Happy New Year 2021

New Year’s Eve is one of the most romantic nights of the year, and the new year brings an excellent opportunity to compliment and inspire the woman or man you love with sweet New year love wishes and messages of romance that will speak straight to their hearts.

It’s the little things like these special sentiments that will have the most impact on their feelings for you. Keep the romance alive (or spark new passion) with the following New year messages that will warm their hearts, encourage, show how grateful you are for them. Enjoy sending these romantic, silly, and sweet New Year wishes to the woman or man you love.

New Year Love Wishes For


For Boyfriend

  1. ~ I don’t want to watch the ball drop with any guy but you on New Year’s Eve.
  2. ~ In 2020, may the romance be plenty. Happy New Year’s to the hottest guy I know.
  3. ~ In 2020, my vision will be perfectly focused on you, the man of my dreams.
  4. ~ Mister, may our year together be promising and prosperous, fresh and fun. I love you more than anyone.
  5. ~ May the new year be as bright as the glow I feel in my heart whenever you are around. You are the perfect guy for me.
  6. ~ Boy, you make my dreams come true over and over again! I can’t wait to spend the new year with you.
  7. ~ Hey, guy! I can’t wait to moisten my lips with champagne and plant one on you as the ball drops and a new year of our love begins.
  8. ~ My New Year’s resolution is to love you every day because there is no other guy like you.
  9. ~ Hey, guy! Let’s ring out the old together and make a toast to a new year of good times.
  10. ~ You are the guy who makes my heart fly higher than fireworks in the New Year’s sky!
  11. ~ I’m looking forward to hearing that champagne bottle pop and feeling bubbly with you on New Year’s Eve, my number one guy.
  12. ~ Boy, lock lips with me on New Year’s Eve and let’s start the year with some ooh, la, la!
  13. ~ I can’t wait to feel your manly arms around me as you come in for a lingering kiss to welcome the new year.
  14. ~ Hi guy, don’t be shy! Let’s kiss the old year goodbye!
  15. ~ You’re my man; I’m your best fan.
    Let’s start the new year with a dream and a plan.
  16. ~ Hug me tight and kiss me long,
    Fill my girlish heart with a new year’s song.
  17. ~ Inspirational New Year Wishes
  18. ~ Boy, let’s sparkle and shine, sip some wine, and begin the new year with lips entwined.
  19. ~ You’re the guy who makes me proud to be yours. Let’s start the new year with a bang.
  20. ~ I’m counting down the moments until we can be together under the fireworks for the final countdown of 2019. You’re the man who makes my heart skip a beat.
  21. ~ You’re the man who makes me weak in the knees,
    Kiss me long into the new year, please.
  22. ~ To the dreamiest guy I know, let’s ring in the new year nice and slow.
  23. ~ Your masculine ways and gorgeous eyes put you far ahead of the other guys. Let’s bring in the new year with wishes and kisses.
  24. ~ Confetti is swirling, the year is ending, and all I can think about is how much I love you, my wonderful guy.
  25. ~ A girl like me and a guy like you
    Can show the world that dreams come true.
    Let’s make 2020 an amazing year together.
  26. ~ The champagne’s fizzing, the last seconds of the year are whizzing by, and all I can think of is how you’re such an amazing guy.
  27. ~ You are the man who inspires me to say hello to new dreams and goodbye to old regrets. I can’t wait to celebrate New Year’s with you.
  28. ~ With the turn of one page on the calendar, a whole new year begins, and my heart beats anew for you. I promise to be your girl forever.
  29. ~ When the clock strikes midnight, I’ll be your Cinderella but I promise not to run away. You can kiss me into the new year.
  30. ~ Hey, mister, tonight, let’s write down our New Year’s resolutions together, then break them one by one.
  31. ~ This New Year’s Eve, let’s make our own fireworks, boy!
  32. ~ You are one classy guy, and the New Year is looking smoother than ever with you.

For Girlfriend

  1. ~ No matter what the new year brings, I have you, and that’s enough. You are the girl who fulfills my dreams.
  2. ~ Let’s kiss until 20.. is gone and welcome 20.. with open arms, my beautiful girl.
  3. ~ I want to whisper, “Happy New Year” into your sensual upturned ear. And who knows what will happen after that, precious angel?
  4. ~ My eyes can’t wait to take in your beauty tonight, and my lips are ready to kiss you into the new year.
  5. ~ Darling girl, you make all my New Year’s wishes come true before I even make them.
  6. ~ Girl, I am over the moon in love with you, and all the stars spell out your name. The coming year will be out of this world because of you.
  7. ~ New Year Wishes for Friends and Family
  8. ~ My heart will drop faster than the ball on New Year’s Eve if you don’t celebrate with me tonight. Sweet girl, let’s bring in the new year together.
  9. ~ You are the woman I’ve always hoped for, and my heart is completely in your hands. My New Year’s wish is for you to give me your heart in return.
  10. ~ The new year is almost as bright and shiny as this ring that I want to place on your finger. Will you marry me in 2020, my beautiful girl?
  11. ~ Precious girl, you have made me believe that I can be happy again. Let’s build our dreams together in the coming year.
  12. ~ My resolution for 2020 is to make you the happiest woman in the world.
  13. ~ Hidden deep inside of yesterday is a seed of hope for tomorrow. May its roots grow in your heart, and may your new year be filled with peace and love, dear one.
  14. ~ Happy New Year, my queen. May you find beauty in every day.
  15. ~ Hey girl, it’s time to break out the cake and drain the champagne! Happy New Year!
  16. ~ Here’s a toast to the most beautiful girl I know. Happy New Year!
  17. ~ Girl, life with you is as colorful as a sky full of New Year’s fireworks!
  18. ~ You’re a firecracker, you sparkle, you shine like the sun,
    You’re a woman of joy, forever the one.
    May your new year be as bright as you.
  19. ~ The past makes us who we are;
    The future dangles like a shining star.
    It’s the present that I want to hold onto simply because you’re in it.
    Happy New Year to the most wonderful girl.
  20. ~ You have the biggest heart of any woman I know, and I hope 2020 fills it with love, peace, and happiness.
  21. ~ Girl, we can’t rewind the past, and we can’t fast forward into the future, so let’s just play right here in the present. Happy 2020!
  22. ~ Hope is waiting on the other side of the door. Let’s open it and walk into the new year together, dear girl.
  23. ~ In the new year, trials won’t stop us and troubles won’t part us. We will be strong no matter what comes along. I love you, darling.
  24. ~ In the coming year, whether you travel far or near, you’ll always be with me in my heart, my one and only girl.
  25. ~ In the depths of your heart, is there room for a new start? I need you more than ever in 2020, my darling girl.
  26. ~ Sweet New Year Wishes For Lovers
  27. ~ May 2020 be sweeter than honey, dripping with money, and full of your favorite things, precious girlfriend.
  28. ~ May joy bubble from 2020 like the champagne in our glasses.
  29. ~ Wishing you everything good in the coming year, my lovely girlfriend.
  30. ~ The New Year’s celebrations will fade and the fireworks will fizzle, but my love for my dear girlfriend will always sizzle.
  31. ~ You are my precious princess and I would do anything for you. The new year sparkles just for you, my love.
  32. ~ The year may be changing, but there is no need for you to change, girl, because you are already perfect.
  33. ~ Hey, beautiful chick,
    Time sure likes to tick,
    So I’ll make this quick:
    Will you ring in the new year with me?
  34. ~ My love is unconditional,
    Extremely pure, traditional.
    In 2020, let love in,
    And let a life of joy begin.
    You’re the girl of my dreams, so say you’ll walk beside me all the way.

For Husband

  1. ~ May the new year be as charming and cheerful as you, hubby.
  2. ~ You’re flamboyant and flashy, sexy and sassy, and I want to spend New Year’s Eve letting you know what a wonderful man you are.
  3. ~ Mister, this New Year’s Eve, why don’t we stay home and celebrate on the couch where it’s quiet and cozy? We can light a fire in the fireplace and then watch the sparks fly.
  4. ~ Let’s start a new tradition this New Year’s Eve, my sexy man. You bring the champagne, and I’ll make breakfast in bed. What happens in between is just for the two of us to know.
  5. ~ Hubby, when you get all gussied up, you’re the kind of guy who makes me weak in the knees. Celebrating the New Year with you tonight has been on my mind all day, because I know you’re going to look sexy and sharp.
  6. ~ What could be more romantic than watching the New Year’s celebration in the reflection of your beautiful eyes, my adorable man?
  7. ~ Let’s have breakfast in bed on New Year’s Day after a night of celebrating our love and dreams of a wonderful new year together, dear husband.
  8. ~ As 2019 fades into the past, and 2020 shines like the dawn, I want you to know that you will always be the man I adore.
  9. ~ Sweet husband, let’s focus on each glittering gem of a moment that happened in the past, and then resolve to fill our treasure chest with many more happy moments in the new year.
  10. ~ Let’s do all the things we want to do this year, leaving nothing to chance and putting nothing off. Let’s change our attitude to “the sooner the better.” I love being with you because you are the man I will always cherish.
  11. ~ To the man of my dreams on New Year’s Day:
    If dreams were mountains, I’d climb them with you,
    Reaching the sky with its limitless view.
    I’d breathe in each moment with a fresh attitude,
    And let you know daily how much I love you.
  12. ~ Babe, this is going to be our year.
    Let’s start it off with a kiss and a cheer.
  13. ~ My husband, let’s celebrate us in the coming year, and let’s begin by expressing our love kiss by precious kiss as the ball drops and the past is no more.
  14. ~ Let’s determine to live out our dreams in the coming year, hand in hand, woman and man.
  15. ~ What matters most, precious husband, is not where we go, but that we go there together. I’m looking forward to another year with you.
  16. ~ My heart is happiest when I’m with you. Thank you for being in my past, present and future, and may 2020 be our best year yet, sweet man of mine.
  17. ~ This year let’s be brave together, building our relationship on love and trust, and opening our hearts to our full potential. I love being a part of your future, my precious husband.
  18. ~ To my favorite guy, may the new year be memorable, magical, and merry as we make our dreams come true together.
  19. ~ I look forward to watching and waiting for the wonder of the new year to unfold around us as I walk hand and hand with you, my amazing man, into the future.
  20. ~ Let’s fill the year ahead with laughter and love. You will always be the man for me.
  21. ~ In 2020 let’s resolve to add a touch of romance to every day, my hunk of burning love.
  22. ~ You’re sexy and smart, a man who’s all heart, and I just can’t wait for our new year to start.
  23. ~ You are one sharp dude, and I can’t wait to kiss you all night. Happy New Year!

For Wife

  1. ~ There is no woman in the world as beautiful as you, inside or out, and I am excited about what the new year has in store for us. Happy New Year, Babe!
  2. ~ May the new year strengthen you, and may its tribulations be few, my amazing wife.
  3. ~ I can’t wait to be kissing the woman I love when 2020 begins.
  4. ~ Time may slip through our hands, but the rings on our fingers will remain forever. I’m looking forward to beginning another year with you.
  5. ~ This year is going to end with memories of some of the best times of my life, but the coming year is going to bring many more. I am blessed to begin another year with you, my lovely wife.
  6. ~ I praise God for knowing how much I was going to need a beautiful, strong wife and sending me someone as amazing as you. 2020 is going to be the best year ever now that I’m with you.
  7. ~ My New Year’s resolution now and every year is to never compromise on our love, my darling wife.
  8. ~ The old year filled my heart with blessings, but the biggest one was finding you, the woman I choose to spend forever with. May the coming year bless our lives together.
  9. ~ Time marches on, but since I met you, it has a much livelier beat! Let’s parade through the new year together, my lovely wife.
  10. ~ The sweetest word in all the world is “love” and I get to taste it every day with you, precious wife. I look forward to a new year of life with you.
  11. ~ In 2020, may we write many beautiful new chapters in our amazing love story, my beloved wife.
  12. ~ We can do anything as long as we’re together. Happy 2020 to the love of my life, my beautiful wife.
  13. ~ In the coming year, I’m excited to see what’s new. May our love grow ever stronger in 2020.
  14. ~ Please don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, because you are perfect just the way you are, my gorgeous bride.
  15. ~ My biggest mistake of the past year was thinking I couldn’t love you any more. Dear wife, I love you more and more each day and wish you all the best in the coming year.
  16. ~ Sweet woman, you are my favorite gift from God. I will cherish you completely in the coming year and beyond.
  17. ~ Because you are my wife, you are my biggest treasure.
    Beginning another year with you will be my greatest pleasure.
  18. ~ Remember, there is joy in the journey. Let’s make every moment of the new year count, my beloved wife.
  19. ~ Woman, you are my heart’s desire and the love of my life. How could I ask for more? All my wishes for the new year are fulfilled in you.
  20. ~ As another year passes, let’s raise our glasses.
  21. ~ Lady,
    Let’s sit under the stars
    And welcome the sun
    As another year on
    This planet is done.
  22. ~ You’re the queen of my days,
    The wife of my years,
    And I will love you
    Til time disappears.
    Happy New Year to the love of my life.
  23. ~ Sand through hourglasses,
    Another year passes,
    And I wish for more moments with you.
    Thank you for making me the man I am today. I owe it all to you.
  24. ~ A toast for the most beautiful girl in the world:
    Cheers for the years,
    And smiles for the miles.
    The past has been great,
    And the new year can wait,
    ‘Cause I want to kiss you all night.
  25. ~ Hello new year
    Goodbye old,
    I’m ready to see
    What the coming days hold.
    As long as I get to spend them with you, that is.
    Happy New Year, my beloved wife.
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