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Games are not just for kids anymore as more and more couples are sharing a night of playtime. Are you going away on a couples weekend, celebrating an anniversary, or want to break the occasional doldrums of coupledom? Add another facet to your relationship, get a better understanding of each other, and share a ton of laughter by playing some fun games just for lovers.

Benefits Of Games For Lovers

Enjoying adult-only games for lovers doesn’t just pass the time, help celebrate, or alleviate boredom; they foster togetherness and reduce stress. Keep lines of communication open, build a healthier, happier relationship, and increase oxytocin by setting aside at least one hour per week of adult-only fun. Oxytocin, a hormone the brain uses to carry messages between brain cells which plays a significant part in social behaviors, bonding and forming attachments.

Finding The Right Game

It’s daunting finding the right game for you and your mate. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing games for a little intimate playtime:

  • ♦ Decide if you want to play a board, trivia, card, video or sports game.
  • ♦ How many players will take part in the couples only game time.
  • ♦ Consider the appropriateness of the game.
  • ♦ Choose the level of naughtiness and ensure all are in agreeance.
  • ♦ Games People Play (just for lovers)

You can go out and spend a bunch of money on games for lovers. If you’ve looked, you know pre-packaged novelty adult games containing dice, playing cards, and a pad of paper can cost upwards of $20.

Don’t let cost be a deterrent. You can take almost any game and revamp it to create adult-only fun or take a peek at these intimate ideas:

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1. Twenty Questions

Think up twenty of the most intimate and intriguing questions you ever wanted to ask your partner and ask them to do the same. Be prepared for what you might find out and also to answer the same kind of probing questions. Questions can be as general or as naughty as you want, which makes this game suitable for all levels of appropriateness and in a group or couple’s setting.

2. Charades

The game is typically played by forming groups, and titles can be as clean or naughty depending upon who’s playing. If it’s just you and your mate playing, you can create titles that are more intimate and special to only the two of you. Ideas can incorporate most loved motion pictures, inside jokes, statements, and special interests. You can have a go at playing with other couples, but you might want to keep it a little more appropriate.

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3. Stare-Off

What’s better than this old school game created just for two? See how long you can stare into each other’s eyes, with or without blinking? Once you start to fixate on the pupils, tune out everything else, and concentrate on each other’s breathing. Ask one another to think about a physical or maybe just a romantic interlude the two of you shared. Guaranteed it’s not going take long before the game goes from stare-off to clothes off.

4. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths and A Lie is an incredible game for lovers to play if you’re a relationship newbie. You can utilize this game as a chance to become more familiar with each other and work on communication. To play this game, you and your partner should alternate, revealing to one fake factoid and two genuine ones about each other. The other one needs to figure out which is a falsehood. The Two Truths game also shows how much you pay attention to communication, but it can also reveal some exciting things you didn’t know about your mate.

5. Picture Cube

Make up your own rules while playing this intimate game for two. Take a little box and glue pictures on all sides. You can pick the photos, however the naughtier and sexier, the better. Just alternate rolling the cube like a dice. Your mate needs to do what the picture shows. When he tosses it, you have to do what the image shows. You can utilize photos that show a kiss, a long snuggle, sucking an ear, removal of an article of clothing, or a tickle.

6. Cooking Challenge

Cooking Challenge is great for relieving some of the stress of large family get together. Choose one recipe for both of you, and each creates the same dish while still cooking at the same time in the kitchen. Bring both dishes out and see which one party guests like the most. This game reveals your relationship’s competitive side but also helps to know if you can work together in the same space while completing a common goal.

7. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

As a kid, do you recall playing the treasure hunt game? As an adult, you can play it intimately and customize it for couples. Leave a series of items and notes around the house to direct both of you towards prizes. Start by placing yummy treats, favors, and trinkets, you’ve arranged ahead of time, in different secret locations. Then work your way up to the big find, a promissory note for a candlelit dinner, massage, or weekend getaway. The catch, only the first person to find the big prize gets to keep it.

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8. Roleplay

Research famed names that you and your partner both like. Write the names out on a piece of paper and fold. Have your partner draw yours and vise-versa, one at a time. They can be famous people from movies, books, comics, video games or TV shows. Attempt to act like that character and use little quirks and movements for which the character is known. For even more fun, act out an entire scene of a movie.

9. Origami Challenge

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative figurines. For couples who are creative, it’is a great pastime and a learning experience. You don’t need to be an origami master to pull something like this off. You can research instructional videos for how-tos and ideas on YouTube, Instagram, or other online sources. All you require is a stack of colored papers. Make this into a great game by challenging one another or create gifts for your partner.

10. Naughty Dice

Naughty dice associate numbers with individual acts to perform to your partner. On one piece of paper, write out body parts like neck, face, ear, hand, or more intimate areas if you so choose, and number those one through six. Then do the same with waiting down actions as a kiss, rub, or tickle and number those accordingly. For example, you may roll the dice and get a one and a seven, if the numbers correspond to “kiss” and to “neck” that’s the act you complete.

11. Fantasy Island Fun

Pretend you and your partner are visiting an island where all your fantasies come true. Make it naughty, or keep it clean. Complete the picture by grabbing some tropicals drinks, dressing in vacation attire, and even decorate the area with an island vibe. Find a hat and take a few pieces of paper. Write out a fantasy on each one, but remember to keep them secret from each other. Fold them up and place them in the hat. Take turns drawing each piece of paper one at a time and doing whatever they say.

12. Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is an old elementary school staple of your youth that still serves a purpose well into adulthood. Take pieces of paper, write truths on a bunch, then fold and put those into one container. Make-up dares, write those on paper and fold, then place those in a separate container. Give your partner a choice between answering a question truthfully, or performing a dare.

Learn How To Play With Your Partner

When you are learning how to play with your partner, you can try all of these games to have a good time. Some people believe that they need to play games if they want to make their relationship spicy enough for both of them.

Some people would prefer to play games with their partner before bed, and other people might prefer to play these games as a part of their daily life. You have a lot of control over the games for lovers that you play, you can learn about your partner, and you can get them to do exciting things.

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