Dating Tips for Men

Initially, prior to women becoming more independent (thanks to women’s rights movement!) gender responsibilities were concise and well defined. A man courted a woman and the two of them were aware the end goal was marriage, in case the courtship progressed well. Now that the two genders are changing socially, dating is more complex. ‘Hooking up’ and ‘Hanging out’ have substituted conventional courtship. Sex is not sacred anymore and prospective partners jump into bed within the blink of an eye! But one thing always stay the same: it’s not easy to dig into a woman’s mind, especially if you plan to date her. Check out the following dating tips for men written by a woman!

What Men Should Avoid

There are some very old-fashioned dating methods which are really not effective for you anymore, as a man. In case you are doing one of these or more, you are unwittingly repelling valuable women!

Focusing on the Wrong Factors

You might be mostly focusing on your work and do not give priority to dating. Your online profile does not depict your true self. For instance, you might lie about your age, appearance, height, interests, etc. Also, you shun women who do not fall in the age group you desire. In addition, you may get too engrossed in a woman’s looks and measurements.

Being Unimaginative and Dull!

You might be sending boring, standard messages or weird pick-up lines to ladies online! You may send texts and emails for weeks, rather than communicating on phone and requesting her for a date.

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Putting Up a Front

You might be saying the things you think she loves to hear but you do not mean whatever you say. You may also take advantage of the lady’s kindness, money, sex, sensitive state, etc. You know you are not really interested but you just hang on as there is nothing better that has come along yet. You may lead this poor woman on and make her think she is the only one you are seeing, while you are dating other women as well.

Giving Out Wrong Signals

You might be putting in too much effort which sends out the message that you are desperate. It is also a turn off when you focus too much on sex, like making sexual suggestions, telling her things you think will make her give in to sex, rushing and pressurizing the woman to have sex with you.

How to Date Worthy Women

Be Yourself

Dating tips for men

Present yourself as the similar individual offline and online. Women are happily surprised to come across a man who represents himself truthfully. Trust is essential and begins with being truthful

about the exterior factors such as age, hobbies, height, appearance, etc. Talk openly about yourself, your principles, your outlook on life, love, etc; this will enable your dates to know the real you. Allow her to make an honest selection if the genuine you is suitable for her.

Be a Gentleman

Handle a woman in the manner you would desire a man to handle your daughter, sister or a person who means a lot to you; this means being responsible when dating. Be mindful of your looks and hygiene. Keep your word, practice good manners, courtesy and respect in your deeds, words and actions.

Take time to gain knowledge on who she is as well as what she is about and let her know who you are. Allow things to take their natural course rather than pressure her into sleeping with you. Sex comes naturally if you are a gentleman!

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Be Honest

Be truthful. If after a date you have no wish of seeing her again, avoid saying, ‘We should meet again, I will call you.’ Meaningless words and fake promises form false hope and might in the end be more hurtful. In this circumstance the best thing is kind honesty.

Make the First Move

Even though women are leaders in their expert lives, when it comes to romance, a lot of us prefer men to take the first step. If you have interest in her, give her a date. Get in touch with her depending on what her dating profile indicates (noting similar interests, asking her questions about things which triggered your notice) before this chance passes. It is important not to talk about how she looks in a weird manner, such as ‘Hi sexy, I adore your body.’ A lady of worth does not react positively to weird messages.

Be Flexible with the Person she is

Be flexible in regard to how the woman looks, her age and measurements. Lovely women are available in all packages. Rather than concentrating on looks, concentrate 80% of your judgment on a woman’s interior appearance and 20% on her exterior appearance. This also entails dating women who are nearer to your age.

Be Considerate

Show concern and compassion for a woman’s feelings. A lady of worth should feel a bond with a man to keep a constructive energy going. If you do not communicate with a woman between dates, a negative energy period builds up.

A woman desires to be aware she is in your mind between the periods you meet. You can make her aware of this with a fast phone call, text, etc. The small things are important and build up to make a huge difference.

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Practice Patience

Patience is an asset, in regard to dating. Avoid giving up temporary urges for your permanent happiness. When you take things too fast, you damage your prospects for dating to change into an important connection with a lovely woman. Rather than viewing dating as the intention, view it as the journey to getting an important connection.

Strike a Balance in Your Life

What you focus on becomes important in your life. Weigh the quantity of time and energy you invest when working, the quantity of time you spend with your buddies, dating, etc. If you spend a lot of time working or with friends, your dating life is not going to work on its own.

Dating requires energy, effort and time. Strike a balance in your life to enable you to work efficiently, spend some time with buddies and date well. Life flows better when there is a balance in your life.


The most crucial thing you can do is become responsible for your part of the dating factor. This entails comprehending what barriers you are setting up to keep you from attaining a wonderful dating life.

Check the ordinary trends which appear in your dating life. Then work towards changing yourself to eliminate these tendencies.

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