Finding True Love

Humans weren’t designed to be alone. Our DNA codes are designed to seek out a mate and continue the human race. No pressure. Before you can take on the challenges of keeping the planet populated, you have to fall in love. Easier said than done, right? Actually, it can be easy when you open yourself up to the possibilities. Are you ready to find love? These seven tips can help put you on the path:

Tips for Finding Love

#1: Know What You’re Looking For

To merely say out loud, “I want to be in love with someone nice” is a good start but way too vague. You have to know what you’re looking for and apply that to your quest to find love. For instance, if you want to be in a long-term committed relationship, then a “one-night stand” should be off the table regardless of how tempted you might be.

It sends the wrong signals. It might help to write down all the qualities you’re looking for in a prospective love interest. The person you find might not “check off” all the items but they should be close enough to insure happiness.

#2: Embrace Your Awesomeness

Just as you’re going to write out a list of the qualities you want in a partner, you should also write out a list of what you have to offer. Your own awesomeness should not be overlooked. A lot of this has to do with confidence building.

If the person you’re seeking out can’t appreciate all you have to give, then perhaps they aren’t worthy of being on the receiving end of those gifts.

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#3: Dive into the Online Dating World

According to surveys, up to 84% of people who are using online dating sites are doing so to find love in a romantic relationship and not just a quick “hook up.” That bodes well for your potential search because it means that a majority of the possible dates you’ll run across are looking for the same thing that you are.

It is always good to build a relationship on common ground. As intimidating as online dating might appear, it is the best place to meet a wide variety of potential dates all from the comfort of your own laptop.

#4: Consider a Blast from the Past

Is there anyone in your past that you still think of today? Perhaps you both hit it off but were in the wrong place for a commitment. Maybe you were coming out of a bad breakup and weren’t ready to be with anyone.

Maybe it is time to revisit your past and see if there might be a connection to rekindle. Obviously, you don’t want to revisit a toxic relationship. Instead, focus on the “what might have been” relationship to see what might be.

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#5: Expand Your Social Network

There is nothing wrong with having a tight group of friends that you can rely on. Unfortunately, sticking with that tight group might not open yourself up to the possibilities of finding a new love. By now, your good friends have probably already fixed you up with all their single friends. If it didn’t work, then the dating pool is closed.

Consider signing up for a class or workshop on a topic that interests you. Accept an invitation to a social gathering that you might not have readily considered before. The goal is to expand your social network to increase your chances of meeting someone new.

#6: Ask Out Your Crush

It might be someone you work with. It might be the barista you get coffee from each morning. It could be a fellow dog owner you see at the park. If you’re single, then you probably have a few crushes tucked away. Work up the courage and ask them out.

The worst that can happen is that they say no and you move on. At least that way, you can take them off the list.

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#7: Work on Your Social Game

To find love is to go on a date. Maybe a lot of dates. If it has been awhile since your last date, then your social game might be a little rusty. You can work on your social game by engaging in conversations with random folks you meet throughout the day.

Talk to the cashier at the grocery store or the server at the café. If you’re stuck in a line, then you have a perfect opportunity for a chat. This will make it more comfortable to engage in conversation with the next date.

You’re on a mission

Even though you’re on a mission, finding true love shouldn’t be the only focus in your life. You still have your job, family and friends to maintain. Make the search for love a hobby on the side. It is much easier to deal with that way. Good luck!

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