming year with satisfaction and grace.
  30. If it’s over, let it go; if it’s here, embrace it. Make 20.. a year of living in the moment.
  31. In 20.., may your life be an open book filled with stories of happy times.
  32. May the new year takes you to new heights.
  33. If the destination is life lived to the fullest, may 20.. lead you in the right direction.
  34. As the old year fades in a foggy haze, may the new year bring you bright sunny days.
  35. The near year approaches with a smile on its face ready to give you a warm embrace.
  36. May the new year renew your soul and refresh your spirit.
  37. Sweet New Year Wishes For Lovers
  38. The new year’s the time to put on a show and let the world see just how far you can go.
  39. Here’s hoping that the new year will motivate you moment by moment.
  40. In 20.., I hope you will persist.
  41. When opportunity presents itself, remind it of how beautiful it looks.
  42. To pray for peace in the new year is divine. To be a part of the answer to prayer will change your life.
  43. Grab a pen, and get out there and write the story of a lifetime. 20.. is a fresh, blank page.
  44. Pray hide and seek with the new year, and you will discover new opportunities each day.
  45. Remember the life you dreamed of as a child? Go out there and live it today.
  46. Whatever you do in the new year, don’t give up. Listen to that little voice of hope in your heart.
  47. In 20.. I pray for you to rise above the chatter and look to things that matter.
  48. Things that have never been will appear in the coming year. What an amazing thought! Wishing you a year filled with wonder.
  49. May you forget your worries of the past; may all your resolutions last.
  50. May you leave the old behind, and find a future that is kind. May the new year help you unwind.
  51. Resolve each day to be a little better than you were the day before. And if you don’t succeed at that, well that’s what friends are for.
  52. May your moves be bold, and may life never get old. Here’s hoping you enjoy all the new year has to offer.
  53. May 20.. greet you like a warm breeze that lifts your sails and carries you to a new destination.
  54. 20.. is the light at the end of the tunnel. Embrace it.
  55. Having a beautiful new year is a choice. Here’s hoping you will make the best of every day.
  56. May 20.. be the year that you free yourself from anything that holds you back. Be all that you want to be.
  57. Don’t let limits restrain you. Be yourself in the new year and you will succeed where others fail.
  58. In 20.. take the challenge, be the change.
  59. It doesn’t matter if your tasks are great or small,
    What matters is your attitude: do your best in all.
  60. May the coming new year unleash a torrent of amazing adventures in your life.
  61. Sending you flurries of good wishes for the new year.
  62. As the new year begins, aim high, dream big, and zag when others zig.
  63. May 20.. bless you with success.
  64. May the newness of the year never wear off. Begin each day with enthusiasm.
  65. Grateful, happy, truly blessed;
    20.. will be the best!
  66. May the new year connect your heart to the stars.
  67. In 20.., may a little piece of heaven come down and rest on your shoulder.
  68. As the new year unfolds, may you choose to see the good in everyone.
  69. The old year is fleeting,
    The new year we’re greeting.
    May the good times in life
    Be worth repeating.
  70. May your heart be so warmed by the new year that it melts away any sorrow from the old.
  71. May hope pursue you relentlessly in the coming year.
  72. In the new year, may the paths that lead to your dreams also lead to success.
  73. Hour by hour, and day by day,
    May our heavenly Father show you the way.
    Prayers that you hear God’s voice in the coming year.

2020 Happy New Year Wishes