Sharing love quotes and messages is always the best way to describe love and our most deep and sweet feelings. It’s the best way to express our love to the one we want and uncover our  most romantic side. We compiled, composed and designed the most sweet love messages and images to help you express and uncover your most romantic side to your partner.

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Romantic Love Quotes, Messages and Images

  •  The world is our oyster and love is the pearl. I love you!
  • No one can hold a candle to our love and our flame will never go out.
  • My face lights up with joy and my heart warmly glows each time I think of you.
  • You were gifted to me by God and I will give you my unconditional love forever.
  • Our love is sweet, Our love is strong, Our love is joyful, Our love is long. I will always love you.

Love quote - Our love is sweet

  • Life is a precious journey and I’ll be with you every step of the way. I love you with all my Heart!
  • I have a soft spot for you in my heart; and in my bed, so come on over.
  • I can’t wait to see you again so I can lie with you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear before wishing you sweet dreams.
  • Let’s have a “blind date” tonight. I’ll bring the blindfold.
  • Your voice is music to my ears. Come over and let’s harmonize.
  • Let’s paint our love on the canvas of our sheets. I love you so much!
  • There will always be space in my life for you; and in my bed.
  • I’ll love you in the morning.

    I’ll love you in the night.

    I’ll love you all around the clock.

    Want some afternoon delight?

  • You are my cup of tea and your love is a spoonful of sugar. I can’t wait to drink you in.
  • Ever since you said, “Yep,” there’s been a spring in my step!
  • Like autumn leaves dropping from separate trees, blowing into the same pile, we will always “fall” for each other.
  • I love you without measure for nothing can contain my love for you.
  • Our love is a warm summer night glowing with the light of a thousand fireflies.
  • We don’t have to reach for the stars because our love is the real heaven on earth.

Love quotes - the real heaven on earth

  • The loveliness of a flower-sprinkled meadow, kissed with summer sunlight can’t begin to compare to the vision created by your beautiful hair lying across your glowing skin.
  • The gentle curve of your shoulders and hips and the seductive curve of your beckoning lips is too much for me to behold.
  • The beauty of a fern gently unfurling under summer shade is akin to my longing for you.
  • As birds on a wire in winter wait patiently for spring, so I will wait patiently for you.
  • You sowed seeds of love in my heart, quickly, before I realized and now love has taken root, flowering for you.
  • Your love is a soft breeze, bending me gently, refreshing my soul.

Your love is a soft breeze I Love messages and quotes

  • If only my head could nest in your lap forever, shaded by your lovely hair as you place your face over mine and rest your lips on my cheek.
  • There is no perfume in the world, over whose fragrance is as captivating as the smell of your skin. I love you so deep!
  • Let’s stay in this world where every flower belongs to you and all the birds sing for us alone.
  • Lying against you, feeling the pulse of your being, is almost more than I can contain. You are my eternal love!
  • You are a smooth chocolate from a velvet box, chosen with great care and tasted slowly, bestowing rapturous delight.
  • The innocence of our love, pure and incorruptible, will remain forever ours alone.
  • Imagining the curve of your body, as seen through a misty morning window, awakens my every desire.
  • Your heart only calls to mine and I will never fail to answer. I Love You!

Love message - Your heart only calls to mine, and I will never fail to answer

  • Your heart is a precious jewel, to be loved and protected always. I will never break your heart.
  • Two souls, rising together, fully entwined, becoming one. You are my very breath.
  • The rapture of your love, fully expressed in heart and soul, calls to me constantly and I will never allow it to be silenced.
  • I want to heal your pain, to see you smile again. My heart is tender toward you and I will prove I am trustworthy.
  • The pain in your eyes stabs my heart, but I will never stop loving you. Please let me express my sorrow at hurting you.
  • Your tears against my skin burn like acid in my soul. Let me hold onto you a little longer and I will absorb the pain.
  • When I close my eyes, I see a thousand dreams waiting to come true and all of them center around you.
  • Our relationship will be a heaven from the storms of life, safe and secure, warm and bright forever.
  • I will never let you go, for it would be like pulling out my heart and throwing it away.
  • When I walk in the field, the wind whispers your name and each blade of grass points to you.
  • If I could, I would write your name on thousands of flower petals and drop them from the sky so that the whole world could see your beauty.

Love quotes - Write your name on thousands of flower petals

  • Every sparkling diamond and every gleaming star cannot compare with the light that shines wherever you are.
  • Our lives began apart, but I’m so thankful for the day our paths crossed, so that from that moment forward, our lives began again, together.
  • When you drive away, I watch from the window and time stands still. When you return, I breathe again.
  • I see you in the distance and my heart runs to where you are. My feet can never keep up.
  • I can see my breath in the frozen air, but your lips can melt the coldest heart.
  • Don’t let me wander away and lose sight of you. Always pull me close for I never want to see you go.
  • Even in the howling storm, our love is a lighthouse. I love you with all my heart!
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