Sweet Maternity Leave Wishes

The birth of a precious little one brings joy and smiles all around. When your colleague becomes a mother, she leaves the world of work for a short time to enter a world filled with baby talk, lots of snuggling, and counting ten little toes. As a caring coworker, even though you may feel just a little sad that she won’t be around the workplace for a while, wish her the best with the following sweet maternity leave wishes and messages.

Maternity Leave Wishes & Messages

  1. May your maternity leave be filled with snuggles, hugs, kisses, and bliss.
  2. Becoming a mother is magical. Enjoy every moment.
  3. I hope you enjoy plenty of baby bonding and peace while you’re away.
  4. Here at the workplace you’ll be greatly missed, but that baby deserves to be constantly kissed.
  5. May your journey into motherhood be joyful. Sweet blessings!
  6. Baby blessings are the sweetest. Enjoy your time together.
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  8. During your maternity leave, enjoy each and every little thing—like those ten precious baby toes.
  9. May you and your precious little one enjoy much health and happiness as you spend these first treasured weeks together.
  10. Wishing you and your baby all the best. May your mommy time be precious and blessed.
  11. It looks like you’re going to be on the night shift for a while! Blessings on your new bundle of joy.

Happy Baby Break - Maternity leave wishes and quotations

  1. No time cards and emails, just lullabies and nursery tales. Enjoy!
  2. Happy maternity leave! Don’t forget to send pictures every day. We need something to brighten our time in the office without you.
  3. You will be greatly missed, but prayerfully thought of.
  4. The work gang will “keep calm and carry on” without you so you can enjoy your time with that adorable baby.
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  6. Congrats on a job well done! You’ll be the best mother ever.
  7. Being a mommy is the best job there is! Congratulations! Enjoy your time off work.
  8. Goodbye for now. Blessings to you as you spend time with your family.
  9. Kiss your little angel’s face for me, and enjoy your time with him/her.
  10. May wonderful blessings fill your days as you get to know your sweet baby.
  11. Enjoy all the cuddles and kisses. You will be greatly missed while you’re gone.
  12. May each day with your new baby be a special blessing.
  13. May you enjoy sunrises and sunsets, sweet lullabies, and the fresh promise of every new day as you spend time with your treasured little one.
  14. May you be taken in by every charming smile, precious wink, and tiny coo of a baby who will be at the heart of all your days.
  15. Your little baby is going to be in such good hands. Everyone here wishes you a happy maternity leave.
  16. Your precious baby planted him/herself in your heart the moment you knew about him/her. May your days of leave be spent growing love.
  17. Be blessed by the most joyful time of getting to know each other.
  18. All the “aunts” and “uncles” here at work wish you a wonderful maternity leave.
  19. We’re all hoping you will drop by work one afternoon and let us gaze upon that sweet little face–the baby’s , not yours!
  20. Whenever you think of us here at work, just breathe in that sweet baby smell, and be glad you don’t have to smell what we’re smelling.
  21. I hear you’ve gone AWOL. We will keep everything in line while you’re gone, so relax and spend every moment with your new baby.
  22. Remember how organized and well-planned you were at work? Well, the new baby will throw all that out the window! Enjoy motherhood anyway!
  23. Enjoy life “on the other side” with that new baby.
  24. Well, having a baby is one way to get some time off work. Just kidding! Have a wonderful maternity leave.
  25. All the real crybabies will be here at work missing you! But we’re glad you get to spend time with your precious new arrival.
  26. Here’s hoping your maternity leave seems as long as our last staff meeting. Congratulations on your new baby.
  27. Enjoy motherhood. You’re going to be pooped.
  28. I’ll be here in the office cradling my cup of coffee while you get to cradle your new bundle of joy. Enjoy each moment with your precious little one.
  29. May each moment spent with your wee angel be a blessed one.
  30. Stay away, and love that baby well!
  31. Sending heartfelt wishes for you and your baby to joyfully bond with one another surrounded by love and peace.
  32. I am excited for you as you begin this new phase of life. Blessings for you and your baby, and may your leave be a time of fulfillment.
  33. I look forward to reconnecting with you when you get back, but in the meantime, enjoy the special moments of new motherhood.
  34. I’m looking forward to meeting your little munchkin, but in the meantime, enjoy him/her to the fullest.
  35. I believe in you as a wise colleague, trusted friend, and awesome new mother. I will miss you while you’re away, but wish you happy baby blessings.
  36. Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts you can receive in life. I’m sending prayers for you to enjoy your time away from the office, and that you and your baby will be healthy and happy.
  37. You are about to take on one of the best jobs you will ever have. Take care as you spend time with your sweet little one.
  38. Take care of yourself and that sweet baby. Work will take care of itself. Put the focus on family.
  39. You’ve got this. You’ve always been strong and capable. Enjoy your new family member.
  40. I couldn’t be happier for you as you welcome your new baby! You will be a wonderful parent. Congratulations!
  41. Enjoy the great happiness having a new baby will bring.
  42. Hooray, maternity leave has arrived! Enjoy!
  43. Motherhood may be new territory for you, but I have plenty of confidence in your abilities. You are an amazing woman with major skills. Enjoy time with Baby.
  44. May all the babbles and coos replace office news as you set off on this new journey.
  45. Happy baby break!
  46. Love and cheer as your baby draws near.
  47. It’s almost baby time! Congrats!
  48. Sending you a cradle full of blessings to blanket you in love.
  49. Blessings galore as you walk out the door.
  50. Cheers to you and your new life!
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