Essential Signs of Unconditional Love

When you experience unconditional love, you love someone for who he is and not what he does.

Love, by its very definition, is unconditional.

Love doesn’t depend on a person’s good behavior – defined by culture and what the society thinks.

Love is consistent just like a river that never stops flowing.

Love needs no actions approvals or specific behaviors of the partners to exist. It stays just the same even to the point that the relationship becomes impossible.

Living free from mental barriers

When you look at others the way you do it yourself, love is inevitable. If you feel separate from others, there will always be a choice whether or not to love them. But, releasing these barriers from your mind will change your perspective of looking at people.

Looking at the universe as a whole and believing yourself in being a part of it, why would you not choose to love? Though this is uncommon to be found, those who have experienced such an immersion truly possess the spirit of unconditional love.

Don’t feel guilty if it’s lacking

Unconditional love cannot be created, accumulated, or chased – it can just be. The absence of unconditional love does not mean it’s something to feel guilty about. You’re not at fault if you feel this way as rationally you cannot make it happen.

If it’s conditional, It’s not love

It can hurt to realize that your love for others may have some conditions. But, again, this is not what you can control. When your love starts to fade for someone, it’s not what you had wished for, but just a natural thing. If it was meant to keep burning, it will forever be.

Essential Signs of Unconditional Love

Loving without limitations

To love without conditions is to love without limitations. It is the ultimate expression of unconditional affection and freedom. The freedom exists between two people who do not control each other to satisfy their own wants and needs.

Seek physical and emotional power with another, not power over them.

Authentic and sustaining love lets each person have their space – to create, grow, and experience being together as an individual.

When there is control in a relationship, it leads to a destructive environment. Love that is defined by conditions is likely to drive insecurity.

Freely give and receive

Love is a conscious willingness to give love, affection, and respect, acceptance and appreciation. It is more than an emotion, but the openness to freely give and receive in return.

However, relationships need to be worked upon such that there is no abuse of being taken advantage of. Establishing healthy boundaries, lets you feel worthy and deserving.

Holding her hand - Signs of Unconditional Love

Free from withholding love

When you’re judging another you are not accepting them for who they are. Judgment is conditional love. With acceptance you resent from judgment. This by itself converts into loving action.

If you’re thinking which way you can show the ultimate, unconditional love, then this be it. Do not judge to withhold love.

The habit of expressing love

The way of expressing love to yourself and others daily is the best habit to give unconditional love to someone. By offering lovingkindness spontaneously, you are being joyful and creative.

With gratitude comes love. Offering care and appreciation to others is a simple way of showing your affection.

Being able to communicate openly

If you have a ground to be able to express and communicate openly, then you’re experiencing unconditional love. By showing the willingness to understand each other you’re in a situation to solve problems.

When respect in a relationship, you will find it easier to sort out differences. This will help you to realize the similarities within dissimilarities and be unconditional with each other.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you can receive and give love to others easily.

Unconditional love isn’t an easy practice. However, letting happiness and contentment reside in a relationship is an act of showing that you care, which itself is the philosophy of boundless love. More awareness of your own needs and wants will make you realize what are your expectations from others.

But again, knowing that you too can fulfill what others want from you is the right attitude of giving and receiving freely. Thus, giving you the greater opportunity to express unconditional love correctly.

Negative emotions can also be there.

Loving unconditionally doesn’t mean you should feel the same warmth and affection towards your lover all the time. There will be times when you’re angry, frustrated, and harmed by their actions, but you still keep loving them.

Having arguments and times of anger doesn’t really diminish your love – it truly comes free of conditions. In fact, the natural highs and lows in a relationship will not be strong enough to affect your underlying feeling towards the person you love.

Do you?

Do you believe that unconditional love does exist?

Have you ever been touched by such a profound expression of love?

Are you confident that you feel the same for others in your life?

These are some of the questions, the answers to which will help you realize this great form of love – limitless, boundless, independent, and unconditional.

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