Things you Should Avoid on First Date

A first date is actually easier than it may sounds. It’s no surprising if you get nervous. It’s up to you to take it easy and let your embarrassment go away. This is not a test and it’s not your only chance to be with the one you want. I always suggest to people, to have a more funny and entertaining approach.

Although it’s important to leave a good impression, it’s not too difficult. You have plenty of time to prepare yourself for that day. What you should do on your first date and what you shouldn’t, is generally easy to imagine. But don’t be sure that all people follow these guidelines. If you don’t want your first date to develop into a disaster follow these things you should avoid on your first date.

First Date: 17 things to avoid

1. Do not go out dirty

You may wonder why I decided to add and start this list with this one. It’s because I read somewhere, that almost 29% of people, mostly men, go out for a date without taking a bath! Impressive, eh? As for women may the percentage be lower, but there is a high percentage of women, who forget to shave their legs and other parts of their body, I wouldn’t like to mention right now! So please let’s make these percentages drop to zero!

2. Do not be late.

Very very important. Imagine yourself waiting out in the cold and rain for your date to come. I’m sure you won’t like it. So don’t be late on your first date or on all of your dates. You have to be on time no matter what. It’s a really serious mistake and a bad sign for the future.  Being late, makes your date to obviously think that she’s just another girl or he’s just another guy. Are you taking your date seriously? There are no excuses for that one!

3. Never “split the bill”.

This one is for men only and it’s seriously a big no. No women want to go on a date with a stingy man. If he doesn’t even want to pay for their first date, how can he be responsible for the future of his wife and their relationship? Just be a gentleman, pay whatever she chooses and never complain about the bill. It may cost a bit, but it’s very crucial!

4. Do not eat something smelly before the date.

Five days now you are waiting for that moment, but your mother cooked your favorite food, which contains garlic. DISASTER! Garlic, onions and all these smelly staff are forbidden! If you expect your date to go smoothly, please don’t eat anything smelly. You don’t want your date to be tortured, by the moment you open your mouth, right? There is always the potential to end your date with a kiss! The first kiss eh? Do you like bad smelly kisses?

5. Do not let your date come by herself.

This one is for men too. Since you have asked a girl to come on a date, pick her up. It’s considered rude and impolite to ask her coming by herself. By the way, don’t even try to complain on the far distance or any other excuses. You are her date and her protector! You have to make sure your date gets home safe too!

6. Do not talk only about yourself.

First date is the moment where both of you can talk and get to know each other. If you only talk about yourself, without giving her the chance to share her stories, it is not a date then. It’s a speech. It’s not a presentation of how perfect you are. Give your date the opportunity to discover it alone!

7. Do not talk about your past relationships too much.

Talking too much about a past relationship, means that you still haven’t gotten over it and you may not be ready for a new one. You can mention your ex as an example, but don’t over do it. Keep a balance, ask your date about his/her ex too. The purpose is to know each other and not about your exes.

8. Do not talk about marriage and kids.

This topic is too heavy for a first date. Who told you that your date wants to marry and have kids with you? You are going too fast and you seem desperate! It’s really scaring. Take it step by step. You are only on the first date! There are million other topics to talk about.

9. Do not be arrogant or rude.

Why you should do it? It’s the perfect way to ruin your date. Be friendly and respect your conversation all the way! Make her or him feel comfortable. No one likes being insulted. If you plan for a healthy relationship, keep in mind that respect is the most important ingredient!

10. Do not answer only with yes or no.

Hey what are you doing? You are not in a quiz game! I understand that you are nervous, but wait a minute. Why did you go out for a date? You are not the only one, who wants to know about your date. It’s also the one who sits in front of you! Believe me it’s true! Share your stories and don’t count your words. Excite her/his fantasy and things will go on much better.

11. Do not judge your date.

I know that you always wanted to be a judge, but it’s not the right place to do it. Never openly judge your date. You may disagree with something, but you are not there to make him/her a better person. Just keep it for yourself. In the end this may not be the right person, you like to have a relationship with. There is no reason to offend her!

12. Do not play with your cell phone.

Yeah right, you went out for a date, to show your friends that there is a person on this earth, who wants to date you! Exciting, isn’t it? You may also be a very busy and successful businessman, but you can forget it for about 2-3 hours. Mute or switch off your mobile, or even better, leave it at home! Interrupting continuously your conversation to check in on Facebook or answer a business phone call, is ridiculous. The day has 24 whole hours, dedicate some to your date. Hey it’s your first date remember?

13. Do not cut off her/his story.

This one goes together with the above. There are million ways to interrupt someone when talking, but please, it’s your first date, don’t do it. I’m one of the persons who feels very irritated and mad when someone tries to interrupt me. It’s a sign of disrespect, and you should always respect your partner. A good listener always wins points, not only on a first date, but in a relationship in general.

14. Do not show off.

Are you taking bath with dollars? Are you driving an Aston Martin? You may do it, but do not insist on that one today! Just do #2, it’s enough! OK money counts mostly on women, but you will have plenty of time to show off in the near future. But if you want to have a future with your date, please don’t do it on your first date. Really, is there any healthy relationship based on money and expensive cars? Just wondering…

15. Do not comment on other people.

This game is between you and your date. Do not put a third person between you in no way. You are not there to talk about your friends or the woman who stands next to you. Commenting on others will have different results than the one you wished. In the best case you will have to go out for a first date once more!

16. Do not flirt with other women.

It makes me laugh (again). I’ll try to describe it in a very serious manner. It’s considered as rude when you flirt with other women in front of your date. By flirting I mean don’t you even stare at other women. However, if you aren’t interested in your date, at least you need to respect her until it’s over. Done!

17. Do not get drunk.

I understand that it’s an embarrassing moment for both of you, but you got to be careful. Drinking a bit will definitely help. But it’s better to hug your date than the toilet bowl or to sleep together in your bedroom than a hospital’s room. I am sure that you will agree with me!

P.S. – Do not bring your mother along to your date.

An extra one just because you read all the previous 17! It’s not easy to write something about it, I think it’s obvious. I cannot even touch my keyboard! Oh my God! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it really happens! It’s better to go and play with your dolls or tanks you bought on Christmas! Dates are not for you! Got it?

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