How To Make Him Miss You

Perhaps the two of you are on a break, or maybe he doesn’t want to get serious just yet so he wants to test the waters but still be friends. Maybe you just had a breakup despite still having feelings for one another, and you want to know how to make him miss you. If he still has feelings, he will eventually come back, but you don’t want too much time to pass or another may get his attention.

Here are the five most effective tips on how to make him miss you that will have him coming back to you instead of you begging for him to return.

1. Resisting The Urge To Call

You desperately want him back in your arms, you don’t want him looking at anyone else, so you are calling and texting him around the clock in the hopes of staying on his mind. What you are doing is becoming a pest, and he is going to grow tired fast of the smothering, so you need to step back resist that urge to contact him. Think of it this way, if the two of you were meant to be together, then this constantly trying to connect with him is just unnecessary.

Step back and get more involved with hobbies or dreams of yours that you have been putting on the shelf. Redirect your energy to meditation, yoga, or just getting one with nature. When his phone isn’t blowing up anymore, the wheels in his head will start turning as he begins to wonder where and who is getting all your focus now that he isn’t around.

2. Spending Quality Time With Friends

Time to get in touch with your friends and spend some quality time with them. This is not the time to be crying on their shoulders and looking for support, you want to get out there and let everyone see the strongest side of you. Make it so your old friends want to hang with you, hit the malls, the club, or just grab lunch.

What will happen when you are having fun with your friends is word travels fast, and one of your friends posting pics of all of you hanging and having fun will eventually get to one of his friends and indirectly back to him. He’ll start scratching his head because he may think you are really moving on, and that was not what he was expecting at this point.

3. Posting Your Memorable Moments

Whether you decide to go on a hike on the trails by yourself or hit an outdoor festival with your friends, start posting positive pictures on your social media profiles. Post vague pics about a concert you went to, the trip to the beach you took, or the clubs you hung out at. Don’t try to give too much about the details, it is all about painting a picture of what could be going on when you imagine the things you have been doing.

Make no mistake about it, he is stalking your profile pages and trying to see how the breakup is affecting you. When he starts to see that you are trying to pick up the pieces without him, he is going to imagine him missing out on all those fun times with you. This is exactly what you want to indirectly happen.

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4. Bumping Into His Closest Friends

When you want to speed up the process of how to make him miss you, all you need to do is plan on bumping into some of his closest friends by accident. Get yourself looking your best, really make an effort to look stunning, then try to be in a place where you know his friends work or visit often and cross their paths with a few of your friends. If his best friend works at the mall and you happen to be passing by as he gets off and he sees you looking gorgeous and having fun with your friends, he will relay that message to your ex.

When he starts talking to your ex about happening to see you and you looked hot, his blood is going to boil and his little hamster wheel in his head spinning. You aren’t supposed to be having fun, you’re supposed to be in mourning, and now he realizes maybe he let a great one go.

5. Focus On Spoiling Yourself More

When you put all the focus on him, the more he turns away. Instead, focus all that energy on you from here out. Take a day and go get your hair done, you’ll feel better about yourself. Take a day and go to the spa, you’ll feel as good as you look. Each day you redirect that focus on yourself, you are not only resisting the urge to chase him, you are making him wonder how could you possibly be moving on without him.

When he begins to imagine all the chances you might run into another guy, it will start making him miss you more each day. Before long, he won’t be able to stand to be apart from you any longer.

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Do It Slowly

These five tips on how to make him miss you take time and determination, don’t get frustrated if he isn’t back in your arms tomorrow. If you work through this list slowly, he not only will think about you more, he will feel in his heart that you are the one for him. Once he makes that connection, then he won’t be able to stand missing you anymore.

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