Signs You Are Emasculating Your Man

You Are Emasculating your Man
It’s no secret that men are sensitive. They take pride in their masculinity and will do anything to maintain it. So, how can you tell if you’re emasculating your man? When a man feels emasculated, he will start displaying some fewer masculine traits, including a lack of confidence, a more passive personality, and a tendency to let you make all the decisions.
You may not have realized it, but if your man is exhibiting any of these signs, then it could be that he feels emasculated. Learn how to spot them and what to do about them with this blog post.

What is Emasculation?

Emasculation is defined as the action of depriving a man of his male status, identity or power. A man will feel emasculated when he feels that you are trying to change him into something he’s not or if you make all of the decisions in your relationship.

A man has to maintain control over his life, which is why he will sometimes act like a stubborn child around you. It’s his way of asserting that he is still in charge of his own life.
When men feel emasculated, they will try to compensate for their loss of control. They might overcompensate by being overly macho or doing something meant to assert their masculinity, such as going out with their buddies and drinking a lot.

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How does Emasculation Affect a Relationship?

An emasculated man will no longer be the dominant figure in your relationship. Suppose this is your man’s way of punishing you. In that case, it’s time to turn things around because this type of behavior can lead to other problems, including infidelity, depression, and anxiety.
When a man feels emasculated, he can begin to feel insecure in his skin.

This, in turn, can lead to the development of insecurities about your relationship. He might become emotional and start acting out in an attempt to gain the control he feels is missing from your relationship.

Characteristics of an Emasculated Man

An emasculated person will act as a passive pushover in your relationship. Here are some of the most common characteristics exhibited by an emasculated gentleman:


He won’t hold a job for long because he feels confident enough to go to work. He won’t want to go out or sit with his friends because he feels confident enough to be seen in public. He lacks confidence and will sometimes cry when he feels upset.

An emasculated person would instead continue working in a job he hates because he doesn’t have the confidence to go out and find something better. This is why he needs to get an attitude makeover.


He’ll let you make all of the decisions for your relationship, including things like where to live and what you’re going to do on your date (he feels that you will be happier if he doesn’t make decisions). He lets you control every aspect of the relationship. He won’t be able to voice his emotions, and he may even withdraw from you entirely in an attempt to gain some peace.


Instead of dealing with his emotions, he will act out by being passive-aggressive. He might start coming home late or find other ways to punish you. He’ll try to keep things from you so that he can maintain the illusion of control over his life.

4.Your opinion is more important than your own

He will also tend to blame all of his problems on you. This includes blaming you if things don’t go right at home or in his career. He will also find reasons to pick arguments with you. He will always agree with what you have to say. This is a sign that he’s not able to express his own opinion.


He won’t be able to take criticism. Instead of owning up to anything, he will try to turn things back on you. He sees himself as the victim in every situation and feels that nothing is ever his fault. If you ask him w hat’s wrong, he’ll complain about everything, including how bad the weather or work problems are.

6.He won’t stand up for himself

An emasculated person will be too shy to speak up in a relationship, especially when it comes to standing up for you or your children in front of others. He’ll become so introverted and passive that he won’t even know what’s happening around him. This makes it impossible for him to protect you.


He may start developing anti-social behavior. It will seem like he is permanently withdrawing from the world around him. An emasculated man won’t want to be seen in public with you because he might feel embarrassed by your presence. He would instead act like your boyfriend but still live like a bachelor in the hopes of avoiding criticism and judgment.

Anti-social man

An emasculated man may feel that he has no power in your relationship and will therefore start trying to take control in another way. He might try to exert his authority over other people in a different area of his life, resulting in authoritarian behavior.

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How you are emasculating your gentleman without realizing it

1.Talking to him about your past with conceit

You might tell your man about the things you used to do when you were younger, trying to gain his admiration. This will only make him feel emasculated because he will feel like nothing compared to your past partners.
Men have a hard time talking about their feelings or showing emotions. If you keep reminding him about your past relationships, it will make him feel uncomfortable and emasculated.

2.He was talking about his flaws in front of other people

You might think that negatively talking about him is funny, but if he overhears your conversation, then he will feel emasculated. Men need to be respected, so you should always avoid talking about your man in a negative way.

3.Believing you are always right or doing things right all the time.

If you haven’t made a mistake in your life, then there’s a good chance that you are living in denial. Instead of bragging about your accomplishments, apologize to him for any mistakes you’ve made. You should also be willing to apologize if he causes an error and you think it was wrong.

4.You rarely show admiration to him.

If you don’t appreciate him, then he will feel emasculated. When a woman isn’t happy in a relationship, she will feel a lack of confidence. This can lead her to look for other men that make her feel good about herself again. If you want your man to be happy, tell him how much you admire him and appreciate his efforts.

5.Criticizing his achievements and he’s not enough for you

An emasculated gentleman won’t deal with criticism because he will constantly feel like a failure. He’ll need to hear positive feedback from you, even if it’s about the most straightforward thing he does. If you’re constantly finding fault with him, he will start feeling that everything he does is wrong.

6.Making him feel like a loser

If you want to emasculate your man, then you should avoid trying to be better than him in front of his friends. He wants to feel like he’s the winner, so if your relationship is full of competition, then it will only lead to problems.

7.Flirting with others when he is present

If your man sees you flirting with other men or dancing seductively, then he will feel emasculated. You need to make him feel unique and confident in himself. A man will start losing his self-esteem if it seems like you’re only attracted to him when nobody else is around.

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How to support your emasculated gentleman

1.Show him your admiration.

Compliment him on his achievements. Most men are very self-conscious of the things that they have achieved in their lives. If he seems hesitant to talk about his accomplishments, you should be the one to bring it up.

2.Communicate more and hear what he has to say.

Your man’s opinion is essential, and you should take the time to listen to what he has to say. Never tell him that his point of view doesn’t make sense or that your opinion is right simply because it’s yours.

3.Respect his decisions

If he’s decided something singularly, then you should remain silent. You don’t have to constantly remind him of why he has made the decisions he has. If you continually nag him about not making a decision yet, then he’ll be confused about what it is that you want.

4.Control your selfishness and help his self-esteem to grow higher.

A man’s self-esteem is based on many factors, including his career, financial status and how he looks, among others things. If you find yourself acting selfishly, then it will only lead to the demise of your relationship. Instead of focusing on what you want, make him feel like a winner by trying to help him succeed in life.

It is essential to understand that being a caring partner doesn’t mean you have to be the only one who takes care of everything. It can be more fulfilling for your relationship if both partners are committed and share responsibilities. If you notice any of these signs in yourself, try making an effort this week to do something nice for him, so he knows how much he means to you.

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