Unmistakable Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

You get those warm fuzzies every time that you see your significant other or your stomach starts to flutter when someone mentions their name. Some say when you have found the one you are supposed to be with, you just know. Others say that it can take a little while to fall in love and know that it is for real. Whatever you make of it, you just know that the person you have found might be your soulmate, but for some reason, you just want to be sure. Are you feeling the same emotions others have, when they found their soulmate?

Is he or her my soulmate?

The little things

The little things that used to annoy you about others, don’t with this one. Does he leave the toilet seat up or does she leave her make up scattered on the bathroom counter? Those little things can drive someone absolutely nuts but when you are in absolute love and think you may have found your soulmate, you just might find that these little things do not bother you quite as much. In fact, you might even start to find it a little bit cute and are silly enough to joke about it.

Silence is golden

Really, the silence between you is something special. Those silent moments do not feel awkward at all. Instead, it is almost like you can hear each other’s thoughts or it is what you do not say that means the most. You are content not talking or doing anything at all.

You can feel his/her emotions

When your soulmate is happy over something like a job promotion or their team won a big game, you feel the same elation and joy too. When the other is feeling upset or sad over a major issue, you feel the same and want to do whatever it takes to comfort them and try to ease the pain. You can feel what they feel all the way to your inner core.

You are my definition of perfect

Essential communication

Tough conversations are not that hard. Sometime couples go through hardships or are in a place in life where they have to make decisions together. Some of the best couples recognize that communication is essential and those tough conversations that could be really crucial, you are able to join together in order to work it out.

Free to talk

You can talk about life or you can talk about silly things. Sometimes you may feel like having a deep meaningful conversation or one that really has no answers like trying to determine the meaning of life or why they decided Pluto wasn’t a planet after all. Or you can talk about funny topics like repeating movie quotes and trying to guess which movie it is from. It doesn’t matter what you or your other half have to say to one another but conversation still seems meaningful and you hang on every word the other has to say and are able to soak it in or laugh until you snort.

Similar goals and morals

You have similar life goals and morals. Most of the time you know you have found the one if you have the same values and morals. You are in tune with one another on how to raise kids or if you even want kids. You are on the same page in regards to what is right and wrong or how meaningful family is to the other. In areas where you might differ like politics or religion, you still are respectful to the other and listen and value the other’s opinions and thoughts.

To my soulmate

No jealousy

You do not have jealousy. A beautiful woman at the office or a handsome barista at the local coffee shop does not drive the other crazy. You trust each other completely and wholly. Some soulmates are even able to tell each other how attractive someone is and they agree and carry on. The other person is not a threat because you are looking at someone else’s exterior and knowing that the one you are with, knows your interior too and still loves you for it regardless of how ridiculous you might be.

Feel safe when you are apart

Time spent alone or apart is not a threat. Sometimes people so in love can be really annoying to friends and family who want to spend time with their loved one too. As soulmates, you should value each other’s autonomy and respect that sometimes you need to go out with friends or family alone and without your partner and you are both okay with that because your recognize it is actually healthy for your relationship. You simply may want to be by yourselves so you can read a good book or watch a racy movie…alone. You simply see it for what it is and you are completely glued together. You have plenty of time for that in the future.

You give in even if you don’t want to

Sometimes you give in even if you don’t want to. There may be something you don’t want to do like go see the prancing of a live ballet or some hardcore loud music concert but you respect the other enough to know that they want to share that experience with you. While you do not really want to go, sometimes you have to give in to help make the other happy. This rule applies to other things other than just places to go. It can mean using a certain laundry detergent or dishes have to be put away in a specific order. It can also relate to more serious things too.

you are the first and last thing on my mindProud to be with him/her

Your soulmate is proud to be seen with you. The one you are meant to be with will never flinch and hesitate to let you meet friends, family, or co-workers. You are introduced as a girlfriend or wife or a boyfriend or husband and when your soulmate identifies you, there is a glittering twinkle in his or her eyes and a huge beaming smile. You do not have to drop each other’s hands in public if you run into someone you know or do not hesitate to put your arms around each other in a quick hug.

Your life is empty with out him/her

You simply cannot imagine life without them. This can be hard to determine because all relationships can put you in a state of enlightenment, where you honestly think life could not go on without them. However, with the one you are supposed to be with, you feel ultimately complete and whole and life without them is completely unbearable. You are so in tune with one another that they are the last thing you think about at night and the first thing you think about in the morning and sometimes you just feel like other people around you simply disappear.

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