Dating Rules When you Want Only a One Night Stand

One night stands are perfect if you’re a busy, business-minded individual. It allows you, man or woman, to get that human touch you crave without the commitment of a traditional relationship. Not everyone is ready to settle down and have a family, home and white picket fence – and that’s okay! The problem is that sometimes there can be blurred lines in regards to dating rules for this arrangement. Complications and drama can arise when the right precautions aren’t taken.

That’s why the following eight dating rules are a must for anyone thinking this is the route they want to take for the time being, or forever.

Dating Rules When you Want Only an One Night Stand

Rule #1 – Be Open with Your Partner

The very first and most important of these dating rules for a one-night stand is to be honest and open with each partner. Let them know you are not looking for a commitment, and you don’t intend to see them again should they come home with you or vice versa. This way, there is no lingering the next morning and no surprise visits later.

This is the best way to be to avoid hurt feelings.

Rule #2 – Use Protection

A one-night stand can turn into an 18-year commitment if you don’t pause during the heat of the moment to grab a condom or other form of protection. No matter what method is used, it’s important to keep condoms on hand.

This is an absolute MUST do, and why it ranks in the top 3 rules for a one-night stand. Not only will it prevent pregnancy, but also protect against STDs which can put a halt to your sex life.

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Rule #3 – Be Sober

At least in the beginning, it’s important that both you and your partner for the romp are sober. They need to be aware enough to make the decision not only to have sex, but realize that this is a one-time deal. You’ll avoid any messy situations later with this rule.

If they’re drunk, be a nice person and give him or her some headache medicine and let them sleep on your couch, you’ll be glad you did in the morning; rational decisions are never made while under the influence.

Rule #4 – Be Mindful of Your Freak Flag

You have a freak flag you love flying when you get the chance, we all do! However, when it comes to a one-night stand you should always discuss fantasies and fetishes first. Don’t just jump right in and scare your fling. It could ruin the entire event. However, if he or she is into it, it could be a very memorable time. So, don’t be afraid to bring it up!

Rule #5 – Be Mister (or Misses) Clean

Nothing ends a night of romance faster than not being clean. Sex is always better when you can explore one another freely and without inhibitions. Being smelly, unshaven or not fixed up won’t help you. Dating rules in general advise that you the kind of person you would want to have sex with.

Then the entire experience will be phenomenal. Plus, it avoids embarrassing moments. You’ll find not many will mind if you say, “Let me grab a quick shower.” Heck, you could make it a joint venture as well, that could be hot!

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Rule #6 – Be Respectful

This is a temporary connection between two consenting adults. There’s no reason to be rude or treat him or her like a piece of meat. They don’t owe you anything, nor you them!

Make sure they’re comfortable and are enjoying themselves. Offer a bottle of water, or a snack. It may give you both that burst of energy you need to keep going all night long; you never know!

Rule #7 – Never Say You’ll Call or Text

In fact, lies of any kind are no good. This is an adult arrangement that demands respect. Neither one of you is better than the other. Therefore, do not make any promises that you don’t plan on keeping. It’s better to keep things light and fun.

Even if you’re nervous and feel “bad” for engaging with someone you don’t want to see again remember that you put it all on the line from the get go, so it’s okay!

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Rule #8 – Offer Cab Fare

Many worry that their one-nighter will overstay their welcome, and they might! The leaving part of the arrangement is perhaps the most awkward. By offering a ride or cab fare home you come out the bigger person and make the whole situation easier on everyone.

Both men and women engage in one-night stands. There’s no denying that It’s becoming more mainstream so it’s important to know the dating rules and abide by them to avoid disappointment for either party.

You may find that you have found a new regular partner minus the commitment. You might also move on to a different partner. The thing is, you’ll have that option when you go about handling things the right way.

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