Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend - mistletoe

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to share love and romance with the man of your dreams. Celebrate your relationship by sending him warm, loving messages for the holiday season or wishes that will make him laugh. If you’re not sure exactly what to say, express the magic of your love and appreciation for him with these sweet, silly, or romantic Christmas wishes for boyfriend. Make this Christmas truly the most special time of the year.

Magical Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend

  1. May our souls kiss this Christmas, my love.
  2. Babe, let’s draw hearts in the Christmas snow, and write our initials inside.
  3. Spending time with you is always wonderful, my handsome honey, but especially at Christmas.
  4. You are a beautiful gift from God and all I want for Christmas this year, darling.
  5. Babe, being with you at Christmas under a warm blanket with our toes warmed by the fire will complete my blessings.
  6. May our love circle ’round like a Christmas wreath.
  7. Honey, you care for me and love me like no one else could, and you are my favorite thing about Christmas this year.
  8. Your love is sweeter than a stocking full of candy. I must have been a very good girl this year to deserve you.
  9. Your love brightens my heart and makes this the most wonderful Christmas ever. Thank you for being the kind of boyfriend a girl can only dream of.
  10. I’m giving you my whole heart for Christmas because you are the most special man I could ever meet.
  11. Romantic Christmas Wishes for Him
  12. The Christmas countdown is on, and my days are looking up. I’m marking off the days until I can be with you, my love.
  13. My love for your glows brighter than any Christmas candle. Thanks for being the guy I’ve always dreamed of.

Christmas wishes for boyfriend

  1. I can’t wait to dance with you beside the Christmas tree, babe.
  2. Boy, let’s play some holly jolly music and enjoy the evening together.
  3. Who’s sweet and jolly and makes me the happiest girl in the world? You, of course, but Santa is a close second!
  4. Boy, come over and let me show you my wish list.
  5. Twelve days of Christmas is not enough time with you, boy. I wish we could have Christmas 365 days of the year.
  6. Babe, I want to snuggle with you and watch old Christmas movies.
  7. This Christmas I’m wishing for a blanket of snow and lots of mistletoe so we can cuddle together.
  8. Christmas is the season for giving, so come over and let me give you all my love, babe.
  9. I didn’t realize just how much you loved me until you put on the ugly Christmas sweater I gave you without complaining. You are my kind of guy.
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  11. Oh, what fun it is to love you at Christmas and always, babe.
  12. Darling, at Christmas, as I’m coming to see you, I’m laughing all the way because you fill my life with joy.
  13. Hey big guy, you light me up like a Christmas tree whenever you’re around.
  14. I can’t wait to drink you in like hot chocolate this Christmas, baby.
  15. The Christmas greenery and all the scenery can’t hold a candle to your handsome face.
  16. Boy, being with you at Christmas is “clause” for celebration!
  17. You are hotter than the fireplace and sweeter than the candy in my stocking.
  18. I want to sit on your lap and whisper my wishes into your ear this Christmas, handsome.
  19. This Christmas I’ll be your sugar pie and you’ll be my sugar guy because we are so sweet together.
  20. The reflection of Christmas tree lights in your eyes makes my heart sparkle.
  21. Boy, seeing your breath in the cold Christmas air makes me want to kiss you.
  22. Sleigh bells ring every time you come near, handsome.
  23. Your love has wound its way around my heart like a warm Christmas scarf around my neck. I cherish you, babe.
  24. Babe, I can’t wait for your warm winter kisses. They’re much better than a Christmas sweater.

Merry Christmas boy

  1. Hi guy! I want to spoil you this Christmas.
  2. Boy, this Christmas, whether you drive me wild or drive me crazy, you’ll always be my favorite present.
  3. You are the icing on my gingerbread cookie, sweet boy.
  4. I can’t wait for you to come over, mister. I have mistletoe everywhere.
  5. I know you by heart, darling. Have a blessed Christmas.
  6. Babe, my heart is tangled up in your love like a string of Christmas lights.
  7. Hi mister! I don’t know what to ask for this Christmas because I already have everything I want.
  8. Sweet Merry Christmas Wishes And Greetings
  9. I can’t give you my heart this Christmas because you’ve already stolen it, handsome.
  10. Merry Christmas to my favorite guy. I love that bright twinkle in your eye.
  11. Two hearts in harmony, two lives in love; I give thanks for you at Christmas to God above.
  12. Hey my tasty little gum drop, on my Christmas list, you’re at the top.
  13. Boyfriend, you bless me, impress and finesse me. I can’t wait to spend Christmas together.
  14. Hi, my warm cinnamon bun! Are you ready for some Christmas fun?
  15. There’s Christmas music all around, but your manly voice is my favorite sound.
  16. Darling, let’s go out in this cold, blustery weather, and wear ugly Christmas sweaters together.
  17. Honey, with you: Christmas is bliss-mas , a sweet, happy kiss-mas.
  18. Sugar bear, I can’t wait for the glitz and a mistletoe kiss!
  19. Let’s keep this simple: I melt for your dimples! Merry Christmas to us, babe.
  20. Hey there, boy. Be my Christmas toy?
  21. Let’s take some champagne down Santa Claus Lane and have ourselves a merry little Christmas tonight, babe.
  22. I have Christmas music playing, Mr. Cutie, so come on over and shake your booty!
  23. You’re my one and only, my favorite fella, ’cause you make me feel like Cinderella. Merry Christmas, babe!
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  25. Let’s share candy canes and gumdrops while we wait for Santa on our rooftop. All I want for Christmas is you, mister.
  26. This year in the Christmas snow, hold me close and don’t let go. You mean everything to me, darling.
  27. The gifts may be piled high, but my love for you reaches the sky. Merry Christmas to the man who warms my heart.
  28. Hold onto me tight at the skating rink, then let’s warm our hands with a frothy drink. I love spending the Christmas season with you, sweet boy.
  29. Gold and silver hang from the tree, but they aren’t as precious as your love for me.
  30. Boy, let’s dash through the snow; we don’t need a sleigh. With you it’s like Christmas every day.
  31. I’m fresh out of French hens and turtle doves, so I’m simply sending you my love.
  32. Christmas trees are pointy; wreaths and holly are round, but my love for you is heart-shaped, so I hope you’ll hang around. My heart is in your hands, big guy.
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