When I’m in Love ~ True Love Poem

A love poem can always talk more deeply in our hearts.

This is my first attempt to write a poem about love.

The most difficult part of it was to find a title that describes it perfect.

Actually I couldn’t find one! So please be gentle with your comments…


When I’m in Love

When I’m in love,

I’d climb the highest mountain

just to be in my darling’s arms.

When I’m in love,

no matter what challenges prevail in life,

there’s nothing that can take the light from my eyes,

the peace in my heart and the sincerity of my smile and

all I know is that it is my beloveds love that sustains me.

I’m in love with your warmth,

I’m in love with your tenderness,

I’m in love with your beautiful angelic face,

There’s nothing that could ever stop me from loving you.

When I’m in love,

I have a poets gaze upon all that is true,

and the truth is that I’m in love with you.

When I’m in love,

There is no one who comes close,

In comparison to my beloved.

When I’m in love,

My love is an endless ocean of commitment to my true loves heart

My darling, the one I’m eternally in love with is you,

Forever together and never apart.

I’m in love with your goodness, nobleness, your purity,

I’m in love with the celestial beauty of your eyes,

I’m in love with the compassion that flows from your heart,

when you see suffering,

I’m in love with the joy you give to me when skies are grey

and life is difficult,

I know I will always have your arms to embrace me

and take away any pain,

You are the meaning of true love,

you have taught me to sing its song,

I am in love with all that makes you who you are,

all you were created to be.

I’m in love with your smile, so sweet, so soothing and comforting,

I’m in love with your embrace,

which washes all my troubles away,

I’m in love with your eyes, that tell me a million whispers,

without you speaking a word,

I’m in love with your heart,

so gentle like the dove and as beautiful

and eloquent as the most magnificent sunset,
There is no other in this world like you,

I searched for you in a myriad of places only to finally find you,

with my hearts sincerity I want to say,

I’m forever in love with you.

Hi! I'm Maya Taylor. I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences through this blog. I'm a couples and relationships counselor since 2008. My friends call me "relationships therapist". I'm passionate with life and I believe that life is meaningless without love. Hope to have a great communication through TrueLoveWords.com!