Foerget someone you love

Have you gone through a recent breakup and you’re still struggling to move on? Knowing how to forget someone you love isn’t an easy task. Breakups leave us depressed and at odds with ourselves, so it takes time to figure out how to get over someone.

However, there are certain actions you can take to help the process along.

Steps to Take to Forget Someone You Love

Accept the Breakup

The first step on how to move on from someone is to accept that you’re no longer in a relationship. This takes serious self-reflection and time to achieve.

At first, you might balk at the very idea. The love you feel for the other person is still strong so you want to keep it close to your heart.

Try to let it go. Allow yourself to grieve and then put it behind you. Once you find acceptance in your new situation, it becomes a lot easier to move on from the heartache.

Clear Your Phone

Does your phone have a lot of photos and old text messages between you and your ex? Now is the time to delete all of them.

You might be tempted to store them somewhere else so that you always have them. Don’t give in to this temptation. The best thing to do is to delete all of those mementos.

This frees you from the trap of clinging to old memories that will only cause you more pain in the end.

forget someone you love

Break Ties on Social Media

It’s not only your phone that you’ll want to purge. All of your social media platforms need the same treatment.

Unfriend your ex and get rid of any old messages or photos you’ve shared in the past. Block your ex so that you won’t be as tempted to see what they’re up to after the breakup. Do anything necessary to stop any accidental reminders from popping into your mind.

Don’t be afraid to stop going on social media altogether for a while. Sometimes an entire break from social media is the best way to reset your mind and your heart.

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Avoid Going to Special Places

Bringing up memories of the past only hurts your recovery process. That’s why you need to avoid places that have special meaning to your previous relationship.

The restaurant where you had your first date might have good food, but there are other great restaurants with delicious meals. The park where you first met is nice, but there are plenty of other beautiful parks nearby.

Find alternative places to go rather than falling back to places you often went with your ex. Instead of focusing on those old memories, you’ll soon create new ones.

Throw Away Old Gifts

It’s difficult to get rid of beloved gifts after a new breakup. We want to hang on to these things we cherish because they hold a lot of dear memories.

The problem is that you’re forcing yourself into a mental trap. When you’re learning how to forget someone, you need to cleanse your world of any reminders.

Even if you love that cute teddy bear or beautiful opal necklace, it’s better to donate, sell, or throw away those gifts. This gives you a clean slate for your future.

Reconnect With Yourself

Being in a relationship often means thinking about yourself as a pair. It’s always ‘us’ and ‘we’ but now you need to learn how to think only of ‘I’ and ‘me’.

Is there something you used to do all the time but lost contact with after you started your relationship? Now’s the time to get back into doing it again.

Find the thing that makes you happy, the thing that excites you, and put all of your focus onto that. The only way to truly move on is to become comfortable with yourself.

Take a Trip

When you want to learn how to get over an ex, focusing on new experiences and new activities is key. The perfect way to do this is by taking a trip to a place you’ve never been before.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Even going to the next town over is enough to get a new perspective on life.

It’s a breath of fresh air that allows you to see the world in a way that isn’t linked with your past relationship.

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Find a New Hobby

In a similar vein, hobbies help us find new interests so that we always have something with which to fill our time. Find something fun to keep your hands and your mind busy.

Instead of pining over a lost relationship, knit a scarf or paint with watercolors. Go to a dance lesson and learn how to salsa.

There are many hobbies out there for you to explore that’ll reinvigorate your life.

Ask for Help

In most relationships, friends become intertwined between both halves. Sometimes family members get curious and ask a lot of questions.

The best thing to do in this situation is to be honest about your mental state. Explain that you’re trying to learn how to move on from the relationship.

Ask your friends and family not to talk about your ex. Stop any gossip before it gets a hold in conversations. Ask them not to tag you on social media posts that involve your ex.

These actions make it easier to feel safe around your friends and family since they understand your need to move on.

Resist the Urge for Contact

After a while, you’ll find yourself in a better place. You have new interests and renewed connections with your friends. You’re happy again.

It’s at this time that we often think we’re ready to contact our ex and see how they’re doing.

That is not a good idea. You’re doing well at this point so don’t open old wounds by trying to attempt contact with your ex.

When you want to forget someone you love, it’s best to keep moving forward with your life and never look back.

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