breaking up with the one you love

Are you struggling with a romantic breakup? The pain of rejection activates some of the same areas of the brain that are activated by physical pain.

Whether a relationship ends unexpectedly or you knew it was coming, dealing with breaking up and the loss of such an important relationship and enduring an unwanted change is a difficult challenge.

But there are things you can do to aid the healing process and come out stronger that before. Following are tips that can help you cope with losing someone you love.

9 Ways to deal with breaking up with the one you love

1. Seek Emotional Support

Allowing yourself to acknowledge and express how you feel is the first step in dealing with the loss of your partner. Secure the help of a close friend or trusted family member, one with a great listening ear, and share your feelings. Safely expressing your emotions allows the healing process to begin.

2. Tend to Your Physical Needs

It can be easy to neglect physical needs when you are suffering heartbreak. But studies have shown that a romantic breakup can cause physical symptoms such as insomnia and a compromised immune system.

To stay healthy, eat regular meals that are nutritious. Try to stay on your normal sleep schedule. Fatigue can contribute to depression. Continue physical activity which will release endorphins that can help keep negative thoughts from creeping in.

3. Fill the Emptiness

It is natural to feel a sense of emptiness after a romantic relationship ends. As you begin to feel ready, fill the empty space with positive interesting activities.

Whether you learn a new skill, pick up a hobby, travel to interesting places, or volunteer, you will meet people and enjoy fresh insights.

4. Forgive to Live

Forgiving someone who hurt you is not easy. But in forgiveness there is a release from negative thoughts, anger, and eventually from pain.

It will take time to completely forgive, but memories of the past will no longer be able to control you. You will be empowered to live a meaningful life.

5. Refuse Regret

When you reflect on the relationship that has ended, don’t allow yourself to hold onto regrets. Constantly reliving actions from the past will change nothing. Being consumed by guilt will not restore your health and happiness.

Refuse to take the blame for the relationship’s end. There are usually many factors, some of which you aren’t even aware. Dwell on positive changes that you can make beginning now.

6. Forgo Being Fake

Grieving the end of a relationship is a process that takes time. When you are at work or in other social situations, resist the idea that you must seem happier than you really are.

Happiness will return on its own and should not feel like a burden you have to carry. It is better to be serious and sincere than to smile when you really don’t feel like it. Your smile will reappear when it’s ready.

7. Give Yourself Some Respect

You may be tempted to try to restore your lost relationship by making your former partner jealous or changing yourself to be more like the person he or she wanted.

But the freedom to be totally you is what will keep you happy in the long run. Find someone who likes you for your authentic self.

8. Be Grateful

Yes, you just survived a painful breakup, but guess what? You probably learned some valuable life lessons in the process, lessons that you can apply to future relationships.

And there are still people around who love you and whose presence enriches your life, so don’t neglect them. And although it may not seem like a blessing at the moment, you are free to begin again.

9. Be Ready to Love Again

Giving your heart away is risky. Sometimes it gets broken in the process. But finding a soul mate who will treat your heart with loving care makes it worthwhile. So don’t allow yourself to give up on the idea of love just because it didn’t work out this time.

Use the time you have been given to reflect on what you want from life. The right person will come along.

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