Sweet and Funny Valentine's day messages

Making someone laugh can be an expression of love, and everyone enjoys a little humor now and then. If you want to make the difference in this year’s “celebration of love”, make the first step and use the following funny Valentine’s Day messages to get a chuckle from your Valentine.

Sweet n’ Funny Valentine’s Day Messages

  • – Hey my Valentine, our love story is so amazing that Disney should put us in their next movie.
  • – Have a happy, sappy, no lip-chappy kind of Valentine’s Day!
  • – This Valentine’s Day, I hope you are like my favorite Dove candy: soft and sweet, ready to be unwrapped and holding a promise inside.
  • – Honey, we were meant to “bee” on Valentine’s Day and every day.
  • – Let’s enjoy Valentine’s Day together, and then we can live sappily ever after.
  • – Sending you all my valentine vibes today, Babe.
  • – Valentine, there is nothing fishy about it; you’re the perfect catch.
  • – I want to spend Valentine’s Day warmly wrapped in your love like a Hershey’s kiss fresh out of the factory.
  • – I have a tell-tale heart, and all it talks about is you, Valentine.
  • – Valentine, I love you so much my heart is sore.
  • – Valentine, do you work out because my heart is gripped with the power of your love.
  • – Sending Valentine’s wishes filled with killer kisses.

Funny valentines day message

  • – Wake up, it’s Valentine’s Day! Can I kiss you yet?
  • – It’s Valentine’s Day which means X’s and O’s lead to anything goes.
  • – Whenever you’re around, Valentine, my heart starts to sing opera.
  • – Valentine, hang onto my love handles because it’s going to be a wild ride.
  • – My heart vibrates as much as my phone every time you text me.
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  • – Come over here and kiss me, my voluptuous valentine.
  • – Valentine, You’re the jelly to my belly.
  • – Girl/Boy, you add pop to my corn. Let’s cuddle up for a special snack on Valentine’s Day.
  • – Valentine, our relationship is like a yo-yo: full of ups and downs, sometimes a tangled mess, but lots of fun when it works right.
  • – If this box of expensive chocolates doesn’t say, “I love you,” I don’t know what will.
  • – This Valentine’s Day, it’s no more Mister Nice Guy. I’m going to be Mister Super Amazing Guy, so get ready for some crazy, outstanding fun.
  • – You remind me of a heart-shaped sugar cookie: delightful and sweet with a slight tendency to crumble right into my lap.
  • – Valentine, you’re so steamy and stunning, that my motor is running.
  • – You make my toes wiggle and my heart giggle, Valentine.
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  • – The butterflies in my stomach are wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day.
  • – If Valentine’s Day gave out report cards, you would have all A’s (and a couple of A+’s.)
  • – The puppy love I once had for you has grown into a big old St. Bernard, Valentine.
  • – If the smoke alarm goes off, it’s because you have set my heart on fire, Sweetheart.
  • – We may be old flames, but we haven’t lost our spark yet, Valentine.
  • – Kitten, I’m smitten because you are the purr-fect Valentine for me.
  • – I know I’m a pig, but I want to hog all your kisses on Valentine’s Day.
  • – I’ll be the magnet and you be the steel; this Valentine’s Day is about to get real.
  • – On February 14, there’s only one thing on my to-do list: go out and buy you a last-minute card. Sorry, just being honest, Babe.
  • – Don’t mean to be cheesy,
    But you make me feel queasy.
    No one can love you gouda than me. Will you brie mine?
  • – Hey, Valentine Chick, wanna go see a flick?
  • – Valentine, I left kisses on your pillow. The real kind so you don’t get chocolate on your face.
  • – Hey Valentine, wanna mess up my lipstick?
  • – I left kisses on your mirror this morning so you would feel surrounded by my love on Valentine’s Day.
  • – The little hearts on your flannel pajamas are calling my name, Valentine.
  • – Valentine, I doughnut want to lose you because you add cheerful sprinkles to my day, and make my heart spin round and round. I love you hole-heartedly.
  • – Do you know why Cupid uses a bow and arrow? Because it works better than a boomerang.

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