Welcome the new love in your Life - Pregnancy

The birth of a baby is a milestone in our lives measured with love, and the honor of being called Mommy or Daddy is great. When someone in your life announces that they are preparing for the miracle of birth, you will want to find the perfect pregnancy sentiment to wish them well. Whether the baby is a boy, a girl, or the gender isn’t known, or twins are expected, the following pregnancy wishes will help you congratulate the lucky parents.


For Unknown Gender
For Girls
For Boys
For Twins

Sweet Pregnancy Wishes and Congratulations To Parents

  1. › You’re having a baby? I couldn’t be happier for you! Congratulations on this marvelous event.
  2. › Love is getting ready to tiptoe into your hearts on the tiniest of feet. Congratulations on receiving God’s grace.
  3. › Your baby will be blessed to have you as parents. Prayers for God to continue to prepare you well.
  4. › I hear that your dreams and wishes are coming true. May you enjoy health and peace as your precious child grows inside of you.

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I hear that your dreams and wishes are coming true - pregnancy wishes

  1. › Babies are hope wrapped in a warm blanket. May yours be a blessing to you always.
  2. › The perfect pair is about to become the perfect trio. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
  3. › Warm wishes as you prepare to welcome a new addition to the family.
  4. › I’m looking forward to meeting your little baby and seeing the beautiful grace of God reflected in his or her tiny face. Congratulations on creating a miracle.
  5. › In this new phase of life, may you be guided by God’s wisdom, filled with patience, and overflowing with love. You will be amazing parents.
  6. › A new baby is coming, and your hearts are humming! I can’t wait to meet your precious little one.
  7. › Baby love is coming your way, and I am elated! Wishing you the best always.
  8. › You will be a powerful influence on the little life inside of you, and your baby couldn’t be luckier.
  9. › God has blessed you with the privilege of becoming a parent. Prayers for you as the time for your sweet baby to enter the world draws near.
  10. › The moment you see your baby for the first time is the moment you understand what love really is.
  11. › Prepare to be the happiest tired you’ve ever known.
  12. › May this baby strengthen the bonds of love in your precious family.

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  1. › A baby is pure love held in your arms and in your heart. Wishing you the best as you wait to meet the love of your life.
  2. › I can’t wait for your baby’s arrival. I’ll be his or her biggest fan!
  3. › When your baby’s tiny fingers wrap around yours, you will know the miracle that love truly is.
  4. › May your baby’s cheeks be chubby and its eyes be shiny and bright,
  5. › And when you first gaze into that little face, may your heart be forever alight.
  6. › How blessed you are to be a mommy. May your pregnancy be a time of wonder.
  7. › Being a mommy is the greatest role you’ll ever have. Blessings to you as you prepare.
  8. › May you marvel at the responsibility God has given you as new parents. And may you remember that He has the wisdom you will need to be the best.

It’s a Girl!

It's a girl - Prengnacy wishes

  1. › Baby girls change the world. God bless you as you look forward to this happy event.
  2. › A little girl is truly a treasure. Congratulations!
  3. › Your baby girl will open your heart to a world of hope and love. Enjoy every moment!
  4. › Little girls are giggles and curls and precious pearls. Wishing you joy as you await her arrival.
  5. › As you wait for your precious girl to appear, may God fill you with dreams, joyful and dear.
  6. › As you wait for her tiny feet to fill lacy booties, may every moment of your pregnancy be perfect.
  7. › As you feel her move, may your heart be moved by the deep love of God.
  8. › She is listening even now as you sing her a soft lullaby. May your pregnancy be a time of joy as you anticipate holding her in your arms.
  9. › She will steal your heart and hold it forever because that’s what daughters do.
  10. › You’re Mom-to-be of a baby girl! Congratulations as your dreams unfurl.
  11. › Your life will soon be ribbons and bows and little pink clothes,
    with a heart full of love that only God knows.

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  1. › Girls are the greatest, and you will be wonderful parents.
  2. › When you first touch her soft newborn skin, and count her tiny fingers and toes, your heart will melt and she will be imprinted on your heart forever.
  3. › When she arrives, you will realize that you are not holding her; instead she is forever holding you.
  4. › When she looks at you for the first time, your heart will beat anew. Congratulations.
  5. › May you cherish every moment as you anticipate meeting her for the first time.
  6. › When her beautiful baby eyes first look into yours, you will know she hung the moon.
  7. › Congratulations as you await the arrival of your precious pink bundle of joy.
  8. › Warm wishes to you as you prepare for your little angel to arrive. May she bring you great joy.
  9. › May the appearance of your precious daughter fill you with great hope and love.
  10. › A little girl will fill your world with hope and joy. May every minute of your pregnancy remind you that wonderful times are ahead.
  11. › A baby girl is coming into your world? Oh, how blessed you are!
  12. › I hear the stork is heading your way with a little baby girl. May your days be filled with all the joy a new baby brings.
  13. › A newborn girl will rock your world. Wishing you many happy days ahead.
  14. › Get ready for butterfly kisses and little girl wishes as you enjoy these days of anticipation.
  15. › The love of a baby daughter is worth waiting for. May you enjoy good health and strength during your pregnancy.
  16. › Sweeter than candy, more precious than gold,
  17. › Your beloved little girl will be a sight to behold.
  18. › How much love will a baby girl bring into your world? More than you can ever fathom. Best wishes as your family grows.
  19. › Your baby girl will soften your heart forever. May you enjoy your new life with her.
  20. › As you prepare for the birth of your darling baby girl, may every happy thought be written on your heart.
  21. › A baby daughter is a gift from God. May He bless you richly as you await her arrival.
  22. › May your baby girl bring you many happy days. Congratulations on growing your beautiful family.
  23. › Wishes for warm, wonderful weeks as you wait for your Baby Girl.

It’s a Boy!

It's a boy - Prengnacy wishes

  1. › May your little boy bring you mounds of joy,
    A baby boy is a gift to enjoy.
  2. › When you first get to see your baby boy’s smile, your heart will increase by over a mile. Congratulations and warmest wishes as you wait for his birth.
  3. › A little boy is adventure and joy. May he fill your life with many happy exploits.
  4. › May your little boy grow big and strong, filling your life with hope and song.
  5. › May life with a boy bring you cuddles and joy.
  6. › His tiny hands and little feet will make your heart skip a beat.
  7. › When he enters the world, may he enter the hearts of all he meets.
  8. › A baby boy is a little piece of heaven. May hope shine in your hearts as you anticipate his arrival.
  9. › I know your hearts are full of pride as your family prepares to grow.
  10. › May God be constantly by your side, as your little boy makes joy overflow.
  11. › Baby boys are so much fun! Congratulations on your little one!
  12. › May your baby boy bump grow big and strong! Congrats and may your pregnancy be an easy one.
  13. › As you look forward to the birth of your little boy, may your heart overflow with peace and love.
  14. › Babies are treasures from God. May your little boy fill your heart with heaven.
  15. › You’re having a boy? What wonderful news! May you treasure this time of waiting in your heart.
  16. › A boy is a blessing, a beautiful gift. May God make him grow healthy and strong.
  17. › Blessings as you await the birth of your beautiful boy.
  18. › A son is a Godsend, and you’re truly blessed. Sending you love and wishing you the best.
  19. › A sweet little son is headed your way. May God bless in steps every day.
  20. › The footprints a little boy leaves on the floor can be easily cleaned up. It’s the footprints on your heart that will never leave. Congratulations as you await the birth of your son.
  21. › The promise of a son is a beautiful thing. May he fill your lives with blessings.
  22. › As you plan for your little man, may everything go smoothly.
  23. › May God fill you with patience as you await the birth of your beloved baby boy.
  24. › Praying you focus on the miraculous as you await the birth of your precious little boy.
  25. › You may not be able to see your toes, but soon you will be counting his. Hang in there!
  26. › As your baby bump grows, God knows your woes. You can count on Him to bring your little boy safely into the world.
  27. › Soon your handsome baby boy will make his arrival. May you enjoy the anticipation.
  28. › You can feel him move and imagine his face, but soon you will feel his newborn skin and smell his sweet baby breath. May the waiting be good.
  29. › A little boy is joining you; how wonderful to know,
    and when he comes and your hearts connect, your love will overflow.
  30. › Get ready to cuddle, get ready to beam, your little boy’s birth will fulfill every dream.
  31. › A boy brings love and a boy brings hope. But a boy also brings many uses for soap! Ha, ha, get ready for the messes. They are worth it.
  32. › A baby boy is a wonder, he’s God reaching below
  33. › To show you His love and to make your heart glow.
  34. › I’m thrilled to hear you’re having a boy! May he fill your life with love.
  35. › May your baby boy arrive beautiful and safe.


Two Babies Twice the Fun

  1. › God has doubled your blessings! Congratulations on the upcoming addition of twins.
  2. › Two babies, twice the fun! Congratulations, and may your pregnancy be carefree.
  3. › You’re having twins? And so it begins. Warm wishes for an easy pregnancy.
  4. › How sweet to be born along with your best friend! Your babies will be blessed. Congratulations!
  5. › Twins for the win! Happy pregnancy!
  6. › Twins? No one will have empty arms! Praying all goes well.
  7. › Twenty little fingers and twenty little toes will keep you busy as your sweet family grows. Best wishes as you look forward to meeting your twins.
  8. › Two little angels are sent from above because God wanted to give you extra love. Best wishes as you wait to greet your precious twins.
  9. › May your nurturing spirit give you strength as you prepare to welcome two blessings into the world.
  10. › Double the babies equals double the love.
  11. › Congratulations on being pregnant with twins! I always knew you were an overachiever.
  12. › Having twins will multiply the hugs. Blessings on this happy news.
  13. › Twins will make life twice as nice. Warm wishes on your anticipated bundles of joy.
  14. › Warning: Twins may give your brain an overload of cuteness. Prepare yourself.
  15. › If anyone is up for the challenge of twins, I know it’s you. God has great confidence in you and so do I.
  16. › Happy, happy, joy, joy! You’re having twins, oh, boy, oh boy!
  17. › Wow, you must have a big stork! Congratulations on having two.
  18. › Soon you’ll be seeing double. Thank goodness the view will be adorable.
  19. › Twice the diapers, twice the squealing,
    Twice the blessings, twice the feelings.
  20. › Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.
  21. › Siblings, best friends, twins. What a blessing they will be.
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