Newborn Baby Welcoming Wishes And Blessings To The New Parents

Babies bring instant love into our lives and give us many tender moments to remember forever. When a wee little one comes into the life of family or friends, be sure to send the most cute new baby welcoming wishes and special blessings to the new parents. Whether a precious baby boy or girl has arrived or a set of twins, choose from the following messages to let them know you care.


Newborn Baby Welcoming Wishes And Blessings

~ For Girls ~

~ For Boys ~

~ For Twins ~


Welcoming Wishes For Newborn Girls

Newborn baby girl welcoming wishes

  1. She’s finally here, and she’s beautiful! Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.
  2. Your sweet baby girl is blessed to be born into such a lovely family. Best wishes for a wonderful future.
  3. May your precious daughter bring you many years of joy.
  4. Her sweet smile lights up everyone’s face. Congratulations on the birth of a beautiful daughter.
  5. I am thrilled to hear of the safe arrival of your precious daughter! May she be healthy and blessed always.
  6. Congratulations on the arrival of your cherished bundle. I’m glad to know she has arrived safe and sound into your loving arms.
  7. Welcome to the world precious baby girl. May you bring happiness to everyone you meet.
  8. That sweet baby smell has come into your life, and I couldn’t be happier for you on the birth of your daughter.
  9. What a blessing to welcome this precious little doll into your lives.
  10. I’m looking forward to meeting your sweet bundle of joy! Congratulations on welcoming a wee girl into the family.
  11. Congratulations on the arrival of an adorable infant girl. May you be rewarded with many happy parenting moments.
  12. Congratulations on being new parents! May you cherish every moment with your beloved daughter.
  13. As you hold your precious treasure in your arms, may she fill you with absolute peace and joy. You will be amazing parents.
  14. May the beauty and innocence of your baby girl fill you with delight.
  15. Birth is a life-changing event that allows you to witness the miraculous love of God. May your daughter grow to know Him well.
  16. May you see the love you have for each other in the eyes of your baby girl, and may this love be reflected in your own eyes.
  17. Sending a heartfelt welcome to the new little love of your life. May she be happy and healthy all of her days.

The beauty and innocence of your baby girl - Newborn girl wishes

  1. Best wishes to you as she begins to wrap you around her little finger.
  2. I’m excited to hear that your journey into parenthood has begun! May your newborn daughter bring you great joy and satisfaction.
  3. A baby daughter brings innocence and joy into a home. May your little princess enrich your lives in the best of ways.
  4. May soft whispers of love surround you like a blanket as you celebrate the addition of your beloved baby girl.
  5. Blessings your way as you cuddle and coo over a baby girl so precious to you.
  6. When you hold her little hand, may every blessing of parenthood fill your heart.
  7. And just like that, a mother and father are born. Congratulations on your new role in life as you parent such a precious baby girl.
  8. May her world be filled with every good thing.
  9. May you find the magic in every day as you welcome your beloved baby girl into your family and home.
  10. Congratulations! May she forever feel your love folding around her like a blanket.
  11. As you welcome your little one home, may she be strong and well filling you with pride.
  12. I am overjoyed at the birth of your treasured daughter. May she always feel great worth.
  13. Sending wishes for sweet times as you begin life with your lovely baby daughter in your arms.
  14. As you nestle your new bundle of joy into your hearts, may she be blessed by the great love that surrounds her.

Welcoming Wishes For Newborn Boys

Your Son's Birth is an expression of God's Love - Newborn boy wishes

  1. With fondness and joy, we wish you a lifetime of happiness on the birth of your boy.
  2. I know you are blessed on the birth of such a handsome baby boy.
  3. I’m so happy to hear that your little prince has arrived safely.
  4. May this prince who will charm be safe from all harm. Congratulations on the arrival of your beloved son.
  5. I’m sure he captured your heart the moment you saw him. May you be blessed by many more happy moments as you raise your son.
  6. Your son’s birth is an expression of the love God has for you and your family. Prayers for many happy days ahead.
  7. May the special happiness that comes from raising a son fill you each day.
  8. With great sincerity and much love, welcome to your prince from above.
  9. Congratulations! Please hug him tight for me.
  10. Finally a little son is rising. Best wishes and sunny days ahead.
  11. All of God’s blessings have been given to you in the form of a precious baby boy.
  12. I hear there’s a new baby boy for me to spoil! Let the presents begin!
  13. Bravo to you, Mom and Dad, for bringing a bouncing baby boy into the world.
  14. Baby boy makes a family of three. Soon you’ll be bouncing him on your knee. Congratulations on his safe arrival.
  15. May your little fellow’s footsteps follow after God all of his days.
  16. Kiss your little angel for me and whisper into his ear how much I love him already.
  17. As the excitement of the birth of your precious son fills your home, I’m sending heartfelt wishes for wonderful times ahead.
  18. As you count his toes and boop his nose, may you treasure these times in your heart.
  19. May cuddles and coos and watching him snooze fill you with every delight.
  20. May little boy blue bring blessings to you.
  21. You have opened your heart and home to great love and adventure. Congratulations on the birth of your darling little boy.
  22. The birth of a child nourishes the soul. Many expressions of love to you as you bask in the joy of your son’s arrival.
  23. Congratulations! He’s already loved by so many.
  24. Congrats on your special baby boy, so beautiful and sweet;
  25. May he toddle into your heart on those precious baby feet.

Kiss your little boy for me - Newborn baby wishes

  1. You’ll be changing his diaper, but he’ll be changing everything including the amount of love in your heart. Congratulations!
  2. May the birth of your baby boy add snuggles and hugs to the coming days.
  3. With cuddles and coos and peek-a-boos, the birth of your son is happy news.
  4. Adventure and smiles, blue jeans and love,
    Are some of the things little boys are made of.
    Congratulations on the birth of your wee little man.
  5. How can the birth of one little boy bring so much love into the world? You should know. Congratulations on his safe arrival.
  6. And just like that, with blinking eyes and contented sighs, your baby boy has melted the hearts of all around him.
  7. A sweet baby boy, precious and new,
    Has come into your life to captivate you!
    Little boy, dressed in blue,
    I send this greeting to welcome you!
  8. May your new little munchkin boy add joy to your days.
  9. A sweet little baby boy to adore, how could you ask for anything more?
  10. He’s an itty bitty cootchie-coo,
    And I hope that he takes after you!
    Congrats to two amazing parents!
  11. God has sent you some-bunny to love, and he is perfect in every way.
  12. B is for baby;
    B is for boy.
    B is for blessings
    You’re sure to enjoy!

Welcoming Wishes For Newborn Twins

Newborn twins wishes

  1. I hear you received a double dose of love at your house. What a blessing!
  2. Double the cootchie, double the coos,
    The birth of your twins is fantastic news!
  3. With twins, everything will be twice as nice! Congratulations on the arrival of your wee little ones!
  4. The addition of two babies at once multiplies the love.
  5. Baby One, Baby Two,
    Proud parents, look at you!
  6. When babies come by twos, it’s double the ah’s and ooh’s.
  7. Wow, it’s nice when blessings come in pairs.
  8. Double the offspring, double the fun,
    God knew you needed more than one!
  9. Your two peas in a pod are a blessing from God.
  10. Sending you double the good wishes are you enjoy double the kisses.
  11. There are two things in life that bring us the most joy–twins!
  12. Each of your babies was born with a buddy. What a sweet blessing!
  13. Two little angels were sent from above to fill your home with unending love.
  14. Wow, you were visited by two storks in one day! May countless blessings come your way.
  15. You asked for a child, and God smiled on you.
    He doubled your blessings by sending you two.

Wishes For Newborn Twins

  1. Accolades on your two tiny babes!
  2. Oh, Baby, Baby, what a way to become parents! Enjoy every moment.
  3. Love to you as you welcome two.
  4. Two little mates? So many messes await!
  5. So the stork brought one for each of you? He must think you can handle a lot.
  6. A boy and a girl to rattle your world! Congrats on having twins.