You Are Falling in Love With Him

In the movies a woman always know, when she is falling in love with a man, but in real life it never seems that easy.

We can agonize over every aspect of our relationships, and falling in love is no exception.

Want to be sure if you are falling in love with him or is it just an infatuation? Check out below and you will get to know!

10 signs that you just might be falling in love with him

1. You include him in your long term plans

When you are making plans for next year are you including him? If he answer is yes then subconsciously you have decided he is going to be around for a while. When you make goals do you say “we” instead of “I”? Or, when you are making major decisions do you consider how it will affect it him? If you are factoring him in to important aspects of your life and your life plans than you just might be falling in love with him.

2. You really, really, really want to tell him you love him

If you are bursting at the seems to say those 3 magic words, you are probably in love. And if you aren’t “in love” you are definitely falling in love. It is one thing to ponder loving someone, but once you reach the point that you are desperate to shout it from the rooftops it is pretty safe to say you have fallen, and fallen hard.

3. You like doing things for him

Do you like doing little things for him to show you care? That is a sure sign you are falling in love. When you take the time to do little things to make him smile or show your affection you are happily skipping down the road to true love.

4. You want him to meet the people you love

Have you reached the point where you want him to meet the people important to you? Are you worried about their opinion of him? Want those that you love to like him?

When you start to fall in love you want the people important to you to see all the great things in that you see in that special guy.

When you are at the point that you want him to not only meet the people you love but for them to love him, then you are falling in love with him!

5. You feel you can trust him

Trust is important to a relationship. It is also a sign you have gotten comfortable and have either fallen in love or are on your way. Why? Because, trust isn’t given blindly, we take our time to truly get to know someone before we truly trust someone.

So when you find yourself trusting him it means that you feel comfortable that you know him well, and can trust the man you have come to know.

6. You factor his happiness into your plans

When we first start dating we try to put our best foot forward, that is somewhat a fake presentation. Later we tend to be more open, if we don’t like doing something we will be more honest about it.

If you aren’t into sports but he is you will likely opt to not watch the game with him, or not care that the game is on. When you reach the point that you know that the game is on and care that he might miss it to watch a movie with you, that is love.

7. You love the ugly parts too

Real love isn’t just the great moments, the fun moments, the good things, and the sexy bits. Falling in love means it can be okay to not always wear your makeup. Love is morning breath, and dealing with your partner’s family and their friends, whether or not you like them.

Love is when you take care of your partner when they have the flu rather than avoiding them until they feel better. If you are willing to be there for the unpleasant and ugly parts of a relationship than you are falling in love with him.

8. You want to share your favorites with him

When we are falling in love with someone we want to share all the things we love with them. If you have a favorite place, or restaurant, or secret recipe, or music, or a movie whatever it is. When you start wanting to share with him, show him all the things you love it is because you kinda love him too, and you want all that love to mix together in a pile of mushy happiness.

9. Time together doesn’t need to be special to be special

When your relationship shifts from dates out on the town to nights in snuggling and watching a marathon of reruns and movies in your sweats, that is a great sign that you are falling in love. A night out on the town is great no matter what stage your relationship is in, but when you don’t need a big production for the night to feel special you know that what is giving you that special feeling is the guy you are spending it with.

10. You have known him for a while

Again we fall back to movies versus reality. In movies, televisions, and novels love at first sight is common place. In reality you can look back and be certain that the first day you met you knew you were destined for love, but you weren’t in love that day.

It takes time, and if some time hasn’t passed since the day you have met, then what you are feeling may be infatuation and not love.

You know when you know…

You might wonder if you are falling in love no matter how many signs there are. There is no certainty, that may be the one thing movies get right, even on our wedding day we often have a moment or two where our nerves get the best of us. But, if you think you are in love, than you either are in love or are on your way to being in love.

The best way to figure out if this is love is to put aside your fears and to dive into your relationship and give it your all. Trust your heart, follow your gut, and check in with your mind every so often.

If you are falling in love with him odds are you will know, maybe not before others figure it out, but you will know when you are ready.True Love begins where nothing is expected in return.jpg

Hi! I'm Maya Taylor. I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences through this blog. I'm a couples and relationships counselor since 2008. My friends call me "relationships therapist". I'm passionate with life and I believe that life is meaningless without love. Hope to have a great communication through!