flirt on Snapchat

Snapchat is currently holding the title as the most popular networking app amongst teenagers. It is also exceptionally popular among adults. This digital era that we are living in allows people to connect instantly.

We have to wonder can someone build a relationship through quick messages and texts. Is it possible to truly express yourself in a matter of twenty seconds? This is definitely possible and that Snapchat app has paved the way; we’ll go over the most effective steps to follow and make your snaps count.

8 Steps to start a text conversation and flirt on Snapchat

⇒ Add the person you wish to communicate with on Snapchat
⇒ Start off slow and send snaps every few days
⇒ Take a perfect selfie picture and snap that
⇒ Come up with responses that aren’t cliche and boring
⇒ Do not come off to strong by sending to many snaps and comments
⇒ Send private snaps
⇒ Once the flirting has evolved consider face time or a phone call
⇒ Now you may be ready to meet up in person

1. Add the person you wish to communicate with on Snapchat

This is pretty self-explanatory. If there is a special person that you want to communicate with you should tap the ghost icon and add them. Once you have added them you open the door to communication.

2. Start off slow and send snaps every few days

This situation is the true for texting or real life interaction. You do not want to overpower a person with your presence. You would not want to constantly throw yourself at a person you are interested in or text them multiple times a day.

When it comes to flirting on Snapchat the same rules apply. Send a snap or make a comment every few days. This lets the person know that you are interested in their Snapchat profile but not a stalker.

3. Take a perfect selfie and snap that

Once you have opened the door to communication you can show yourself off a bit. It might take perfect lighting or certain poses but eventually you will come up with the perfect selfie.

Send that selfie over to the person you are flirting with. If they’re interested in you as well hopefully they’ll comment back. If you are really lucky they may return the sentiment and send you a selfie.

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4. Come up with responses that aren’t cliché or boring

When you are out at a bar or enjoying a night on the town you don’t want to be subjected to obnoxious one liner comments. The same is true for Snapchat. Ridiculous come on remarks will not earn you any brownie points in the virtual world.

To avoid getting blocked for being strange simply provide replies with witty banter or comments that aren’t over the top.

5. Do not come off to strong by sending to many snaps or comments

Once you and your flirt interest are openly commenting and snapping you will want to reign in your excitement a bit. Do not come on to strong and over the top. If you send to many messages or photos you may come off as needy or controlling. Keep it light and casual.

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6. Send private snaps

Not all of your conversations and snaps need to be for everyone to see. Once you have been openly commenting on each other’s snaps you should feel comfortable enough to send some private snaps or conversations. These do not need to be explicit in any way.

The best way to impress someone is to keep it light and fun. You want to be considered approachable if you should ever take your flirting out of the virtual realm and into the real world.

7. Once the virtual flirting has evolved you may want to consider face time or a phone call

In order to take your flirting to the next level you should be able to have a conversation. You do not need to push it into a in person meeting but it would be nice to know what each other’s voices sound like.

A simple phone call or face time conversation will suffice. Remember to keep this conversation simple and light. If the conversation is going well you can suggest meeting up for a drink or a coffee.

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8. Now you may be ready to meet up

You have spent quite a bit of time sending snaps and messages. You have had a conversation with each other. You should be comfortable with one another enough to meet up in a public place for a real face to face conversation. Don’t consider this a first date; just consider it a meet up where you can learn a bit more about each other.

There is no doubt that Snapchat is bringing people together. Many people who may of not met in real life are growing profound friendships and even relationships through this communication app. You can have fun meeting new people, flirting with some possible love interests and establishing some new friendships via your good matured snaps and comments.

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