Happy Valentines Messages and Wishes

Valentine’s Day has always been the most anticipated day for those who are in love. Couples around the world will celebrate it by having a romantic candlelight dinner, sending a bouquet of flowers, chocolate and even a card.

To be romantic, you don’t need to depend on giving luxurious things to your beloved one. Things such as writing messages for your significant other can be very romantic too. But surely it will depend on the Valentine’s Day message itself.

So if you think you aren’t romantic enough to create words on your own and you want to make him adore you more, we will help you with the following list of romantic Valentine’s day messages for boyfriend.

50 Valentine’s Day Messages For Boyfriend

  • You may not be my first boyfriend, but surely you will be my last and only forever. Trust me. I love you so much!
  • I’m so happy to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you. I ask no more except you accompanying me the whole day.
  • Darling, no one treasures me as you do. Being together with you is the only gift I want for every single Valentine’s Day we celebrate.
  • My dear, I can’t imagine my life without you because your presence is my oxygen, your love is my water and your care is my strength.
  • My boy, I love you so much that I want to spend my whole life with you forever.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my pumpkin. My only wish to be granted is that you are by my side forever.
  • My sweet boy. Love isn’t the word that I can say in front of you. But I will shower you with care and love forever.
  • My sweet, handsome boyfriend. I send you this chocolate so that we can celebrate the sweetness of our love on this special day together.

Be my Valentine - Valentines wishes for boyfriend

  • My dear, you may not be a romantic person in the eyes of others. But for me, the way you love me and care about me is very romantic.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day my dear. I wish our love will be as warm as this red wine, as fragrant as this bouquet of roses and as sweet as this chocolate.
  • My love, the day I met you will always be my happiest day. I will cherish you forever.
  • Romeo and Juliet are outdated. The ultramodern one is you and me.
  • I want you and only you always in my life.
  • Money is important. Life is more important. But you are the most important.
  • Love has never been this intoxicating before I met you.
  • No more pain with you by my side, honey. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • The door of my heart opens for only 1 person which will always be you, my boy.
  • Genie in the lamp, please grant (name) to be by my side forever.
  • 3 wishes that I will grant you, my boy. My love, My heart and My life for you only.
  • L is for Loving you, O is for Owning you, V is for my Verified love and E is for Eternal love between us.
  • People said habit is formed after something is done 99x. But you take only one meeting to get into my heart.
  • My dear, I will give you my “heart card” which has no limit unlike your credit card in exchange for your beautiful roses.

Be my Valentine! - Valentine's Day Messages for Boyfriend

  • Life has never been boring even once since you got into my heart, Darling. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • The key to my heart is always with you, my sweet boyfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Your hug is always the one that I long for especially on this very special day.
  • I love (name). I care about (name). I miss (name). I say it 3x a day for healthier love we have.
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  • Dear (name) the love sorcerer, you have bewitched me since the first time I met you.
  • The biggest gift ever in my life is you who always cherish me.
  • 3 numbers for you. 1. I love you. 2. I want you. 3. I need you.
  • The more I think about you, the more I feel something is wrong with me. My heart can’t stop beating for you.
  • No need to climb a mountain or cross an ocean for me because you are already in my heart, my pumpkin.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, My “(your boyfriend’s name)” Superman. From your Lois” (your name)” Lane.
  • Batman, Superman, and Thor can’t open the door of my heart. It’s only you who can get in without much effort, my darling.

Happy Valentines Day Babe

  • Call a doctor for me on this Valentine’s Day, darling as whenever I see you, my pupils dilate and my heart keeps beating.
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  • 3..2…4…5..6…2…I can’t concentrate counting now as I’m too enthusiastic to spend this special day together with you.
  • My boy, you will always be my sunshine in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I draw this shooting star so that my wish to be by your side forever is granted. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear.

Be my Valentine - Valentine's Day Messages for Boyfriend

  • 1. Call. 2. Pick me. 3. Spend the night together. Just obey the order from your beloved Queen (your name).
  • I can put aside my fear of mice and cockroaches as long as you are always there for me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I hate you. I detest you. Lesson 1 from teacher (your name), Find the antonym of the adjectives and read them again, Student (your boyfriend’s name).
  • My life is not complete without you who always cherish and treasure me, (name). I love You.
  • If love is blind and painful, I will still hold on it because you worth it. Happy Valentine’s Day, my LOVE.
  • 24 hours has never been enough for me if I am with you. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear.
  • No idea what to write as my mind is fully occupied with the word ” (your boyfriend’s name)”.
  • I am afraid of Freddy Nightmare but with “(your boyfriend’s name) Sweet-dream” I am no longer afraid. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • My love can’t be described in words. Just feel it, my boy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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