How to make a long distance relationship work

In this age of technology, it may seem easy to make a long-distance relationship work. Instead of paying high rates for long distance phone calls or mailing letters, couples can text, email, Messenger, FaceTime, or Skype through their computer. However, technology can’t make up for everything. The lack of physical contact is emotionally hard on relationships. Here are:

Make your long distance relationship work

1. Prioritize Your Schedules

Busy school and work schedules, and different time zones cause difficulty with communication in any relationship. These hardships make it tough to devote private time to your partner or have unrushed conversations.

Discuss with your loved one different types of communication arrangements that are mutually satisfying. Choose a rhythm that works for the both of you.

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2. Be On The Same Page

When understood that it’s temporary, long distance relationships are less stressful and more satisfying. Couples can focus on the end game and work together to get through the hard times. It’s important you both are on the same page.

If one believes this time is temporary, but the other thinks it’s long-term there is bound to be friction. Communicate your expectations frequently about what the outcome of your separation will be.

3. Technology Can’t Replace Physical Connection

While video-conferencing, texting, and FaceTime are convenient, it’s not the same as the power of a physical connection. Take the time to send a funny postcard, an unexpected gift, or care package, so they have something tangible to enjoy.

4. Give Value To Your Communication

Studies show that couples in long-distance relationships are more content with their communication than couples who live close. Give some thought before you make that bedtime phone call, and think about the most important things to talk about. You’ll need to be more deliberate in the words you choose since you lack physical touch.

5. Boring Details… Aren’t So Boring

It’s easy to grow apart if your partner has no idea what your day-to-day life is like. Ask them if they’re into a new book, or what they do on their lunch break. The key is to stay in each other’s lives so much that you have know small details that make up their daily lives.

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6. Don’t Over-Plan Your Face-To-Face Time

Most couples in long distance relationships feel that when they finally get together in person, they mustn’t waste any time. Jam-packing your time together can stress the both of you out and make you feel pressured.

A stable relationship is built on big moments as well as small ones. Focus on more spontaneity when you’re together instead of pre-planning every second of the day.

7. Don’t Put Your Needs On The Backburner

Long-distance relationships do require sacrifice, but you shouldn’t sacrifice more than necessary, or you’ll breed regret over time. Due to unexpected changes in the relationship, one might have to delay or pass on a job opportunity or pursuing new interests. Don’t isolate yourself and live each day fully.

8. Always Think Positively

Dwelling on the negatives of a long distance relationship is easy. Remind yourself that being apart can make you both appreciate each other more. Focus on how this temporary challenge will bring you closer together.

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9. Check-In Don’t Check-Up

It’s tough not knowing what your partner is doing when you aren’t around. Don’t let it inhabit your mind and fuel hovering or suspicion. When you want to connect or hear their voice do so. Don’t try to be a detective or intrusive. It will make them feel unwelcome and will likely drive you apart.

10. Earn Trust And Let Yourself Trust

The most critical factor in any relationship is trust. Without it, you don’t have much. Trust goes both ways, and you must earn it as well as have it in your loved one. There are many ways trust can disintegrate even outside sexual infidelity.

Ask yourself:

– Can you count on your partner in small or significant ways?

– Are they there for you each time you call?

– Do they stick to their word or do they routinely retreat?

– Do they listen and remember what’s important to you?

– Is there mind always somewhere else?

These questions must apply to yourself as well and you should ensure that you’re being the partner worthy of having.

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11. Stay Committed

Any relationship should follow this rule, but it’s imperative that long distance relationships do. Recognize if you’re genuinely committed before you waste both of your time. If you choose to stay in a long-distance relationship, communicate your plans for what happens next and the end goal.

12. Set An End Date

Long distance relationships that are going to stand the test of time need a plan to end the distance at some point. Eventually, you both will want to be in the same place. It’s crucial that all parties know exactly when this will happen. Discuss frequently what the plan is and stay on the same page.

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