Tips to Keep the Girl You Love Eternally

Getting the girl that you love is easy, but keeping her by your side eternally, is another thing. Lots of men end up losing their girls because they don’t know how to cherish them. But you don’t need to go through the pain of losing your beloved one, because below you can find some useful tips to keep the girl you love eternally.

With a lot of practice, your darling will be saved from other men’s prying eyes.

How to Keep the Girl You Love Eternally

Be dependable

Girls always want to have a man that resembles her father in many ways. Just like when they depend on their father as a little kid, they tend to recall that kind of feelings, when they are with you. Being dependable, will surely win her heart and keep her safe from other men’s eyes.

Keep the communication active

Having good communication between you and your sweetheart is critical. Do not let distance and cost be the reason for not talking with her and keeping her away. You don’t need to meet her every day, to talk to her. Calling and texting will be other variations to keep the communication going on and alive.

Shower her with care

Which girl doesn’t like it when her boyfriend showers her with care? Asking simple things like whether she is doing fine that day, what kind of problems she encountered, will surely make her doesn’t want to leave you forever.

Hug her like never before

Girls like it when their man hugs them. It’s because hugging makes a girl feel secure, warm and comfortable. Hug her as a support when she is sad, happy or when you want to let her know that she is yours. Hug her for no reason at all!

Kiss her like there is no tomorrow

Whether a passionate kiss or light one, a girl will always feel like there are no other people in the world but you two. It may sound simple as every couple in the world does it. But don’t get it wrong, kissing can also show how much you love her. Girls like the feeling of being loved deeply and the sense of a kiss. So kiss her like there is no tomorrow!

Remember your anniversaries and her birthday

Girls always care much about detail when they like something. Men, on the other hand, are quite practical. For them to love someone doesn’t have much relation with remembering their anniversary or her birthday. You can do that if you don’t want to keep your girl. But if you love her, don’t ever forget her birthday or your anniversary. These little things can make the difference and girls those days count on them a lot. When you forget about them, they will be deeply disappointed.

Give her presents

Don’t worry if you don’t have much money to buy her expensive gifts. For a girl, who loves you, will be happy with whatever little gift you give her. The point is that you can show how much you love and care about her with the present you give.

Always be there for her

Promise your darling that you will always be there for her. Never leave her when she finds difficulties in life. Help her and always support her no matter what. She will never leave your side then.

Make her feel special

Why should a girl be your woman if the way you treat her is the same as you treat others? Make her feel special with love and care you show her. You may be late in meeting your friends, but don’t be late when you want to meet her.

Be a good listener

Have you ever realized that sometimes when your girl complains about something, she doesn’t need your advice? What she needs is that you are sitting there next to her and listen to whatever she tells you. It may be tiring, but to be a good listener is never an easy thing to do. If you really love her, do it!

Keep her always safe

To be responsible in her safety is the basic thing you must remember if you want to keep her by your side. A girl always wants her partner to be her hero. Yes, hero! When she thinks that she feels safe with you by her side, she won’t leave you. Never do anything that can cause her harm.

Don’t be selfish

“How can a selfish person learn to love me?” This thing will come up first in your girl’s mind about the selfish you. If you want to keep her, change yourself. Being selfish will never allow you to love your honey fully. A couple needs to sacrifice to make a relationship last long.

Don’t lie

Once you lie, she will never believe you again. Even if she can, it takes her a long time to do it. A relationship is built over trust. Never break her trust if you don’t want her to be disappointed with you.

Respect her

When a girl has decided to be your darling, it doesn’t mean that you can do everything you like to her. If she says no, respect her. She must have reasons for saying “no”.

Keep your promises

A gentleman is a man of his words. This idiom is best explaining what you should do if you want to keep her by your side forever. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If you can’t do something, never promise her.

Be responsible

A man who can be responsible for everything he does will make his girl proud of him. Girls love it when their man can be responsible because that means he will try hard to make his girl happy

Make her laugh

Who wants to have a “cold” man that shows off his frowning face every day? You don’t need to be a comedian to make her laugh. Simple and funny things that happen in life can make her laugh.

Respect her family and friends

Finally, when you decide to love a woman, you have to be able to love her family and friends. Although you may not be able to do it, at least you need to respect them. You don’t want to give your girl stress for forcing her to choose which deserves her love more between you and her family and her friends right?


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