Signs He Truly Loves You

If you ever find yourself questioning your man’s love for you, you may find yourself over-analyzing the situation. You might start thinking that if he accidentally forgets to do something for you or does not respond to you in the way that you had hoped, that he does not love you. However, men often have different ways of expressing their love for you and many times it’s just the little things in life that are displays of the deep love and affection he has for you. He may not always tell you “I love you”, but there are some surefire ways to tell that he does. Look through the following 15 signs he truly loves you.

Surefire signs that he truly loves you

He celebrates your accomplishments.

If you have had a promotion at work, completed a huge project, or have accomplished some other milestone in your life, he will be by your side encouraging you and celebrating right along with you. He will show his enthusiasm through words or even small gestures such as a note or even flowers.

He shows you respect.

Above all things in a relationship, respect is one of the ultimate expressions that should be mutual in a relationship. He never should put you down in front of others or call you rude names even in a fight. He will show you respect by opening a door for you even by just doing a little errand you haven’t gotten around to.

He treats you well.

He introduces you to friends and family as his girlfriend. He makes sure you feel safe and protected. He is kind, gentle and even shows a sensitive side when it comes to your feelings. He puts you first instead of ditching you for a night out with friends.

He values your opinions.

You do not always have to agree on topics but you can tell that he values your ideals by taking time to listen to them and why you feel the way that you do. He often will even take note of your opinions. For example, he may have a big presentation at work and you offer a suggestion. You know he values your thoughts when he uses that suggestion on something so major.

I Love you the way you Love me!

He compliments your character.

He may tell you that you are beautiful or stunning but what you really want to look for is a man that values what is inside of you. A man will appreciate what is in your soul and love you for your honesty, integrity, and your morals.

He pays attention to detail.

Though sometimes men might seem to forget the little things, it does not mean that they really did. He may notice a change in your appearance or make an effort to do little things for you.

He encourages positive relationships with your family and friends.

You may have friendships with other men and as long as he is comfortable in your relationship, the friendship with another guy will not be threatening to him. He wants you to love your family and make time for them usually while he is with you but sometimes it is okay if you want to hang out with your family by yourself and he encourages that.

He accommodates to your quirky habits.

Do you have some things that you do that completely drives your man nuts? Do you sleep in a face mask or note that you have to always check the door three times to make sure it’s locked? Maybe you only do laundry on certain days or you have to sit in a certain spot at a movie theater. He will not mind if he really loves you. To some men, it may be annoying. To a man that truly loves you, it is the little quirks he loves about you.

He sends you Love messages.

He will make an effort to send little love messages every now and then through the day. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a good morning message and a goodnight message through a text or even on the phone. If you are at work, he may know that you are stressed out and he sends words of encouragement or just sends a little text that tells you how you mean the world to him from out of the blue.

He does not have to be right.

You may be arguing over something minimal but instead of snapping and picking a full blown out fight, he realizes that you can compromise and he does not have to be hateful or demeaning to try to show he is right. He should instead do right by you.

He shows that he loves you in public.

He will show you he truly loves you if he is just a little bit affectionate in public. While no one really wants to see people being all sloppy all over each other, he is not afraid to sneak you a little kiss on the cheek when you are among your friends or you hold hands as you stroll through the store.

He tells you that he wants to take care of you.

He might not even tell you but there are ways that he will show you. He will make you feel safe and protected. If you are stressed or upset, he is the shoulder to lean on and he will make you feel calm and easy again.

He talks about the future and includes you in it.

He may talk about how he envisions his life and his aspirations. He may talk about having a wife and a family and he wants to make sure that you know that it is you he is talking about.

He wants you to meet the people that mean the world to him.

He is not afraid of you being around some of his rowdy friends and is even okay with it if you go on a guy’s night out. He wants you to feel included in these relationships and he is beaming when he introduces you to his family.

He can be intimate in ways that are non-sexual.

He may want to initiate cuddling or holding you in order to show affection but does not expect anything sexual out of it. He just wants to show you he loves you and when he loves you, he will look you right in the eyes and he will be able to tell you.

When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.

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